So have we run out of options and tech for development with current TVs?

3D was always going to be flat and nobody who believes in Smart TV can be clever.

And within the fiscal hell of CE manufacturing brighter and more energetic and clearer visual displays are struggling to emerge, dogged by longevity of the blues and screen burn issues though.

"They" say the future is flexible OLED with 4K plus resolution ...

Unroll a giant sreen in your garden that you could watch in sunlight ...
It may take a while.

In truth there is a mass extinction of screen purveyance happening.

Like Trilobites rotting on the beach enclaves of TV sales at all levels are falling before the plough of change. Think of Ava

Gardner and Gregory Peck in post Northern nuke Melbourne from the Neville Shute book and you will catch the mood in some quarters of the CE industry.

Sony apparently lost 30 Billion dollars and Sharp $4.6Bn last year ...
Allied to those fundamental losses from the TV mainstream Pioneer, Fujitsu, and NEC displays along with locally Clive Peeters, Dick Smith, Wow Sight And Sound, retailers are all finished or for grabs.

With Television at the moment the only real earner is the installation if it's on wall with cables. Most TV's are now being purveyed at a retail margin below a reasonable ROI from static monies ... so they are no longer paying the costs of their purveyance in their retail resell.

It seems inevitable that the majority of TVs will be sold effectively directly to the consumer from the manufacturer. Only the fittest will survive.