Pre Amplifiers

Pre amplifiers

The preamplifer is the connection point for your audio sources. It not only lets you control the volume, but it also deals with the signals when they are the most delicate. 

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  • Advance Paris X-P700 Preamplifier

    Advance Paris have redesigned their whole range. Coming out with some classy pieces.

    This unit for example, is a Dual Mono preamplifier. Completely separating the two chanels in the circuit design of this model means there's no chance for cross interference. This is a very sophisticated circuitry design for the price point.

    Pair this unit with the X-A600 for depth, control and vitality in your system.

    This model also boasts a plethora of features:

    DAC, MM/MC Phono, Balanced ins/outs.

    Consider this unit against a Rotel RC-1572MkII ($1999) a similar price point and set of features. The Rotel doesn't have a Dual Mono design instead it emphasises the quality and capability of its toroidal transformer. Very different internal circuitry configurations mean a different sound for each unit.

    The only real way to tell whether you'll like either of these units is to try them out. That's why we have extensive listening rooms and gear ready for you to try.

    The X-P700 is available now for demo!


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  • Cyrus Pre2 Dac with QXR, EX-DEMO

    Making way for new models, we're selling our Ex-demo stock Pre2 DAC. Perfect condition and comes with box and accessories.

    The Pre₂ DAC XR separates the pre amp into its own chassis and provides a dedicated power supply which means the pre amp can resolve more detail. Complete with a built-in DAC that is now complete with the QXR upgrade board for even better performace. The pre amp is compatible with a very wide range of sources such as CD players, streamers or your TV digital audio out.

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  • Triad 8 source, 8 zone Audio Matrix Switch V2

    Perfect for custom audio installations where multiple rooms (or zones) are in play that need separate sources of music to play independently to each. 

    This is the ultimate way to build such a system providing the cross polination of up to 8 sources of music into each of those 8 zones. 

    We normally pair these up with a Control4 system for the best in customer interface and useability.

    This can be used in large residential and commercial applications.

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  • Rotel RC-1590 MkII preamplifier,

    When the Rotel engineers in the Zuhai factory were asked to design a new top of the range pre amplifier they were given carte blanche to do whatever they liked to make it a reference product.

    So they ended up with this massively specified twin transformer fully isolated ultra low noise and balanced clean sheet design. The only thing missing is the commensurate price point, at $2999 list this is a bargain.

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  • Musical Fidelity M6sPRE

    A dedicated Pre-amplifier for those who are serious about HiFi. The sensitive circuitry of pre-amplifiers are always susceptible to the interference that can arise with large power supplies. Once you reach a certain point in power supplies it's always a good idea to separate out your pre-amplifier into a completely different chassis. 

    Pair this beauty with a Musical Fidelity M6PRX and you'll have yourself a muscular system that's rich and warm and supremely capable.

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  • Leema Acoustics Neutron preamplifier

    In the seminal Larry Niven science fiction story 'neutron star" the intrepid space traveler in the far future passes too near the condensed matter of an ancient neutron star and is irrevocably trapped in its gravity well ...

    Likewise our intial playbacks to interested clients have sucked them in the digital replay quality of this preamplifier. For a UK touch of high end audio this is really well priced and is capable of revealing terrific vistas in the music ... is Wales still part of Great Britain or have they seceded yet?

    This is a really nicely made piece of kit , no British Leyland Friday afternoon constructional quality here. In fact i think it is fair to say that the current crop of onshore UK manufactured kit from the likes of Cyrus, Rega, and Leema has never been better. Post Brexit resurgence perchance?

    'Hi Fi Choice" on the Neutron and Graviton

    "What Hi Fi?" introduces the pre and power

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  • PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC

    PS Audio has a new Entry level range! YAY. This little beauty is modelled after the DirectStream DAC but not with the $9000 price tag. It’s got a fully balanced circuitry from input to output and a great analogue preamplifier stage. Learn More
  • Elektra Pnyx Tube Preamplifier (Optional MM/MC Phono Board)

    The Elektra Pnyx Preamplifier is the product of extensive research and verification through rigorous listening tests. Perfect match for any solid state power amplifier's. Wonderful musical sound. Optional MM/MC phono board $999 Control Functions: Volume, Input Select, Power On/off, Processor Bypass Outputs Impedance 300 ohm Balanced , 150 ohm unbalanced RCA (2) Output 1,Ouput 2 Balanced (2), Bal Out 1 , Balanced Out 2 Input impedance: Unbalanced 47k ohms, Balanced 100k Inputs: (7) Balanced inputs: Balanced in, Line1, Line2, RCA inputs: Processor Bypass, CD, Tuner, Phono Stage (upgradable), Theatre Bypass * Power Supplies: Dual mono regulated High Voltage supplies. Noise performance is -100dBV. Tube Complement: Four 6922 dual Triodes. Frequency Response: +/-0.5dB, 0.5Hz to 300kHz. (Overrated 70 Watt Power custom made transformer) 12V Trigger MM/MC board optional Learn More
  • Bryston BP26 & Matching MPS-2 High Current Power Supply, EX-DEMO Black

    The Bryston BP26 preamplifier offers a significant step forward in capturing the subtleties, nuances, and emotions of recorded music. All aspects of the signal flow are enhanced with lower noise and distortion figures, and higher load levels, offering a rich and vibrant audio experience.

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  • Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition

    We already love the Naim Uniti Atom as a 2 chanel stereo amplifier come streamer so it's no surprise that a headphone version of that is going to be very popular and attract some rave reviews. An attactive all-in-one box capable of impressing serious Head-Fi enthusiasts. 

    This unit will happily do the heavy lifting on some of the harder to drive highend Headphones to make them come alive like never before. And there's no need to start a whole new HiFi rack to accomodate a headphone amp, source and cables. One box to sit on a desk, perhaps, and you're good to go.

    Naim products bought from us, a genuine approved Naim dealer, include the full 2 year warranty.

    Read What HiFi's impressive review on this unit here

    And Headfonia's review here

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  • Synthesis Roma 117DC Fully Valve Pre Amplifier (Handmade in Italy)

    The new ROMA117DC tube line preamplier with its great tonal balance and refined reproduction is the perfect combination with the ROMA98DC mono power amps. The ROMA117DC matches the simple and elegant design of the rest of the ROMA Series. A product of great musicality for the most demanding music lovers.

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  • Rotel Michi P5 S2 Pre Amplifier

    Michi is a flagship series of products built on the history and heritage of Rotel. Michi represents over 55 years of experience coupled with the passion of a family business and ever-growing family of satisfied product owners. Acoustic Elevation. Sonic Evolution. Visual Perfection. Michi, because our reputation is personal.

    The Michi P5 S2 Pre Amplifier delivers the ultimate culmination of audio performance with a full complement of source inputs. The meticulous circuit design, critical component selection and over 3 years in the making ensures the P5 S2 meets the highest of standards allowing this preamplifier to proudly wear the Michi logo.

    The new version of this preamplifier boasts new DACs. The AKMs have been replaced by ESS Sabre DACs.

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  • PS Audio StellarGold Preamplifier

    A refined Preamplifier to match the Stellar lineup from PS Audio. Instead of a GainCell DAC which was never a very good preamplifier although it shines as a DAC, there is now the dedicated StellarGold pre.

    Sophistication, class and control is what this unit brings to the table. Pair it with a set of Stellar mono blocks or match it up with another brand of poweramplifier entirely.


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  • Cyrus Pre XR

    The new reference model pre amplifier from Cyrus has tongues wagging at Carlton Audio Visual. We're massive fans of Cyrus gear and admirers of the expertise and craft that goes into this small boutique English manufacturer.

    It's no coincidence that many world renowned HiFi brands like Cyrus have popped up around the University town of Cambridge. Cambridge has forever promoted and celebrated the kind of individual obessed with the pursuit of knowledge, engineering prowess and creativity needed to create amazing HiFi. Brands like Arcam (or Audio & Research Cambridge), Cambridge Audio, Mission Electronics and Quad were all born and produced in this corner of the English countryside.

    And like those brands the goal of Cyrus is to produce the best sounding electronics possible. They're able to draw on the rich knowledge and innovation that spews out of a town like Cambridge.

    The Cyrus Pre XR is on demonstration now at Carlton Audio Visual.

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  • Musical Fidelity M8spre Pre-Amplifier

    Musical Fidelity describe this Pre-amplifier as one with no limits. 

    The inside of this machine looks more like the circuitry on a dual mono integrated amplifier rather than a pre-amplifier. Two big toroidal transformer power supplies sit front and centre. That's unusual for a pre-amplifier and gives it an extraordinary sense of heft and musical importance.


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  • Chord Prima Preamplifier

    Our Prima preamp forms part of the stylish and compact Choral range and has been designed to complement our Mezzo power amps. Despite its compact dimensions and space-saving footprint, the Prima is every bit a pedigree Chord amplifier.

    Precision-machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminium billet, the Prima offers both remote control and front panel operation. Prima’s fascia offers volume and balance controls while its push-button controls atop the unit, offer input selection and tape line selection, the latter enabling its tape outputs to be selected for recording from source components.  Further design features include a top panel display, offering input choice and volume information, plus a clever porthole which enables the internal circuit board to be seen.

    The Prima also benefits from our legendary proprietary Ultra-High-Frequency power supply, which is common to all Chord amplifiers. Prima offers fully balanced circuitry throughout and useful flexibility with five inputs, four unbalanced RCA and one balanced XLR, plus a balanced XLR output and a tape output. For added versatility, Prima’s audio circuit offers six independent input gain adjustments for the five inputs and low impedance outputs.

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  • Auralic Altair G2.1 Streaming DAC preamplifier

    The Altair G2.1 is the unit in Auralic's range that does it all. A Preamplifier, DAC and Streamer with options to put in a 2TB hard drive and even a CD ripper. 

    The Preamplifier is also a full blown analogue preamplifier. Not only does it have the analogue line and Moving Magnet phono inputs, it also doesn't simply convert these into digital signals within the chassis. Rather they are kept completely separate from the digital circuitry. Also the volume control is an analogue design based on resistive ladder construction. A less noisy, cleaner choice than other designs out there. Such all-in-one units have tended to use cheaper less fullfilling preamplifier modules that I normally recommend customers to bypass. That's not the case here.

    Also a superior power supply and thick copper shielded chassis with isolating feet mean that noise and vibrations are kept to an absolute minimum. Couple that with a pair of super accurate clocks reducing jitter and this is a unit that stands above others in its category.

    Clean, effortless sound and a unit that ticks all the boxes.

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  • PS Audio BHK Signature Preamplifier

    This made an immediate and frankly stunning effect when I added it to the system pictured. Before we had been running the PS Audio Transport, DAC, and power amplifier together as a minimalist high powered high current set of kit readily able to drive the highly transparent Monitor Audio Platinum II loudspeakers. Adding the BHK Signature Preamp bought the system to life. The music leapt holographically into the room and was just a consuming experience. Whereas before it had been good, but somehow unmoving, now one was just swept up and carried off by the music. Brilliant. Learn More
  • Yamaha C-5000 preamplifier ... how one should be made

    In pursuit of the intangible musical quality that breathes life into high-fidelity audio, the world's largest sound company presents the C-5000 pre-amplifier. From the concert stage to the home, Yamaha has drawn on its vast musical history to create an instrument capable of faithfully reproducing every nuance and emotion in the performance. Perfectly balanced signal transmission Floating balanced pre-amp Symmetrical, folding-book circuit design Low-impedance design Rigid and precise design Dual Toroidal Transformer

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  • Naim NSC 222 New Classic series streaming preamplifier

    This is a unit that is ultimately a high-end Hi-Fi component but it's ease of use and multitude of functions put it into the upmarket lifestyle realm as well. 'Lifestyle' for me has become a bit of a cringeworthy term that has too often become associated with some compromise in audio quality for the sake of a better end user experience. To be honest though, we should be aiming for both and they are not mutually exclusive!

    Naim embody that ease of use combined with incredible sound. Their streaming app works every time, they have on board DACs to simplify connections and the units are sleek, beautifully finished yet understated and classy. 

    And this combination takes things to the next level. Where the Uniti Nova lets you down on separation and power to drive a difficult set of speakers, this combination proffers that in spades. 

    We tried a couple of different sets of speakers with these three units and like them most with the Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage...but come in and try some combinations for yourself.

    Naim products bought from us, a genuine approved Naim dealer, include the full 2 year warranty.

     "Audiophilia" on the NSC222

     "What Hi Fi?" on the NSC222

     "Secrets of Home Theatre and High Fidelity" on the NSC222 as a system with 250 power and 300 power supply

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