If you ever feel the need to offer us a business opportunity involving urgent goods to Singapore via DHL with payment by credit card of our choice ... if you have an unrepeatable money laundering offer from a deceased account in Nigeria ... if you have a once only lottery winning claim to send us ... if you have an offer of home employment that is guarunteed to make us $83,564 in the first year ... then you will meet Damien.
Damien is just the sort of slightly naive always hard up chap without much internet experience that these people love to come across on line. He is very religous and believes in the word of his local pastor who he will send photos of without prompting. He will engage the scammers in discourse and raise their hopes of an easy bite. He will just stop short of sending the goods or giving them the processing funds. He will want to discuss their belief structure. He will want them to send photos of their church as a gesture of good faith. Then he will refer them to ... interpol.
We are so besieged by criminal hacking idiots wanting to take our money under false pretences that I was compelled to invent Damien to fight back. My proudest moments for Damien have been when hopeful people have rung us from Nigeria hoping to talk to him urgently, and when they have sent us photos of their congregations and churches in an attempt to convince him they are of like minded faith.
Damien is a legitmate defense against those utter bastards that prey anonymously on hard working suburbanites around the world. The more Damiens there are the fewer of these predators there will be that survive.