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  • Denon DHT-S516 Soundbar & Subwoofer with Heos

    For a lot of people, a slim soundbar that delivers clarity and depth to the sound without encompassing the whole entertainment space is a perfect solution. For many of our customers who err on the side of audiophile fanaticism, it's perhaps more appropriate for a kids rumpus room or secondary entertainment space that is used less often.

    The Denon soundbars are good for what they are but make no mistake, a soundbar will never beat a complete Home Theatre setup.

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  • Denon DHT-S716 Soundbar

    Denon's uncompromising all-in-one soundbar. If you're at all a HiFi enthusiast and have listened to soundbars, you'll know that there is much to be desired in terms of audio quality. For the neatness below a TV and the convenience of streaming built-in, they are still popular options. For many of our clients who admittedly are more audiophile than layman Australian, this model of soundbar are the only soundbar units that we'll recommend. And even then, they normally get put into a kids Rumpus room or other secondary entertainment system.

    Read more about the DHT-S716 on Denon's official site here

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  • Denon Home 550 Soundbar

    This handy soundbar syncs with all your other Denon Home and Heos devices and will provide ample sound upgrading the sound from your Television.

    All the newest features boasting 3D sound and Dolby Atmos processing.

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  • Denon DM41 DAB

    Mini Component Audio System ... don't buy a soundbar 

    For the price of a single piece of plastic Sonos or similiar you actually get quite a nice bit of Hi Fi with this DM41 system ... when you use it you will be immediately struck by its solid well manufacured feel and the decent sound quality.

    Hi Fi components are always an obvious sound quality and build quality ahead of the 'mini systems" and this DM41 is built like proper Hi Fi rather than a mini system.

    The speakers have detacheable grilles with good drive unit quality and excellent terminals in a solid non resonant box. The CD Player has a good draw mech and the control feel is like that of a decent piece of Hi Fi kit.

    Feature wise it actually has an optical input making it an excellent Soundbar alternative for a contemporary Television along with Bluetooth and an excellent DAB tuner.

    Official website for the Denon DM41DAB+

    "What Hi-Fi?" on the DM41

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  • Denon DHT-S316 Soundbar with subwoofer

    Improving on the smaller DHT-S216 at least the DHT-S316 comes with its own subwoofer. At least you get some bass with this offering. However, this is a relitively small soundbar that won't produce High Fidelity sound but may serve a useful purpose in an office or other ancillary entertainment space.

    Read more about what it can do on the UK's Official Denon site here

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  • Denon DHT-T100, TV Speaker Base EX-DEMO

    The Speaker Bases are designed to sit underneath your TV as a neat solution to improve the audio from your Television. Sit you TV with its table stand directly on top of the unit.

    This Denon has all the digital inputs you'll need to connect your Television: Optical and Coaxial. There's also an Analogue input for older models of Television which can be useful for connecting other sources like a CD player or phone as well.

    APTX Bluetooth connection makes it simple and convenient to send music wirelessly to it. Easy Peasy.

    This Ex-Demo unit has been kicking around for a while so make us an offer and we'll probably take it!

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  • Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar

    A small soundbar on a budget. It will never get you to a place of real Home Theatre immersion but maybe that's not what you'll need it for. 

    Denon is a universally respected HiFi brand and given the popularity of soundbars by middle income earners, it's no wonder they've come out with a range of different units to suit a variety of budgets.

    If you're a real audiophile looking for good quality sound in a soundbar form, I'd suggest you look at the DHT-S716 though.

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