Hello from Salt Lake City Utah! Paul and I are onto the next leg of this strange adventure, bunking into Utah tonight for our look at Control4 headquarters tommorow.

Just a few more quick notes whilst I've got a spare second.

We've finished up at CEDIA Expo and have both come away incredibly energised by the show. You wouldn't know that if you saw us right now though as we're both bleary eyed like many a CEDIA exhibtor (yes Robby Q, that means you and your oxygen mask...)

We've seen some great high end product across the board from cables (more on Nordost later in the trip...), amps, distribution, control systems and displays and a great little label maker.

HD-DVD and Bluray are here, so I'll finally stop telling people "I'll believe it when I see it" (although I noted no Playstation 3 - hahaha!!!). Yes, they look as stunning as they claim to be and both Sony and Toshiba has walls of titles soon to be available.

Friday night we ended up at Mile High Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos at a Control4 sponsored bash. It was great fun and we actually got to throw a football around on the gridiron feild for a while.

I'd also like to offer a big thanks to all the San Francisco retailers that Paul and I visited. These guys went out of their way to show us around and have a good old talk about religion sex and politics. Oh and Hifi too. I'll be sure to add some web links to their sites as soon as we dig their business cards out of the 35 pounds and counting of paper we've collected so far on this trip.

I'll leave you for now as I'm ready to collapse into the comfiest bed I've seen thus far, I'll be back in a few days to tell you of the nexty leg of this junket.