Ullo geezers, this is the inaugural blog for myself at Carlton Audio Visual's new website. This is the informal type stuff where I can say wot I like without having to worry about being in a journalistic type style....cool as.

Sunday trading today and done a couple of nice demos. Lovely lady Trudy came in for a set of stands and bought a projector....didn't really happen like that cos she and her hubby were well primed on the technology and are also dedicated motorcyclists. That makes them I have found extremely susceptible to the joys of Hi Fi and Visual. An appreciation of good machinery goes hand in hand with being a good bikie and a good hi fi freak.

Done a couple of demos today on Krix products, the new Seismix 3 sub is just brilliant and it sailed through the attack of the clones asteroid destruction on Star Wars while another brand was left gasping and rattling in its wake.

I think I may have won over a young man to the Krix Apex III speakers with a demo of Robbie Williams, he'd been listening to JM Labs and Monitor Audio for a 5.1 speaker system around the $2500 level and was jolly taken with these floorstanding two ways as the mains. Had already decided on the Denon AVR1804 as a surround amp and so I had the system wired up as it would be in his own house.

Gosh it worked well, I think the Apex do need at least an 1804 to get them going though. There is as ever much installation work going on this week, our man beast Jerry is out in the field at a particular country residence that promises to be an exceptional job:full house of Dynaudio In Walls (The IP24)with 12 channel Russound Amplification and Sonance Navigator keypads, sort of system dreams are made of actually. I believe the owners are professional concert pianists.

That'll do for today,time to do the till, watch cable TV news for the latest scores from Iraq, then catch the Bar Centrale Jam session in the pub next door.