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  • Chord C-Line - RCA to RCA 0.5M

    Pseudo-balanced Oxygen free copper conductors ARAY technology Unique direct gold-plating technology Fully floating high density shielding Ultra reliable over-molded strain relief Available RCA to RCA. Please call for stock of specific lengths. Learn More

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  • Analysis Plus Oval 1 Metre RCA

    The Oval One interconnect offers excellent value for money.
    Construction is uses an oval braided signal conductor along
    with a braided outer shiled mated to a true 75 ohm solderless
    RCA connector with a low loss dielectric. A true giant

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  • Van Den Hul The Isis 1m RCA (Inc earth for grounding of a turntable)

    The ISIS is a twin line RCA to RCA coaxial interconnect, especially designed to provide superior signal transfer quality between your high-end turntable and pre-amplifier at a very affordable price.

    Where high-end turntables often are supplied with meagre interconnects, significant improvements in sound quality, resolution and imaging can be achieved by upgrading to The Isis.

    The Isis can also be used as a high quality pair of RCA's. 

    Twin lead 19 strands per lead coaxial cable with a high flexibility and a steel-wire ground-lead / strain relief in its centre. With durable
    bright red HULLIFLEX®(*) outer jacket. Comes with gold plated C - 4.0 (RCA) connectors.

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  • Chord Clearway RCA 0.5m

    Our go to RCA cable in the Sub $200 price range, Incredible detail extraction and a very neutral presentation. Learn More

  • Chord Clearway 2RCA to 3.5mm 1M

    The fantastic Clearway cable now comes in a 2 RCA to 3.5mm termination, very handy!

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  • Van Den Hul The Thames RCA 1m

    Twin lead with Hybrid 7 strand per lead version of our The ISIS twin lead coaxial cable. with a very high flexibility and an extra steel-wire ground-lead / strain relief in its centre. With durable dark red HULLIFLEX®(*) outer jacket. Can be used as an upgrade on existing turntable wiring or as a high quality pair of RCA's. Comes with gold plated C - 4.0 (RCA) connectors.

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    Special Price $195.00

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  • Van Den Hull The Surf Hybrid (Halogen Free)

    Our entry level FUSION SERIES interconnect is a high quality coaxial audio cable. It’s suitable for all RCA type audio connections.

    • Stranded center FUSION conductor guarantees first rate transparency, imaging and resolution. It’s free from grain and harshness. 
    • Low capacitance due to high quality low-loss dielectrics. This leads to excellent dynamics and timing with no distortion. 
    • Multiple shielding for keeping the signal transfer clean from electrical noise and any kind of interference. Four layers ensure a high shielding factor and low shield impedance. 
    • Linear Structured Carbon ® is used in both shield and core to add conductive layers thus enhancing resolution 
    • Excellent protection against mechanical and chemical environmental aggression. Silver coated stranded conductors and a rugged purple/pink HULLIFLEX ® cable jacket for extended lifespan and long lasting performance without degradation. 
    • All in all The SURF Hybrid is a true audiophile performer. It’s  highly recommended for all your single-ended/unbalanced audio connections 
    • Availability: Stereo pair box packed terminated with our gold plated RCA (unbalanced) connectors type C - 8.4 in four different lengths: 0.8m, 1.0m, 1.2 m and 1.5 m. 

    It’s also available on 100 m. reels fitted with end-caps to prevent any entrance of chemically polluted air. Shipping: 1 x 100 m. reel in a 320 x 320 x 310 mm. box with a total shipping weight of 9.85 kg.

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    Regular Price: $269.00

    Special Price $235.00

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  • Van Den Hul D-501 Hybrid RCA Cable

    The D - 501 HYBRID is sonically one of the best cables in our program. Not really expensive and with a very high performance quality. The 2 signal lines are made each of 19 x 0.1 mm very high grade OFC wires with the highest density of very pure silver coating and a centre steel wire to provide extra mechanical reinforcement and strain relief which can also be used as a ground wire for a turntable. 


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  • Analysis Plus Chocolate Oval 1m RCA or XLR

    The Blue Oval In can be fitted with a choice of non-locking
    RCA or XLR connector. This cable is made in a balanced
    design, this gives it a much better noise rejection system.
    This cable is matched perfectly to the Blue Oval speaker

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    Regular Price: $300.00

    Special Price $260.00

  • Nordost White Lightning RCA or XLR analogue interconnects, 0.6M

    These are Nordost's entry level interconnects and this is a company with which you can spend 40K on a set of interconnects. The White Lightning is no slouch though and Nordost have incorporated some clever design elements which make these cables really sparkle.

    Silver plated oxygen free copper with a 99.9999% purity is a feature throughout the Nordost range and White Lightning is no exception to that. The conductors are also coated in FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene). This is a type of insulation that increases the dielectric properties of the cable making for a quicker signal transmission.

    This is perhaps why Nordost cables sound 'fast'. There's lots of attack to the sound. Instruments and vocals come into focus because the beginnings of each note is heard more clearly. The variation of articulation is such a crucial part of individual musician's artistry and you can hear that more clearly with the White Lightning.

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  • Chord Shawline RCA Interconnect 0.5M

    The first Tuned ARAY cables were developed using our then flagship Sarum cable range. The Shawline analogue cables use the same Tuned ARAY conductor geometry to produce a ground breaking cable. All Tuned ARAY cables have an extraordinary degree of musical transparency and the Shawline Analogue transforms the performance of the new breed of DACs, CD players and Streamers that deliver so much performance at very affordable prices.

    Please call for availability on specific lengths

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    Special Price $299.00

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  • Chord Clearway XLR Interconnect 1m

    Chord Clearway Balanced XLR Interconnect Cable Chord Clearway Analogue cable features unique Chord Company ARAYconductor geometry, developed from the award-winning Sarum TunedARAY. ARAY conductor geometry... Learn More

  • Van Den Hul 3T The River Hybrid RCA


    Our coaxial entry level interconnect model with both center core and shielding made of 3T conductors

    • The two center conductors are made of a 900 micron 3T single stranded conductor and individually coated with an extra L. S. C. layer. 
    • Reduced capacitive load due to the enlarged distance between the center conductors and the shield (screen) 
    • The shielding (screening) consists of four even layers: two made of heavy silver coated high quality copper multi-strand conductors and the other two are made of L. S. C. 
    • After a run-in (brake-in, burn-in) time of three to five hours you’ll be travelling through the dramatic improvement of the sound transmission. Destination: there where the music was first performed and registered. 
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    Regular Price: $399.00

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  • Nordost Purple Flare Interconnects RCA or XLR, 0.6M

    Nordost's 2nd level, interconnect cable, Purple Flare incorporates the Micro Mono-Filament Technology to further enhance the speed, accuracy and musical presentation.

    The Purple Flare is the price point standard and the perfect cable if you're after some tightness and precision.

    It can be terminated with XLR or RCA for the same price...yay!

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  • Chord Shawline Balanced XLR Interconnect

    The challenge with producing the Shawline Analogue is that all Tuned ARAY cables require a high degree of precision that can only be achieved with painstaking hand assembly. The Shawline is built from PTFE insulated silver-plated conductors and use a composite shielding material that works over a wide bandwidth. The cable is assembled within a flexible plastic tube chosen to further reduce mechanical noise and a protective outer braid is fitted. One of the upsides of hand assembly however, is that it allows us to adapt designs to suit the terminations.

    Please call for availability of specific lengths

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  • Nordost Blue Heaven Interconnects, RCA or XLR, 0.6M

    A step up from the Purple Flare cable, Blue Heaven is an industry standard for its price range. It boasts 4 heavy gauge AWG silver plate, oxygen-free-copper solid core conductors. More than its little brothers. Getting rid of the extra padding in the cable means a cleaner, faster, better signal.

    A great cable that sounds 'fast' and is great for improving imaging and precision in your system.

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  • Analysis Plus Copper Oval-In Micro Interconnects RCA or XLR

    The new MICRO Copper Oval-IN packs a lot in a small cross-sectional area. Three 18 gauge conductors and FEP dielectric in a micro design give great performance in a compact design. These interconnects were designed using our patented hollow oval geometry to control current density in a form suitable for braiding from pure oxygen free copper. The signal lines are then wrapped with a shield to provide protection from EMI/RFI. THe result is a super quiet, extremely neutral cable, priced well within any budget.

    RCA connectors are standard, with a balanced version featuring Neutrik XLR connectors available as an option.

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  • Van Den Hul D501 Silver Hybrid 1m RCA Cable

    The D – 501 SILVER HYBRID is a special version of our D – 501 HYBRID. The main difference compared to the D – 501 HYBRID is that its both stranded signal lines are made of highest grade Matched Crystal Silver.

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  • Nordost Red Dawn Interconnect, RCA or XLR, 0.6M

    Red Dawn cables use 6 solid core heavy-gauge conductors (2 more than Blue Heaven). They're the same silver-plated Oxygen-Free-Copper conductors treated in the same way as the rest of the Leif range but more conductors mean more music... That's music to my ears... Learn More

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  • Chord Epix XLR Interconnect 1m

    The Epic XLR is built using the same materials as the Epic RCA and like the Shawline XLR, the design has been adapted to use an extra conductor in order to produce the optimum performance. This means that the performance is very similar to the Epic RCA cable – capable of carrying a very high level of detail with musical coherence.

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