Just when we were getting our customers used to the idea of 4K video coming out ... and indeed we are seeing the magic 4K logo appearing on a couple of video projectors and on the new Denon range of amplifiers ... not that there is even vaguely any software available ...

So now the 8K format (7,680 x 4,320 pixels) has been cast in stone by the UN's communication standards setting agency before 4K has even made it to market:

"BBC Techspace 23rd August 2012".

Sharp actually demonstrated a very nice 85 inch TV in this resolution last year.

And in the meantime there are some excellent developments in High Frame Rate video with 60 fps video coming soon:

"Red Digital Cinema on HFR Video".

And while we are at it there is no longer any need to worry about having to get up and miss your favourite programming as this clever chap from Nanyang University is enableing you to take it with you:

"Space Mart" August 16th 2012.

In truth whilst these developments cast a shadow of promised obsolescence over your current displays I think that they are a fantastic technological direction for genuine improvement of picture quality and the video experience.

I have been so annoyed at the multiple false promises of the manufacturer's specified performance figures and the "3D" and "Smart" labelling and it is excellent to be reminded of a real evolutionary process towards a better Television.

Now when am I going to be able to get my multi sensory holo tank ...