The Elex R is made in the English Rega factory and is one of the best buys available for a real stereo amp that one would justifiably expect to last a generation or two in a family. In this business we get to make snap product judgments on the way a device feels in our hands when we take it out of the box. The particular first impression I got from the Elex was a sense of Deja Vu that put me back in the Imperial War Museum and being given a slab of 40mm armour from a Tiger Tank. It is quite remarkably solid and in fact on the hi-fi component inertia scale is possibly the highest scoring item ever ....

This is the big brother the Rega Brio-R, which while not entirely flipping the entire hi-fi industry on its head, has been making waves and dominating in the mid-market and threatening amps at many times its price. Rega have done the logical thing, and effectively strapped two together and put them in one case to create this exceptional Elex-R amplifier..

"The Ear" review on the Elex-R

"What Hi-Fi?" on the Elex-R

The Elex offers all that smooth analogue goodness that the Brio does, beefing it up with more power, a better pre-amp stage and a few lessons from the Elicit’s phono stage. It’s got all that beautiful weight and presence in sound we’ve come to expect from Rega. There’s lots of bass control and a superb smoothness in the top end without sacrificing detail.

One would reccomend you put this amplifier with a set of Sonus faber Chameleons or Monitor Audio Gold 50s.

Rega official site for the Elex-R