When Mr Jobs passed away last year it transpired that he and musical icon Neil Young had been working on a high def download music format that could bring back some of the warmth and embodiment of the analogue LP recordings so beloved by the man from Apple.
It appears that the current Apple management have no interest in pursueing this and so Mr Young has teamed up with Craig Kallman, chairman of Atlantic Records, to create the Pono music player project.
In Rolling Stone "Rolling Stone" magazine Mr Young describes this "as waging heavy peace" in order to force Apple to reinvigorate their music formats.

"The Guardian September 28th 2012, Neil Young and iTunes".

In the meantime a recording of Mr Jobs from 1983 has appeared online courtesy of Marcel Brown's "life, Liberty, and Technology" blog. this gives a simply fascinating insite into the man's perception of the future and how accurate he was with our current state of tech emplacement in our culture.

"The Lost Steve Jobs Speech, Life Liberty and Technology, Marcel Brown 2nd October 2012"