It's that time. Your old speakers have had a good run. They sung sweet songs for you, they've seen you through some good times, some bad times, and they've never judged you about that thing you did once. Nothing lasts forever though. Sometimes you've just got to scratch that upgrade itch and shed your old equipment like a butterfly sheds its cocoon. PMC are giving you the opportunity to emerge from your audio pupation with a beautiful set of British built transmission line speakers for wings, and live off the nectar of your vinyl collection... actually I think this metaphor is going south rather quickly.

What we're trying to say is that PMC are offering some amazing trade-in deals on their even more amazing Twenty and Fact range of speakers. It's never been cheaper to heighten the Hi in your Fi with the goose-bump-enduing detail and rhythm that PMC produce. The deal is a limited time offer, so call in or call up and see just how good a big wooden box can sound.

PMC Twenty.21 -RRP $3395 – After Trade In $2395

PMC Twenty.22 -RRP $4495 – After Trade In $2995

PMC Twenty.23 -RRP $5295 – After Trade In $3495

PMC Twenty.24 -RRP $7795 – After Trade In $4995

PMC Twenty.26 -RRP $12995 – After Trade In $8995

PMC Fact.8-RRP $13695 – After Trade In $9695

Conditions, as always, apply.