Oppo BDP-105

To be frank there is a dearth of very good Blu Ray Players ... The high water mark of the Denon DVD A1 and the Marantz UD9400 has not been achieved by the newer products. Rather the market place peaks out at about $1000 with very few to choose from above that.

In some ways this represents a qualitative delineation that is the limiting factor of Blu Ray and it also is indicative of the volatility of the format that the manufacturers are unwilling to invest in it above a certain quality level.

That being said the Oppo BD105D is on the top of the current pile, with it's excellent weighty chassis well equipped with outputs including balanced out stereo pair, comprehensive video boards and excellent build, this is the flagship of this brand that has cut a swathe through the Blu Ray player market.

"Hi Fi World" reviews the BDP 105D.

Oppo BDP105D specification in full.