As anyone who has came past the store recently will have realised, I'm quite a cricket tragic. So I'm bitterly disappointed that Channel nine has decided not to broadcast the cricket in High Definition. I understand the decision not to offer more programming choice to viewers by using their multicast channels to play different content and therefore offer more diversity. But by offering a more content, it has made the viewing experience worse.

Several months ago, Nine relaunched their High definition service as GEM, a station geared towards women. It was promised at this time that GEM would also carry high def coverage of major sports events. The quality of image that GEM broadcasts is substandard and no where near what a high definition channel should look like. I presume this is due to the content being sourced as standard definition syndicated programs.

Seven has also done this with their High definition channel, turning it into the blokey 7mate. ABC has also used up their High Def space to broadcast News24. Ten have created ONE HD, a sports centric channel featuring mostly overseas sport, albeit some great quality images.

To make matters worse, the standard definition feeds for most of these channels have been heavily compressed to allow the multicasting. So that leaves us with a high definition broadcast system that has very little high definition content available. Its a poor state of affairs.

Channel Nine's commentary team yesterday trumpeted the awards Nine had won for last seasons coverage, including best high definition programming. And on that I must agree. Last years summer test series were the most amazing broadcast images I have ever seen. (of course seeing it on a Loewe Reference Television no doubt helped...)

Its been a sensational start to the Ashes campaign (presuming your an Australian supporter) and its a shame to not see it in High definition. Peter Siddle’s hat-trick. Mike Hussey’s heroics. Even another Marcus North failure. Moments diminished by poor quality images. Channel Nine, please raise your game.