Robbie we love you!

Robbie Williams - you either love him or hate him but there's no denying the man has taste! Robbie chooses PMC speakers - Professional Monitor Company - here he is looking rather smug next to an imposing pair of MB2s. Well we'd be smug too if we owned these $22000 monitors! But rest easy, you don't HAVE to be a uber-famous rockstar to own PMC with the baby DB1+ bookshelf speakers clocking in at a measly $1995.

Here's what the press have to say about PMC:

DB1+ Standmounts $1995 HiFi News - New Loudspeaker of the Year "Unburstable with room-fililng sound that belies it's size. A class winner at the price."

TB2+ Standmounts $2500 Hifi Choice - Best Buy "Subtelty & Sophistication offered at a realistic price. It's scores in its clarity & freedom from colouration."

GB1 Floorstanders $3400 Hifi News "The GB1 has redefined what a sub 1000 pound speaker can achieve - You MUST audition the GB1."

FB1+ Floorstanders $4950 Hifi Choice - GOLD AWARD Best Loudspeaker "Supremely transparent & free from colouration, bass is solid & controlled, the top end sings with open, vibrant energy."

OB1 Floorstanders $8325 What Hifi? "The impact of instruments and depth of character causes jaws to drop."

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