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Chord, renowned for their ultra-sleek, ultra-tech hifi have announced their new high-definition multimedia server, the Media Engine. The Media Engine has the ability to play DVDs and CDs to an incredible standard. It has 2.4 terabytes of storage (1 terabyte = 1000 gigabytes = 1000000 megabytes !!)creating capacity for hundreds of films and the biggest of music collections stored totally uncompressed. An entire music and film collection acessible within seconds via on screen displays, creating a virtual library.

Designed using the most modular architecture possible, Chord have ensured clear upgrade paths for the next generation of DVD and audio formats. With 2.4 terabytes of hard drive space, the Chord electronics media engine is capable of storing up to 600 hours of film. With the ability to store most movie and music collections, there is still room to add further media engines networded together to provide almost unlimited storage capacity.

Using some of the best image processing technology available the sytem gives you the flexibility to adjust the video output to match both the native resolution and refresh rages of your chosen display. The media engine provides powerful images that surpass that of high end DVD players and can also be used as a video scaler for external video sources. DVI-D connectivity ensures that the image stays in the digital domain and retains optimum clarity. Using studio quality output stages via either single-ended or balanced analogue outputs, the Media engine has audio clarity found only in the best high end CD players.