The new 108" LCD TV has a piano black finish and looks as if one would need steel reinforcing in a wall to hold it. It is intended to be a production item and the latest news is that it may incorporate 4096 x 2160 resolution. This will not be cheap ...

not actual size...

Sharp claim that its new LCD TV technology has a higher resolution than plasma's and comparable contrast and colours. This 108-inch LCD screen, which measures 93.9-inches high by 52.9-inches wide, features a Black Advanced Super View Full-Spec HD LCD panel manufactured at Sharp's Kameyama Plant No. 2, the first plant in the world to use 8th generation glass substrates. With this development, Sharp has demonstrated that it is possible to produce LCD TVs in sizes ranging from 13-inches to super-large sizes like the 108-inch, and that LCD is the predominant display device in the flat-panel television market, which is forecast to grow dramatically in the future.

Since developing the world's first 14-inch color TFT LCD TV in 1988, Sharp has consistently led the industry with larger screen sizes, introducing the first 45-inch model in 2004 and the first 65-inch LCD TV. In addition to leading the movement toward larger screen sizes, Sharp has met the demand for superior image quality by achieving a resolution that is four times higher than that of current HD (4096 x 2160), the world's highest contrast ratio (1,000,000:1) and the ultimate in fast-motion image processing with 120 Hz frame rate conversion and an incredible pixel response time of 4ms.

Consumers have rated LCD TVs highly in terms of image quality, environmental performance and design. Sharp is confident that LCD TVs will remain a steadily increasing percentage of the flat-panel TVs sold.

Sharp is working to further the evolution of LCD TVs based on the success of developing the 108-inch AQUOS, and as the world's leading manufacturer of LCD TVs, will continue to develop state-of-the-art products.

Major Features Screen size: 108-inch (93.9-inches high by 52.9-inches wide; 107.8 inches on the diagonal)

Drive system: TFT (thin-film transistor) active-matrix drive

Number of pixels: 2.07 million pixels (1,920 x 1,080 pixels)

Drop me a line if you want one but dont expect much change from a reasonable Learjet.