Little Black Boxes

Cyrus has always been one of, if not THE, premier brands here at CAV. What makes Cyrus so compelling is the modularity of their components, allowing for both affordability and extreme system upgrades. We thought it best if we left it to My Cyrus himself (aka Tim Wilkinson) to explain:

Mr Cyrus!

"Cyrus Audio components open a door, that once stepped through, leaves no turning back. No, this is not a trap, but instead enables your system to grow in performance over time as your budget allows. The key to it all being the way Cyrus have developed their range to be upgraded both internally and externally, which means that a conservative investment into the entry level of Cyrus 6 series components, although superb in their own right, is just the beginning of a high performance Cyrus system.

Internal upgrade options enable all products in each group to be upgraded to the highest specification available, even to the extent of the next generation in some instances, with the only limitation to this being cost effectiveness.

Externally the options are many, with potential for further amplification, the DAC X / XP, and the highly regulated power supply. While adding amplification or an external DAC is relatively straight forward in its benefits, the PSX-R power supply is the key to unlocking the full potential lurking inside these meek looking boxes. Focusing the PSX-R’s battery like power on the key components enables the connected unit to function at its highest capability, reducing the detrimental effects of the outside world. Further to this the internal power separation removes any interaction between selected sections of the connected unit, with the Cyrus 8vs2 becoming a virtual Pre / Power unit, and the CD 8x offering the properties of a separate transport and DAC."

One of the more popular pathways is to start with a Cyrus 8vs2, and eventually add a Smart Power or X Power stereo power amplifier. We currently have such a dedicated Cyrus system setup in the main stereo demo room. Six channels of Cyrus amplification in tri-amplification configuration feed a gorgeous sounding pair of 3-way Audiovector loudspeakers from Denmark. Come hear what the fuss is about. Fanatics welcome.