So the government is giving us (up to) $900 of our own money back and telling us to blow it on an excessive consumerist orgy of spending and economic exorbitance... Maybe those weren't the exact words of the ATO but I'm sure they were something to that effect.

So, lets all do our duty and spend our extra instead of just paying off the credit card. Specifically, you should spend it with us on some wise HiFi investments.

Monitor Audio BR2s and a Cambridge 340A
A little over budget, but this is a great start to any stereo set up. A great set of speakers with lots of thump and a real amp to give them control and detail.

AKG601s and Rega Ear
Like headphones? Want a better set up? These luxuriant AKGs are an exercise in comfort and superb quality with a head phone amp from Rega for silky smooth audio.

Aktimate Minis and several cases of beer
$650 (plus beer)
Ok, we're not licensed to sell you alcohol, but we do have these awesome little active speakers that are amazing for an iPod or computer source, or just to give your TV some extra sizzle.

Denon DM37
Denon's cracking little mini hifi is a great multi use system for CD, radio and USB digital music.

Rega P2 turn table and Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge
English engineering at it's simple best. The P2 is a great way to kick off a vinyl collection, and the 2M series from Ortofon move faster and pull out more detail from your records than any moving magnet pick up cartridges have any right to.