Here at Carlton Audio Visual, we have been noticing a great resurgence in hifi sales.

By that, I mean two channel hifi as opposed to home theatre.

There remains a great demand for home theatre systems but more and more people are going down the path of a simple two channel stereo system.


Well for some people, their love of music outweighs there love of movies and while you can acheive remarkably good musical reproduction through a home theatre system, a dedicated two channel system is a different experience all together.

There is another option... if you want the best of both worlds, there are stereo amplifiers on the market with a function called "home theatre pass through" (or bypass or some such), which allows you to connect your home theatre to a dedicated stereo amplifier. You can get the most out of your music collection, playing through the stereo amp and when watching a film, the volume control on the home theatre receiver will take over the volume control of the stereo amplifier, which will be driving your main left and right speakers. No switching, no plugging and unplugging and no need to adjust two volume knobs.

Two channel rules.