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  • Morel SP1

    Available to audition in our 164 Lygon st showroom. Available in Black or White.

    The SoundSpot™ SP-1 is a discreetly designed miniature half-sphere two way point source satellite speaker.
    It’s half-sphere enclosure is constructed of a 1mm thick steel that houses a 3½” (85mm) coaxial driver with ¾” (20mm) high temperature voice coil for the mid/woofer unit, and a ferrite magnet system. The tweeter is a semi soft, polymer, ½” (12mm) liquid-cooled voice coil, and neodymium magnet motor.

    The SoundSpot™ SP-1 is designed to deliver Morel quality sound in the smallest package. As part of a 5.1 home cinema system the SP-1 delivers a surprisingly “big” powerful sound.
    The clever satellite pivoting base turns 180 degrees and enables on-wall, on-ceiling and on-shelf placement offering installation flexibility. Can also be used with high performance computers where its lively articulate sound takes full advantage of modern computer sound cards.

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  • Morel SP2

    Available for audition in our 164 lygon st Showroom. Available in black or White.

    A spherical design is strong yet light and only 1mm thick, preserving significant and valuable internal volume, ideal acoustically and offers great installation flexibility.

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  • Monitor Audio C280 IDC 3 Way In Ceiling Speaker

    True 3-way design provides rich midrange detail, higher system output, greater power handling, and superior vocal intelligibility and sound localisation. Optimum imaging and set-up are established via the pivoting IDC, high frequency (+3 dB /0 dB / -3 dB) level adjustment, and boundary compensation (on / off) controls. Optional square grille can be used with model.

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    Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price $365.00

    Available in Store

  • VAF Soundwall (Acoustic Treatment Module SIngle 600mm x 600mm)

    Print Module face with any colour or image add $150. SoundWall provides a glorious appearance with the ability to reproduce premium music or movie sound, equivalent to the finest loudspeakers. It is also so simple and easy to drive it can be powered from any normal hi-fi or home theatre sound system. More than merely reproducing recorded sounds, SoundWall additionally improves the acoustics of your room, even when sound is not being reproduced. SoundWall makes it simple to bring high quality music and movie sound into your room or through your entire home. Without clutter. Without complexity. Without compromise.

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  • Monitor Audio Radius 200

    Available in Gloss Black & Gloss White .

    Designed for rack or shelf mounting in a dedicated home theatre system. Placed front and centre in a serious AV system, twin 4" C-CAM mid/bass drivers astride a 1" C-CAM tweeter result in the compact Radius 200 anchoring the entire sound field with life-like fidelity.

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  • Monitor Audio C380 IDC 3 way In ceiling speaker

    ncorporating Monitor Audio’s innovative, pivoting Inverted Dual Concentric (IDC) midrange/tweeter module and 8” RST C-CAM bass driver, the three-way CP-CT380IDC represents the highest level of new CP performance. The IDC module houses a 4” C-CAM inverted midrange driver surrounding a 25mm C-CAM gold dome tweeter. Learn More

    Regular Price: $520.00

    Special Price $470.00

    Available in Store

  • Monitor Audio Radius R45

    Available in Gloss White & Gloss Black. For ultra-discreet sound all around the home, or partnered with the Radius 380 sub for explosive stereo, the miraculously small Radius 45 houses a 3" MMP II mid-bass driver and rear-firing 3/4" C-CAM tweeter, and has no right to sound as good as it does. Learn More
  • Cambridge Audio TV 2 v2 Soundbar

    Some say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. We say, even if it's won a What Hi-Fi? award, we can do better. So you can still expect the rich, balanced sound and clarity of TV2 mark one but with added HDMI ARC, a 50% larger amplifier, superior Bluetooth quality and more EQ settings at your fingertips. But we kept one important component the same - the price. Learn More

  • Monitor Audio CT380IDC

    A true 3 way in-ceiling speaker. Configured with an 8-inch C-CAM RST bass driver and a pivoting IDC module, housing a 4-inch C-CAM RST inverted midrange driver and a 1-inch C-CAM gold dome tweeter. Learn More
  • Cambridge Audio TVB2 Soundbar & Wireless Sub

    Soundbar with Bluetooth and Wireless Subwoofer

    We only make one soundbar at Cambridge Audio. We only need one because TVB2 is made for movie and music fans. It upgrades your TV’s sound to unparalleled heights whilst also providing incredible music playback thanks to housing the same speaker technology we use in our best Hi-Fi speakers.

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    Regular Price: $649.00

    Special Price $549.00

  • Cambridge Audio TV 5 v2 Soundbar

    It's just undergone an upgrade for 2017 but TV5 still promises nothing but simplicity. At least in terms of design, usability and set up. Because inside is the ultimate one box audio upgrade for your TV content and your music library. No matter what TV you have, where you store your content or what your preference in sound settings, you can be confident that TV5 will deliver an outstanding performance. Learn More

    Regular Price: $649.00

    Special Price $590.00

  • Monitor Audio Radius 225

    Available in Gloss Black, Gloss WHite & Walnut veneer.

    At just 65 mm in depth, the 225 is the perfect match with today’s ultra-thin displays. Use it as a centre channel or main speaker: its acoustic design of twin 4" C-CAM mid/bass drivers astride a 1" C-CAM tweeter delivers superb accuracy from horizontal and vertical positions.

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  • Dynaudio Music intelligent wireless loudspeakers

    These are really pretty ... and they sound so much like a real Dynaudio but with a touch extra glare and bass that complement the small form factor.

    There is a chiselled elegance about their design that makes lesser wireless speaker products appear sluglike and plastic by comparison. 

    The product feel gets a very high score. The tactility rating as it alludes to the quality of manufacture and precision of fit is excellent. Significantly there is none of the weakly resonant injection moulding that so characterises this product sector. These are beautifully made.

    I got to take a Music 7 home last night, I had it lit up on the fireplace with Avicii in no time at all. The room fill is excellent.

    The Music 7 is the top of the range with HDMI ARC input .. mount it on the wall below your flatscreen and it makes for a Soundbar Superior. It has been described as an "accidental soundbar".

    Official Dynaudio Music website

    The "Sydney Morning Herald" on the Dynaudio Music 7


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  • Dynaudio Music 1 Music System

    The compact, portable intelligent wireless music system that automatically adapts to your room, your lifestyle and even your musical tastes.

    Don't be fooled: there's absolutely nothing compact about its sound. Music 1 is battery powered, easily portable and contains some astonishingly advanced tech – so your music always sounds its best

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  • Legend Mini Bookshelf Speakers....Real Hifi in a Pint Pot

    The Minis are the new babies of Legend’s “Reference” range. They are the progeny of the Kurres & Big Reds and give a similar sound but in a much smaller package.

    At their heart is the 4″ driver used in the Big Reds. Its very strong aluminium alloy cone does not ‘break-up’ until well above its pass band producing clear undistorted upper midband where many speakers just produce muddle or hardness. Thus the vital midband of the Minis is very open and natural – as can be particularly heard on voices, pianos etc.

    Although the bass output is inevitably limited by the laws of physics, subjectively it goes surprisingly low for such a small speaker. Being a sealed box the bass is very tight and fast, in keeping with the rest of the Mini’s frequency range. And of course you can always add a sub-woofer such as the Legend Kurlette if you require very deep pounding bass!

    The tweeter (from the same Scandinavian firm) has a doped-fabric dome to give a sweet extended treble. It is seamlessly joined to the midrange by a crossover identical to the superb Kurres. Its crossover uses air-cored inductors, polypropylene capacitors and low-inductive resistors all hand-soldered point-to-point and to its drivers.

    We have found that when connected to equally capable front-end equipment the Legend Minis will give you more than a taste of real high-end reproduction but in a domestically (or office) friendly package.

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  • Monitor Audio Radius 90

    Available for audition in our 164 Lygon st showroom. The Radius 90's come in Gloss Black & Gloss White Learn More

    Regular Price: $835.00

    Special Price $799.00

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  • Monitor Audio Radius 90 Ultra compact Speaker

    The Radius 90 is a radical departure from most satellite speakers in as much as it doesn't look radical. It's a high-class mini monitor, only smaller. In stark contrast to the hard, cold metal appearance of most A/V speaker packages, it has the same sumptuous lacquer finishes that grace Monitor Audio's reference speakers. The same engineering standards and attention to detail, too, right down to the radiused corners of the cabinet and high-quality, gold-plated cable terminals. Learn More

  • Klipsch The Three..........Luxury stereo tabletop system with phono and pretty copper buttons

    Available to audition in our Lygon st showroom. This wonderful piece of enginering. It not only gorgeous. It produces a serious sound. Has Play-fi built in for high res streaming. As well as a phono. Just add a turntable and off you go. Learn More

  • Sonos Playbase

    An off-the-wall approach to better TV sound. Typical soundbars work best when wall-mounted directly below a TV. Truth is, most TVs end up on stands and furniture – exactly what PLAYBASE was created for. Its low profile design practically disappears beneath your TV, yet it fills your entire viewing room with epic home cinema audio. Available in white or black. Just specify in the order notes if you are ordering online Learn More

  • Monitor Audio Soundframe 3 On Wall

    The SoundFrame series consists of three sizes of speakers that complement any room. SoundFrame 3 On-Wall is the most compact speaker of the three and it can be used on its own, as a rear to complement the SoundFrame 1 On-Wall and SoundFrame 2 On-Wall, or with a sub-woofer.

    Individual images for the grille cloths can be selected from our library or bespoke speakers can be created using your own high resolution photographs. The cabinet frames are available in high gloss white and high gloss black lacquer.

    The SoundFrames can be fitted either in-wall or on-wall and with or without a frame using the Frameless grilles option.

    The SoundFrame 3 On-Wall has a 2-way configuration with a pivoting 1-inch tweeter module and a 4-inch C-CAM driver.

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