With the new Sharp LE700 Preso range of LED backlit LCD panels about to come out it is a good time to introduce some of the technicalities of this new to Aquos technology.

Wheras the Samsung based LED use an edge based lighting system the Sharp panels are using a fully backlit system comprising an array of individual LED elements behind the LCD panel.

Whilst the screen is therefore not as thin they are claiming consequent superior performance in image quality and power consumption.

Herewith some excellent links provided by our Sharp representative Roman Duras that are most useful for sorting out the ifs and buts of this new backlight technology.

Translated link from an Italian AV Forum.

If the link above doesn't work use this link and if you don't speak Italian then use Google Translate.

Basically what they saying is that with the LE700 series SHARP is back to number one in the LCD technology race. Other Sony forums are saying the same and they are worried on how this series will perform. This is the product from the new Sharp 10th Gen factory in Kameyama.

A good overview on edge lit versus back lit LED lighting for lCD panels.

Sharp Japan business LED product.

Sharp Japan consumer LED product.

Sharp tech developments on a 6 filter LCD panel.

direct light vs edge lighting