This is the incredible hulk of surround amplifiers. Our chaps not only complained because here is another serious product that we have to find space and time for, but because it weighs 30 kg packed ...

This is NAD's ultimate single box surround receiver. It is built to a much higher standard than previous NAD surround products, they claim to emulate that paragon of production quality being Denon with this Seven Series range whilst mantaining that characteristic harmony and drive that is the hallmark of the brand.

This is the first surround amplifier that has two toroidal transformers ... expect massive grip and authority without brutality and with exceptional presence. You should be considering this if you have a no compromise speaker system such as Ambience Ribbons or Sonus faber Cremonas that would normally be beyond the ken of a single box surround amp as being too dreadfully critical of the stereo reproductive quality ...

NAD T787 official site

And now we have a copy of the first review of the T787 from the American "Home Theater Review" magazine:

"Home Theater Review" August 2012, Volume 19, No 8

Note that: Americans can't spell "Theatre", and that the US sell price is US$4000 ... NAD is rapidly becoming noted as the product with the best Australian price point by a huge margin relative to any other CE brand. The UK sell price is 3000 Pounds Sterling which equates to Aus$5000 (a thousand dollars more than here)... this alone to the cognoscenti makes this range of surround amplifiers just fantastic value in Australia, never mind that they sound fantastic as well ...

The local distributors have done a terrific direct deal with the manufacturer resulting in the Aus sell price being excellent value for the local consumer. NAD were the first specialist CE manufacturer to adopt the offshore manufacturing model in 1979 and now they appear to be certainly the first in Australia with truly competitive global pricing.

Another online review from SoundStage Xperience:

SoundStage January 2013

And Home Theatre Magazine names it Top Receiver of The Year:

Home Theater January 15th 2013

Click here for the official NAD T787 brochure