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  • Koss Porta Pro The magic headphone

    Actually there is no better icon of headphone than this .. their unique spring headclamp system is as unique as Desmodromic Valve gear ... The Bass response is simply magnificent with a perfect balance of pressure and comfort ...

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  • Fostex TE04 Stereo In Ear Headphones

    Model TE04 is the earphones that sound harmonically in fine balance of the rich low and sharp mid-high frequencies. Combination of the originally designed IM shape housing, accurately tuned diaphragm and the selected material cable delivers immersive real sound never achieved in this class of earphones.

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  • Klipch T5 Wired In Ear Headphones

    Klipsch T5 Wired In-Ear Headphone delivers superior comfort and unparalleled acoustic quality on-the-go. It is compatible with any device that offers crystal-clear sound quality from a best-in-class, static-free microphone.

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  • Grado SR60e Prestige Series Headphones

    America's Favourite Full Spectrum Audio Headphones Straight From Brooklyn Learn More

  • Fostex TH7 Stereo headphones

    Inheriting the basic performance as Fostex monitor headphones from the predecessor models TH-7B and TH-7W, the new TH7 series have been modified and tuned in a closed back design with four new color variations. Learn More

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  • Grado SR80e Prestige Series Headphones

    The Grado SR80 headphones are known as The Action Thriller Learn More

  • Klipsch T5 Sport

    The Klipsch T5 Sport earphones are Ideal for your active lifestyle. With unrivalled comfort, long-lasting battery and legendary sound clarity, the T5 Sport Earphones will say in place comfortably for hours no matter what the exercise.

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  • Klipsch S1 True Wireless Earphones

    Killer sound. No wires. Combining comfort, acoustic clarity, and wireless technology, the S1 True Wireless earphones are perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle

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  • $219.00

  • Grado SR225e Prestige Series Headphones

    Our traditional open-back design features enhanced airflow through the rear metal grill, and reproduction that is the definition of high fidelity, with crystal clear spatial placement. Allow yourself to experience true intimacy with your favorite artists. Learn More

  • Meze 99 NEO

    Meze is very clear on who they want to buy the 99 Neo as opposed to the wood finished 99 Classic. This is a “darker, edgier” finish aimed squarely at the hipster metro dudes who want something a bit more ‘timeless’ but still highly fashionable.

    It is the same core 40mm driver supra-aural design but the materials and finish have been changed as well as the pads. This is now designed for better comfort but less ostentatious in its aesthetics and something that could sit casually by the side of a laptop in Starbucks. The phrase ‘contemporary styling’ has been used and it is that and then some, yet it’s still unmistakably Meze.

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  • Grado SR325e Prestige Series Headphones

    The SR325e will produce a sound that is pure Grado, with warm harmonic colors, rich full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics, and an ultra-smooth top end. Learn More

  • Oppo PM-3 Headphones white Only left

    (Only white left in Stock)

    An Oppo headphone is an unusual piece of kit. These days headphones in particular  are more fashion than function. When Apple bought beats for billions it wasn’t doing it to bring the best possible music to the masses, it was a deliberate exercise in acquiring a brand identity with which to go forth and further increase their planet wide domination.

    When I visited the Oppo factory in Shenzhen I found an establishment that was more kindred to a University campus than a consumer electronics factory. There are more parallels … and opposites … to Apple than we would normally ever realise, for while they make 3000 pairs of headphones a month targeting the Rolls Royce end of the market, they also incidentally manufacture 1.4 million mobile phones a month. And then they make another 2 million under another brand name.

    Like Apple they are actually a Silicon Valley innovation centric company with 30-40 employees at any one time based in California. Unlike Apple their manufacturing facility has an air of slightly paternal benevolence where there is a genuine concern for the long term welfare of the employees. Apple is notorious in Shenzhen for using Foxconn to manufacture their products, with hot bed dormitories, timed toilet breaks, and suicide nets so the poor souls don’t make a mess when they land …

    So when this massive corporation chooses to make a headphone and test each part 20,000 times one knows they are going to be something special. Frankly to modern youthful perception an Oppo headphone doesn’t look special, to a low jeaned trap rap lover or bearded hipster on his fixie they would appeal neither as fashionista colourful or café retro. However to someone who has listened to, worn, and owned headphones previously they are immediately enthralling. When you pick up a pair of PM3s and compare them to … any … other headphone that sells for $500 it is really hard to believe they can make them for this price.

    "Trusted Reviews" on the PM3s

    "Official Australian website

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  • Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold

    The Meze 99 Classics delivers perfect natural sound even to the pickiest of audio lovers. The walnut wood earcups, soft earpads, and the spring steel headband will make the 99 Classics an heirloom rather than just a pair of headphones

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  • Meze 99 Classics Walnut Silver

    The Meze 99 Classics delivers perfect natural sound even to the pickiest of audio lovers. The walnut wood earcups, soft earpads, and the spring steel headband will make the 99 Classics an heirloom rather than just a pair of headphones

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  • Aedle VK-1 Valkyrie Carbon Edition

    This is certainly a headphone that grabs your attention before you even get them to your ears. These precision machined aluminium cans are extremely well built and scream quality. The lambskin leather head band (not suitable for vegans) is hand sewn and assembled, along with the rest of the headphone in France. They also come beautifully packaged in a nifty box. Seriously, its the kind of thing you'd find in a high end fashion boutique.

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  • Grado RS2e Reference Series Headphones

    The RS2e is the little brother of the RS1e but is just as aesthetically pleasing, now utilizing our proprietary curing process that gives a new, lighter look. The RS2e has a 44mm driver and uses The e Series 8 conductor cable design. Learn More

  • Sonus Faber Pryma Headphones ($699 for non carbon accent models)

    Sonus Faber, primarily an Italian brand, has launched their first and solid attempt at a nice sounding headphone with their Pryma. When I’d first heard their announcement of a future headphone release, I was a bit skeptical to say the very least. Unwarranted concerns, now that I’ve had a chance to put this headphone through trial by fire and ice… Learn More

  • Grado RS1e Reference Series Headphones

    The RS1e places a 50mm dynamic transducer and an 8 conductor cable design in an open-air configuration. The result is a smooth, controlled, and coherent sound with detailed dynamics. Learn More

  • Fostex TH610 Closed Back Headphones

    Model TH610 is a successor to the model TH600 consisting of the premium TH series line together with the conventional TH900 and the new TH900mk2. Learn More
  • Audeze Sine DX On-Ear Open Back Planar Headphones

    You have made it clear: an open-back version of our critically acclaimed SINE closed-back is what you want to hear! As a company, we make our products for you, the lover of music and audio. Here you go, the on-ear Sine DX with drivers optimized for an open-back headphone offers an amazingly smooth frequency response, an enormous open soundstage, and fatigue free listening. Learn More

  • Sennheiser IE800 In Ear Headphones

    Last Pair Brand New In Box Learn More

  • Grado GS1000E Statement Series Headphones

    The GS1000e uses 50mm dynamic transducers and the new 12 conductor cable design. The wood, driver, and cable designs, result in tight control and stability of the upper and lower range of the frequency spectrum to support the GS1000e's world renowned midrange Learn More

  • Audeze LCD-2C Classic Planar Headphones

    Since its original release in 2009, our original LCD2 headphone has been an industry favorite amongst passionate listeners everywhere. The new LCD2C headphone comes with a lightweight suspension headband, magnesium rings, remodeled audio jacks, and features the slightly dark sound signature of the original LCD2 driver. Learn More
  • Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones

    Designed in Japan with the headphone Guru's at Fostex. These have to be the prettiest pair of headphones in existence. They come in a suit case sized timber box. An unbelievable sound. Available to audition in our Lygon st showroom. Senheiser HD800's & Audeze LCD 2's need watch out as there is a new top dop in the 2000 & under headphone market. Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,999.00

    Special Price $1,799.00

  • Grado GS2000E Statement Series Headphones

    In addition every component in the GS2000e is considered carefully, the new purpose built 50 mm drivers, the 12 conductor ultra high purity copper cable and ear cushions, all work together for an engaging musical experience. This organic approach embodies what is truly artisanal and is the essence of how we can effectively connect to the music. Learn More

  • Sennheiser HD800 S

    A modern classic, Sennheiser’s reference class HD 800 headphones deliver sound that is as natural as possible and true in every detail. Improving on a seemingly perfect formula is not a task undertaken lightly, but Sennheiser’s engineers have succeeded in enhancing still further the sound reproduction in the open, circumaural HD 800 S.

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  • Fostex TH900 MK2

    Model TH900mk2 is the second generation of the TH900, one of the most renowned premium dynamic headphones in the market, which newly features detachable connectors for replace-ment of the standard unbalanced cable (equivalent to model ET-H3.0N7UB). The optional balanced cable, model ET-H3.0N7BL will also be sold separately to meet growing demands for balanced connection with various headphone amps offering balanced 4-pin XLR out. Learn More
  • Audeze LCD 2 Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Available in-store for audition. The beautifully hand-crafted LCD-2 delivers audiophile quality, that articulates the power and nuance of your favorite music. Learn More

  • Audeze LCD-X Planar Magnetic Headphones

    The LCD-X is a very efficient headphone that extracts the maximum power out of low-powered amplifiers and portable devices. Learn More
  • Audeze LCD-XC Closed Planar Headphones

    The closed-back LCD-XC offers all the sonic thrills of the LCD Collection’s open designs while isolating the listener and reducing ambient noise. Learn More

  • Audeze LCD 3 Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Available in-store for audition. The LCD-3 has astonishingly dynamic enveloping sound with powerful bass, an attractive, inviting midrange and open extended highs. Audeze's research and development team took the popular LCD-2 headphones and created the Audeze LCD-3 with a thinner planar magnetic diaphragm controlled by an even more efficient magnetic structure. Learn More

  • Meze Empyrean Reference Headphones

    A blend of premium materials, exquisite craftsmanship and detailing that’s unmistakably  Meze, Empyrean is one of the most technologically innovative planar magnetic headphones in the world.

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  • Audeze LCD 4 Planar Magnetic Headphones

    The LCD-4, Audeze’s new reference headphone, is the result of dedicated research and development and advancements in materials science. Learn More

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