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power amplifiers

Power amps provide the grunt to get your speakers moving. It takes a delicate signal and ramps it to 11. Chosing a power amplifier to carfeully match your speakers power demands will maximise your dynamics.

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  • Rotel RB-1552 MkII stereo Power Amp

    Superb value for a power amplifier. Offering control and headroom as well as musical nuance and clarity. 

    This unit is built around the RB-1582Mk II but offers slightly less power at 130W per chanel (as opposed to 200W per chanel).

    For those who have some pre out options on a current integrated amplifier, this can be a wonderful, game changing upgrade to bring speakers alive. It can also be used in Home Theatre set ups to take the strain off your surround receiver. Let the RB-1552 MKII power your front left and right speakers and do most of the heavy lifting.

    Otherwise a pairing with a quality pre amplifier like the Rotel RC-1572 delivers exceptional musical quality. Taking the sensitive pre-amplifier circuitry away from the beefy power transformers of power amplifiers and putting them in separate chassis instantly takes the musical experience to the next level.

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  • Cyrus X Power

    One left of these exceptional units. New in a box. We are now making way for the new Cyrus models, come and get this while it's still here!

    X Power
    This high quality amplifier is a great example of our upgrade philosophy, providing you with excellent stereo amplification as well as the opportunity to improve the sound in the future by adding a second X Power.

    The X Power uses an oversized power supply, which allows it to be incredibly dynamic and responsive to even the most challenging inputs. These huge power reserves will be channelled into your music whether being used in stereo or mono mode.

    To make sure all of that power is put to good use, every single component - from the die cast Cyrus chassis down to each power filter, has been selected through a careful testing process to find the combination which provides our trademark sound quality.

    The PSX-R2 takes the X Power to another level of power amplification. By powering the audio output stages and separating control and audio signal power supplies the PSX-R2 boosts the finesse of the X Power, translating into even smoother treble and mid-range performance and a faster weightier bass.

    With a PSX-R2, an X Power can provide up to 120 watts (stereo) or 240 watts (mono) per channel (into 4Ω).

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    Special Price $2,150.00

  • Rotel RB-1582 MkII

    Power and precision. The RB-1582 offers an effortless 200W output. What could you possibly need that much power for? Lots of things as it turns out. Learn More
  • Triad, 8 Zone, 16 Channel Power Amplifier

    The matching power amplifier to pair with the 8 source, 8 zone (or 16 zone) Matrix Switch by Control4.

    Creating one of the most versatile custom audio pairings available.

    Perfect for larger homes that need the amplification to drive speakers throughout a home. It is also perfect for commercial uses where it's small footprint and 'rackability' give it advantages over other units.


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  • PS Audio Stellar S300 power amplifier

    This lovely Stereo Amplifier is from PS Audio’s entry level range The S300 combines the slam, linearity, and toe-tapping pacing of a Class D output stage with the warmth, grace, and rich inner detail of Stellar’s Class A Analog Cell and boasts 300W per channel produced. Learn More
  • Advance Paris X-A600, Power Amplifier

    The X-A600 power amplifier is a big, commanding power amplifier. At 200W into 8Ohms and 300W into 4Ohms, this isn't a unit to be sneezed at. It is more than capable of powering some hard to drive demanding speakers. And more than that, it'll sound musical, lithe yet sonorous. 

    On demonstration now!

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  • Elektra Reference HD Australian made audiophile power amplifier

    The Elektra Reference HD Amplifier. A True 300 watts per channel power amplifier. Can be bridged to produce 1000w Mono into 8 ohms. Incredibly fluid and musical tonality with control and an abundance of power. Designed and hand assembled in Hawthorn by Arthur Rappos.

    For the asking price we challenge you to find a better power amplifier. Now shipping with WBT speaker terminals. Check out the internal quality in the images provided by a Stereonet subscriber. Arthur does not spare any expense. This thing looks the biz inside and out.


    Power per Channel (Watts RMS) 2Channel at 8 ohms 250
    2Channel at 4 ohms 500
    Damping Factor >5000
    Dynamic Power (Watts RMS) 8 Ohms 300
    4 Ohms 600
    Total Harmonic Distortion THD @1Khz < 0.0001%
    THD <0.001%20-2OKhz
    PSSR 85db
    Frequency Response 3Hz - 250 kHz. +0,-3 dB
    S/N Ratio 130 dB
    Input types and impedance Balanced 47k Q +47KQ
    RCA 47kQ
    Single Potted Silent Power Transformer Yes
    Discrete Power Amplifier Circuitry Yes
    Banana Plug Compatible Speaker Connectors Yes
    12V Trigger Yes
    Dimensions 160mm (h) x 445mm (w) x 370mm (d)
    Weight 26 kg
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  • Synthesis Roma 98DC Mono Block Valve Amplifier (Priced Individually)

    The Roma series enriches with a new product. The Roma 98DC, an 80w Mono Tube power amplifier with superb sonic performances and high power that comes from a pair of KT88 tubes in ultralinear configuration. Iconic and powerful, able to drive also the most difficult and "Hungry" speakers. it produces a pure and clear sound.The most fundamental part is the output transformer which is entirely hand made inside their italian factory. Its salient feature is a particularly wide frequency respoinse and very lowe distortion even at high powers. The VU meter is absolutely gorgeous. Available in Black & Silver Anodized aluiminium. Red tinber veneer and gloss black are also available. 

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  • Musical Fidelity M6sPRX Power Amplifier

    A big power amplifier that has a richness and warmth to it as well. Paired with the M6sPRE this becomes a fantastic system to power even the hardest to drive speakers.

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  • Cyrus Mono X 300 Signature

    Cyrus best power amplifier, the Mono X 300 Signature can provide an enormous 319 Watts of power to your speakers (through 6 Ohms). Our Zero Feedback technology means that the sound coming out of the amp is exactly the same as the one going in – just bigger Learn More

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    Special Price $5,199.00

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  • Rotel RB-1590 Power amp

    Power, power and more power. When you want headroom and supreme control over even the hardest to drive loudspeakers, the Rotel RB-1590 is your Beast of Burden dressed in elegant finery of the royal cavalry.

    A true work horse that also has a depth of character and refinement. Having so much power driving your system is an unrivalled experience. 

    We have the RB-1590 on demo now ready to play with. Come down and have a listen. 

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  • Chord TToby Power Amplifier

    Chord's Toby is a dedicated power amplifier designed to match the Hugo TT. It's a sleek design that's done in Chords trademark Aerospace grade Aluminium chassis and will even fit nicely on a desktop.

    Not that this power amp has the pedigree of a desktop amp...this is a serious Greyhound...fast and clean...don't let your fluffy bunny rabbits out near this guy.

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  • PS Audio Stellar M700 Monoblock pair

    From the new Stellar range at PS Audio. The M700 Mono's and combine the slam and linearity of PS audio’s class D (700W per monoblock) with the warmth, grace and rich inner detail of Stellar’s class A Analog Cell. With the new Stellar range, you're foray into a pre/mono system has never been more affordable. Learn More
  • Musical Fidelity M8 700m Mono block Amplifier (Each)

    The new M8-700m monobloc power amp is fully balanced, and offers a staggering 700 watts per monobloc, with stellar sound quality and technical performance.

    The M8-700m has extremely low distortion, typically 0.001% at 1 kHz. At 20 kHz distortion is still below 0.005%. Distortion at 50 kHz (a ridiculous and unreasonable measurement, but revealing of the total amplifier performance nonetheless) is 0.02%. At 100 kHz, it is about 0.06%. These extraordinary measurements, and the extremely low high-frequency distortion, are highly significant sonically.

    The noise ratio of the M8-700m is extremely low at -120 dB A-weighted.

    The M8-700m has huge power reserves, producing 700 watts RMS into 8 ohms and just on 1300 watts into 4 ohms. It is an absolute powerhouse.

    The power, low distortion and the extremely low noise contribute to its fabulous, effortless sound.

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  • Musical Fidelity M8-500S

    The M8-700 has received outstanding reviews and an enthusiastic reception from knowledgeable audiophiles. The combination of high power and cutting edge technical performance has proved a compelling combination. However some customers do not have the space for two large monoblocs and do not necessarily need that much power. For them we have designed the M8-500s. Pairing it with the matching M8 Preamp gives an amplification system fit of the highest levels of reproduction.

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  • Chord Electronics Etude, power amplifier

    A small yet powerful and very resolving sound, this power amplifier is a classy option in that $10K price point.

    The perfect unit to pair with Chord Electronics Prima Preamplifier.

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  • Rotel Michi M8 Mono-Block (priced individually)

    The Michi M8 Monoblock Amplifier no-compromise Class AB amplifier delivers 1,080 watts into 8 ohms and an astounding 1,800 watts into 4 ohm loads. The design architecture ensures a smooth, accurate and relaxed delivery of the audio to even the most demanding loudspeakers while maintaining critical energy, rhythm and timing.

    The stunning control and authoritative power of the Michi M8 Monoblock Amplifier is the result of a perfect balance of science meets art delivering 1,080 watts of Class AB power into 8 ohms and an astounding 1,800 watts to the most demanding 4 ohm loudspeakers. The M8 is powered by a pair of custom engineered, low noise, in-house manufactured toroidal transformers supported by 4 British patented slit foil, high efficiency, low ESR bulk storage capacitors for impactful bass with exceptional control under extreme loading conditions.

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  • Rotel Michi S5 Stereo Power Amplifier

    Michi is a flagship series of products built on the history and heritage of Rotel. Michi represents over 55 years of experience coupled with the passion of a family business and ever-growing family of satisfied product owners. Acoustic Elevation. Sonic Evolution. Visual Perfection. Michi, because our reputation is personal.

    The Michi S5 Stereo Amplifier delivers 500 watts per channel into 8 ohms loads with best in class audio performance. The dual monoblock design includes twin, oversized, in-house manufactured toroidal transformers for exceptional bass energy while maintaining control and precision of the finest detail all packaged in an elegant design.

    The Michi S5 Stereo Power Amplifier is a best in class linear amplifier delivering 500 watts of Class AB power in 8 ohm and over 800 watts to 4 ohm loads. The dual monoblock architecture is equipped with twin, custom engineered oversized, in-house manufactured 2,200 Volt Amp toroidal transformers in individual epoxy filled enclosures eliminating noise and vibration. A bank of 4 British patented bulk storage capacitors totaling 188,000uF delivers exceptional bass energy while maintaining precise detail and control to 32 high current output transistors ensuring effortless accuracy of the timing and rhythm under even the most difficult of load conditions.

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  • PS Audio Stellar M1200 Monoblock hybrid class A amplifier pair

    Power corrupts they say ... but in this case it provides for control and authority. 600 watts into 8 ohms and 1200 watts into 4 ohms. A unique combination of ultra-linear, high-current, ICE Edge Class D technology for the output stage; and a discrete, Class-A vacuum tube for the all-important input stage. Learn More
  • Yamaha M-5000 Power Amplifier...........In A Class of Its Own

    With more than 130 years of experience, Yamaha has grown to become the world's leading sound company. The M-5000 embodies this spirit with time-honoured craftsmanship and market-leading innovation and serves as the epitome of high-fidelity audio reproduction. 200 W + 200 W (4 ohm, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.07% THD, 2-ch driven) 100 W + 100 W (8 ohm, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.07% THD, 2-ch driven) Meticulously designed, balanced signal transmission Floating and balanced power amplifier layout for improved drivability Perfectly symmetrical design for isolating left and right channels Low impedance design with shortened signal and power supply paths Improved construction delivers state-of-the-art rigidity Massive toroidal core power transformer

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