Greetings from Denver, the mile high city! Paul and I are currently at CEDIA Expo US, the largest event in the custom audio visual feild. The sheer scope of the event is massive, with an estimated fifty thousand AV porfessionals decending on the convention centre for a drunken orgy of product training, drinking and strip club jaunts.

We're here to get an eyeful of the latest and greatest products that are about to hit the market both here in the states and back home. Heres some of my personal higlights.

Kalediscape - This is the DVD video server that I've read so much about. Its one thing to read about how good it is, but until you sit down and actually touch and feel it, you just can't appreciate how fantastic the interface is. Its ridiculously expensive, but if you have the money its worth every cent. No Australian distribution that I know of though...

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