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  • Koss Porta Pro The magic headphone

    Actually there is no better icon of headphone than this .. their unique spring headclamp system is as unique as Desmodromic Valve gear ... The Bass response is simply magnificent with a perfect balance of pressure and comfort ...

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    Regular Price: $90.00

    Special Price $78.00

  • Fostex TE04 Stereo In Ear Headphones

    Model TE04 is the earphones that sound harmonically in fine balance of the rich low and sharp mid-high frequencies. Combination of the originally designed IM shape housing, accurately tuned diaphragm and the selected material cable delivers immersive real sound never achieved in this class of earphones.

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    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price $89.00

  • Grado SR60e Prestige Series Headphones

    America's Favourite Full Spectrum Audio Headphones Straight From Brooklyn Learn More

  • Fostex TH7 Stereo headphones

    Inheriting the basic performance as Fostex monitor headphones from the predecessor models TH-7B and TH-7W, the new TH7 series have been modified and tuned in a closed back design with four new color variations. Learn More

    Regular Price: $159.00

    Special Price $139.00

  • Grado SR80e Prestige Series Headphones

    The Grado SR80 headphones are known as The Action Thriller Learn More

  • $219.00

  • Grado SR225e Prestige Series Headphones

    Our traditional open-back design features enhanced airflow through the rear metal grill, and reproduction that is the definition of high fidelity, with crystal clear spatial placement. Allow yourself to experience true intimacy with your favorite artists. Learn More

  • Denon Music Maniac AH-MM200

    Targeted to serious music listeners, Denon’s new Music Maniac™ headphones are packed with advanced technologies, and feature proprietary drivers and housings. Your music will sound better than ever with Denon's AH-MM200 headphones which are professionally tuned for a flat EQ to deliver a smooth, natural and faithful tonal balance that accurately reproduces the sound of the original performance. Designed to look as good as they sound, the AH-MM200 features a fresh European style-inspired design that combines classic styling with a modern touch. Learn More

    Regular Price: $329.00

    Special Price $289.00

  • Grado SR325e Prestige Series Headphones

    The SR325e will produce a sound that is pure Grado, with warm harmonic colors, rich full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics, and an ultra-smooth top end. Learn More

  • Denon AH-GC20 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear headphones

    Enjoy beautiful music in blissful silence without the hassle of tangled cords with Denon's Globe Cruiser™ AH-GC20 wireless headphones with active noise cancellation. Featuring the latest Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Mode wireless technologies including Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), the AH-GC20 over-ear headphones eliminate the need for a cable, communicating wirelessly with your smartphone, tablet and portable music player. Featuring elegant and contemporary European styling, the AH-GC20 headphones deliver superb sound quality along with exceptional noise cancellation, reducing ambient noise by an astonishing 99%. Equipped with the latest aptX™ wireless technologies, including aptX Low Latency and cVc (Clear Voice Capture), the AH-GC20 headphones feature soft memory foam earpads that provide a supremely comfortable fit along with additional passive noise reduction. Learn More

    Regular Price: $599.00

    Special Price $535.00

  • Oppo PM-3 Headphones

    An Oppo headphone is an unusual piece of kit. These days headphones in particular  are more fashion than function. When Apple bought beats for billions it wasn’t doing it to bring the best possible music to the masses, it was a deliberate exercise in acquiring a brand identity with which to go forth and further increase their planet wide domination.

    When I visited the Oppo factory in Shenzhen I found an establishment that was more kindred to a University campus than a consumer electronics factory. There are more parallels … and opposites … to Apple than we would normally ever realise, for while they make 3000 pairs of headphones a month targeting the Rolls Royce end of the market, they also incidentally manufacture 1.4 million mobile phones a month. And then they make another 2 million under another brand name.

    Like Apple they are actually a Silicon Valley innovation centric company with 30-40 employees at any one time based in California. Unlike Apple their manufacturing facility has an air of slightly paternal benevolence where there is a genuine concern for the long term welfare of the employees. Apple is notorious in Shenzhen for using Foxconn to manufacture their products, with hot bed dormitories, timed toilet breaks, and suicide nets so the poor souls don’t make a mess when they land …

    So when this massive corporation chooses to make a headphone and test each part 20,000 times one knows they are going to be something special. Frankly to modern youthful perception an Oppo headphone doesn’t look special, to a low jeaned trap rap lover or bearded hipster on his fixie they would appeal neither as fashionista colourful or café retro. However to someone who has listened to, worn, and owned headphones previously they are immediately enthralling. When you pick up a pair of PM3s and compare them to … any … other headphone that sells for $500 it is really hard to believe they can make them for this price.

    "Trusted Reviews" on the PM3s

    "Official Australian website

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  • Aedle VK-1 Valkyrie Carbon Edition

    This is certainly a headphone that grabs your attention before you even get them to your ears. These precision machined aluminium cans are extremely well built and scream quality. The lambskin leather head band (not suitable for vegans) is hand sewn and assembled, along with the rest of the headphone in France. They also come beautifully packaged in a nifty box. Seriously, its the kind of thing you'd find in a high end fashion boutique.

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  • Audeze Sine On-Ear Headphones

    A wonderful, comfortable headphone with incredible dynamics for its price. Available in store for audition. Learn More

    Regular Price: $799.00

    Special Price $649.00

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  • Grado RS2e Reference Series Headphones

    The RS2e is the little brother of the RS1e but is just as aesthetically pleasing, now utilizing our proprietary curing process that gives a new, lighter look. The RS2e has a 44mm driver and uses The e Series 8 conductor cable design. Learn More

  • Sonus Faber Pryma Headphones ($699 for non carbon accent models)

    Sonus Faber, primarily an Italian brand, has launched their first and solid attempt at a nice sounding headphone with their Pryma. When I’d first heard their announcement of a future headphone release, I was a bit skeptical to say the very least. Unwarranted concerns, now that I’ve had a chance to put this headphone through trial by fire and ice… Learn More

  • Audeze Sine DX On-Ear Open Back Planar Headphones

    You have made it clear: an open-back version of our critically acclaimed SINE closed-back is what you want to hear! As a company, we make our products for you, the lover of music and audio. Here you go, the on-ear Sine DX with drivers optimized for an open-back headphone offers an amazingly smooth frequency response, an enormous open soundstage, and fatigue free listening. Learn More

  • Grado RS1e Reference Series Headphones

    The RS1e places a 50mm dynamic transducer and an 8 conductor cable design in an open-air configuration. The result is a smooth, controlled, and coherent sound with detailed dynamics. Learn More

  • Fostex TH610 Closed Back Headphones

    Model TH610 is a successor to the model TH600 consisting of the premium TH series line together with the conventional TH900 and the new TH900mk2. Learn More
  • Audeze EL-8 Open Back Headphones

    The world’s most advanced planar magnetic headphone. Featuring patent-pending Fluxor™, Uniforce™ technology. Learn More

  • Audeze EL-8 Closed Back Headphones

    The same extreme performance in a closed-back model for greater privacy and isolation from the environment. Learn More

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