Oooooh, yes PLEASE!

Tis the season for product releases and we have some lovely new gear from Musical Fidelity, Sim 2, Dynaudio, Arcam, Denon and Marantz. Oh and while not exactly new, we are proud to now stock the complete range of the wonderful little Tivoli Radios.

Read all about them and drop in for an audtion. See you in the store!

Musical Fidelity A5 Preamplifier & A5 Power Amplifier Finally! We've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this combination for a couple of months, and they have just arrived and are warming up for the very first time... To early for a first impression on the sound, but they look and feel brilliant. Be carefull of your back when unpacking - they weigh a lot more then you expect for boxes of their size.

Musical Fidelity KW SACD Player Only just unpacked but first impressions last and this is sure to be an impressive offering from MF.

Sim 2 Domino 30H DLP Projector Exquisitely crafted and at the top of their game, the Sim2 line of Italian-made projectors use state-of-the-art electronics and optics. We have the Domino 30H on display and it really does look spectacularly good: very rich deep blacks and superb lifelike imagery... and I gorgeous housing as well!

Dynaudio Audience 72se Loudspeakers The long-running, hugely succesful Audience 72s have had the SE make-over with an all new radically improved tweeter and matching mid-bass drivers and new crossover network. Really super-sound and to top it off the price has been dropped!!

Dynaudio Confidence C1 We got a set of these on loan for a customer to audition, and when the time came couldn't bare to send them back. So now we have a lovely set of Dynaudio C1's for anyone and everyone to come in and listen to. We're divided on the looks, but not the sound - these reference monitors are ultimate examples of their type.

Arcam A90 Integrated Amplifier New mid-point integrated from Arcam has a sweet, nuanced presentation with plenty of grip for big transients and a thoughtful layout which includes provisions for home theatre direct allowing you to use an AV surround receiver to do the processing and power for centre and rears whilst allowing the quality of the Arcam to power the main left and right channels.

Denon AVC-A11XV THX AV Surround Receiver I honestly thought I was playing the $13000 Denon AVC-A1XV by mistake when I first turned on the system upstairs only to discover it was this new 11xv-thingy. It sounded awesome! I haven't heard a sub-$10k with so much grip and power and the surround imaging was scarily good... all with HDMI/DVI switching and video upscaling and THX Ultra2 certification!

Marantz VP12-S4 DLP Projector It's a cliche we know, but trust us, picture quality really DOESN'T get any better than this - this new 'VP' incarnation has loads of imrovements including world-class video processing from Gennum and the all important lens from Minolta has been tweaked and improved. Step into the picture.