Yamaha NS2000A loudspeakers

A beautifully finished tall floorstanding loudspeaker built like a high end musical instrument.

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Product Description


Another remarkable Yamaha transducer using their most advanced music instrument technology. The NS2000 takes the Zylon filamentous material of the acclaimed NS5000 range leading drive units and combines it with Spruce pulp. Spruce pulp is a traditional Yamaha drive unit material, it was used in the original NS1000M loudspeakers in the bass drivers.
The NS2000A applies the unique harmonious materials approach in that all the drive units are made of the same material, this subtly ensures consistent tonality and timbre integration across the entire audible frequency range.

As a famed musical instrument manufacturer, Yamaha is passionate about accurately reproducing the sounds of musical instruments in our Hi-Fi products. And to achieve this in the NS-2000A we drew on the design concept in our flagship speakers of pursuing consistent tone colour—Tonal Balance—throughout the entire frequency spectrum. For each and every one of its speaker units, the NS-2000A employs the newly developed Harmonious Diaphragm™—made from a blend of ZYLON®, which has excellent sound velocity and minimal internal dissipation, and spruce, which is a preferred material in the soundboards of grand pianos and is essential for emanating sound. This ensures accurate, faithful tonal expression throughout the entire audio spectrum, making the harmonies of the sound stand out and the music richer and more beautiful.


In designing the cabinet for optimum dynamics, we have incorporated state-of-the-art speaker design technology, making full use of laser vibrometers, used in musical instrument research and development, and sophisticated FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis. The cross piece of the cabinet has been optimally reinforced, ensuring solid low-frequency response, providing a secure, comfortable musical foundation, and creating a vast sound stage.


To fully recreate the ideal Sound Image of audio sources, Yamaha uses its own Acoustic Absorber, a unique resonance tube that eliminates standing waves inside the cabinet and minimizes the need for sound-absorbing material, so that the original realism of music that is often lost by sound absorption is reproduced with full energy and dynamism. Additionally, two specially shaped tubes, called R.S. (Resonance Suppression) Chambers, are mounted behind the speaker diaphragms, and cancel unnecessary resonance—again without needing excessive sound-absorbing material. By adopting these Yamaha-patented technologies, the original presence of music is vividly reproduced without detrimental effects on the minute signals of the music sources.

Moreover, the elegant appearance of the cabinet reflects the long history of Yamaha piano craftsmanship by adopting the same gloss finish used on our grand pianos. It possesses a stately, towering elegance—both when it’s being played and even when not—delivering the profound joy and satisfaction of having Hi-Fi audio in your room.

This extraordinary combination of our latest Hi-Fi components, the R-N2000A and NS-2000A, provides ythe discerning and style-conscious listener with exceptional quality and a new truly Hi-Fi audio life, developed for the modern era.


• Newly developed Harmonious Diaphragm, a blend of ZYLON® and spruce - for faithful tonal balance
• Ideal cabinet construction, designed with vibration analysis technology cultivated in our crafting of musical instruments 
• Yamaha patented Acoustic Absorber optimised for the NS-2000A
• Yamaha patented R.S. (Resonance Suppression) Chambers for suppressing unwanted resonance
• Authentic piano finish - adds to the luxurious joy of ownership
• High-quality parts for crossover circuitry, including audio capacitors made by Mundorf of Germany
• Solid brass speaker terminals for highly secure connection and luxurious feel

Additional Information

Additional Information

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