I've oft wondered when these two will come head to head.
Now that Bose has dropped it's massive advertising subsidy to non cooperative stores.
And it was an unprecedented figure in terms of advertising percentage of turnover ... now scuppered by the gfc and Australian costs.

Morel on the other hand has got better and less expensive. It has been taken up by a number of ex-Bose dealers.
It is strongly possible that the Bose product was attempting to componsate for it's lack of constructional expense through advertising. If so they did a really good job.
They are at their best in Myers David Jones and their own brand stores.

There can be no prisoners when  Bose and Morel satellite are placed side by side. The morel is metal where the Bose is plastic. The Morel is coaxial two way in the satellite where the Bose is a single cone. The Morel has excellent sound designed to be ultra competitive in a comparative audition environment
There can be only one speaker brand in a Bose store ...

Bose is broadening it's own brand stores and soon to be offering it's own TV in Australia. Their power in the general marketplace will no doubt be substantially enhanced and further separated from specialist brands like Morel.