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  • Dynaudio Trade In offer

    It's very rare for a cosseted brand like Dynaudio to have an across the board promotion ... for a limited period we are able to offer a 20 per cent minimum trade in on your old loudspeakers against a new pair of Dynes.


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  • Rotel amp upgrade offer ...

    A limited opportunity to get a free upgrade of your new Rotel amplifier to the next model up

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  • Naim trade in offer

    It is very rare indeed for there to be any promotions around this iconic brand that offer a better than retail price. 

    For a limited time there is a fifteen percent trade in offer on this iconic brands products. The items received will be donated to charity. Check in with us for the terms and conditions.

    The photo here is from an eighties Naim ad that is simply one of my favorite Hi-Fidelity adverts of all time.


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