We recently received an email from a customer who has pieced together quite a nice little CD based hi-fi system over a period of a year or so. His latest addition was a Rega P1.

The line that stood out to me was "how can a $600 turntable sound more enjoyable than my $XXXX CD player?". What stood out from that statement was "more enjoyable". I wasn't that the listening experience was better, or anything over the top with enthusiasm, but simply "more enjoyable".

There is just something intimate about a vinyl listening session that just doesn't exist with digital mediums, whether it's CD or otherwise. Maybe it's the little bit of love required every time you remove it from its protective sleeve, or that you want to sit down and savour a whole album at a time, instead of skipping or madly browsing the latest playlist every ten seconds.

You need not worry about digital to analogue convertors and endless debates about 1's & 0's and how fantastic they are. A good quality turntable will last you a very long time, as will a well maintained cartridge & stylus.

Yes, vinyl does require more storage space. Yes, vinyl needs a little more care when handling than a CD or iPod ever will. Yes, the better turntables are not automated and you must pay attention to your music so not as to let the delicate stylus commit seppuku on the inner label. BUT, you will be rewarded for your patience and attentiveness with a greatly enjoyable listening experience like nothing else.

If you check your local music retailer, you may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of new releases that are available for either the same, or not much more than their CD brethren. Sometimes even cheaper!

If you have never been impressed with your old 'turntable hi-fi mini system', then do yourself a favour and drop into the store for a demo with your favourite black wax. You might be very pleasantly surprised.