Following on from the Rowan Atkinson Gramophone clip is this one from "Ruthless People" on the Hifi sales floor.

When I first came to Australia there was a brand of loudspeaker in the Northern Suburban Hi Fi store that we were prefered to purvey by management that was very reminiscent of the Dominator series.

If you have a pair of DDK loudspeakers from the eighties with glass tops I'd like to say sorry, they were beyond awful and sold on the basis of how many woofers and tweeters they had. Famously if turned up too loud they would sometimes collapse into their component chipboard panels exposing the rudimentary single capacitor crossover.

In my time at that retailer I shortly became the manager and was able to introduce the compact bookshelf and very Hi Fi Mordaunt Short MS30 into that company which like a small mammal in the Jurassic era effectively rendered the DDK loudspeakers extinct along with their cold blooded sales practice ...