Recently Samsung have been chastised by the UK Advertising Standards Authority over their advertising for their LED TV's. In particular they were critiqued adversely for their "New generation" phraseology in the adverts where in fact the LED is just an alternative backlighting system.

We have the new Sharp LED backlight TVs in store now and very pretty they are too. However they are not shaking my tree in terms of image quality upgrade over and above the existing very competent 77 series Aquos TV's.

So I did the rounds of store displays in Melbourne yesterday to check out what was hot and what was not in the TV retail scene. Sure enough the Samsung LED's were well hyped up with lots of point of sale , carefully arranged lighting, and lots of Blu Ray animation being played. However it is very clear that these sets and the equivalent Sony are being run on a demo setting that when combined with bright pretty colours and dark corners make for a very bright picture.However that is nothing like the same as seeing a real live acted movie or free to air sequence in daylight in your living room

It was notable that the occasional Sharp Aquos I saw on display was consistently under represented in terms of care and attention to set up and picture detail and one is led to the inexorable conclusion that the bulk stores adjust the set up of Televisions to encourage the sale of products as per the prevailing corporate directive and / or special commission incentive.

Returning back to our own set ups in the evening I was struck by how different our Sharp Aquos TV's looked to the retailer set ups. But mainly I was severely impressed by the outright fantastic image quality of the Loewe TV range ... their ability to reproduce free to air TV images is superlative, the image posseses a holographic 3D quality that is convincing as though the actors were on a stage in front of one.

These german Loewe TV's are really a very long way removed from the hoi poloi of regular panels. The difference to me is as great as the difference beetween an ordinary family motor car and a good Porche or BMW ... which perversely makes these sets actually not at all expensive.

Channel News on the Samsung advertising.