Revival? Resurgence? Revolution? Whatever you want to call it, vinyl is still highly prized by audiophiles. Modern pressing techniques encode so much detail onto each LP that digital struggles to keep up. Oh yeah, and people say it sounds warm. Whatever that means. Any which way, we’ve got one of the largest ranges of turntables in the country and all the accessories you need to get the most from your wax slab.

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  • HiFi Guru 2mm Spacer

    For many Rega Tonearms and Turntables, when we put a non Rega cartridge on them we need to lift up the Tonearm vertically ever so slightly to create just the perfect Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA) for your new cartridge.

    On some other tonearm and turntables designs you can do this VTA adjustment with a little knob on the side of the tonearm, with Regas we need to physically prop the tonearm up just a bit so the angle is just right for your new cartridge. 

    Rega make their own spacer to do this prop up but it's a fiddly affair requiring us to take off the tonearm, insert the spacer and reinsert the whole tonearm. The HiFi Guru is much simpler. We can slide the two halves under the tonearm and Voila!

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  • Rega ADVANCED EBLT Drive Belt

    This is Rega's new standard Belt which comes with all currnet models from the Planar 6 down:

    Planar 1, Planar 1 Plus, Planar 2, Planar 3 & Planar 6

    They have tweeked the performance and production of this belt from the older 'black' Rega belts that were standard issue with older Rega models.

    The new upgrade version of the Rega Belt is called the REFERENCE EBLT. 

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  • Pro-Ject Cork It

    A Cork Matt is very acoustically dampening. Therefore it's one of the easiest upgrades you can make to your Turntable. The Pro-Ject Cork It isn't the thickest of the cork matts but is cheap and cheerful nevertheless. Learn More
  • Tonar Dust Jockey - Carbon Fibre and Velvet Combo

    With Carbon Fibre anti static bristles on the outside of a Velvet inner, this brush combines the best of both worlds for a superior clean.

    The Carbon Fibre acts to push dust and particles into the Velvet interior that is much better at picking it all up.

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  • Pro-Ject Strobe It Disc and Alignment Tool

    This stroboscope disc allows you to accurately adjust the speed of your turntable to 33½, 45 and 78rpm. Designed for use in artificial light, the disc's pattern will appear to be static when the turntable's speed is correct (due to the 50Hz mains frequency).

    All you need to do it place the disc on your platter, turn on your light, and then adjust your turntable's speed control until the pattern on the disc doesn't move. As an extra bonus, the rear of the disc features a handy diagram for cartridge alignment.

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  • Ortofon OM 5 S Replacement Stylus

    The replacement stylus OM 5S is recommended for the OM 5S cartridge. With a spherical stylus, the OM 5S is easy to align, and robust enough to deliver hours of listening pleasure.

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  • Van Den Hul The Headshell Link Set

    The HEADSHELL LINK SET is a high quality four lead wire set for the cartridge-to-headshell connection.

    • Four color coded leads (red, blue, green and white) made of our MCS – 300 solid core Matched Crystal Silver wire.
    • Each lead is fitted with our heavy 24 carat gold plated Connecting Clips: The CC-1.0 with Ø 1.0 mm for the tone arm side and the CC-1.2 with Ø1.2 mm for the cartridge side.
    • The total length per lead, including the Connecting Clips, is 5.4 cm. The wire length is 4.3 cm.

    Total length per lead including clips is 5.4 cm; Wire length is 4.3 cm.

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  • Rega REFERENCE EBLT Drive Belt

    This is the new top spec drive belt from Rega. These reduce WOW or flutter in the rotation of the platter because they are made to an exacting standard with no impurities whatsoever.

    These belts now come as standard with the Planar 8 and Planar 10 but are highly recommended with the Planar 3 and Planar 6 especially if you have the Neo TT PSU.

    It can be a nice upgrade, however, for any Rega Turntable.

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  • Ortofon OM 5 S cartridge

    Durable, reliable and well built, this is an entry level cartridge that is hard to beat on value but is also good quality.

    Still better than the rough and ready cheap DJ cartridges out there. We actually do see many discerning DJs opting for one of these cartridges because they give better clarity and resolution than their traditional choices.

    This unit can be easily upgraded as well by replacing the stylus with another model in the Ortofon OM range.

    You may notice we are not always necessarily the cheapest retailer of cartridges but we will ALWAYS include a free professional fitting with all our cartridges. Along with any routine check-ups on your turntable that may be necessary.

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  • Ortofon OM5E Replacement Stylus

    Genuine Ortofon OM5E Replacement Stylus

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  • Rega Carbon Cartridge

    The Rega Carbon is a high quality, moving magnet pick-up cartridge designed to be simple to set up, easy to install and above all, accurately reproduce music.

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  • Ortofon OM5E cartridge

    A reliable, hard wearing and quality cartridge.

    This has been one of our go-to cartridges for many people who come in with old Turntables that need a re-vamp.

    The relatively inexpensive replaceable stylus means this cartridge will keep on giving.

    You may notice we are not always necessarily the cheapest retailer of cartridges but we will ALWAYS include a free professional fitting with all our cartridges. Along with any routine check-ups on your turntable that may be necessary.

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  • Acoustic Signature Belt, 2 sizes - 900mm & 490mm length

    Acoustic Signature belts are made to exacting standards and with smart design features. Like their square shape to slot perfectly into the pulleys and sub platters. This means that it is impossible for the belt to simply slip off. 

    Call us if you have queries on which Acoustic Signature belt size you need.

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  • Spin Clean Record Washer System MkII

    For those of us who occaisionally raid our parents stash of records that have seen better days, or enjoy scrounging through garage sales for those beauties like these...

    53 of the worst album covers of all time The Weirdest Album Covers in Music History | Steve Hoffman Music ...53 of the worst album covers of all time

    ...It's good to have a record cleaner...

    The spin cleaner is a simple bath type cleaner that will get the majority of the gunk of the records. It comes with all the necessary accesories to get you spinning cleaner and happier!


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  • UberLight Flex (Black)

    This is a must-have accessory for anyone with a decent cartridge or anyone who doesn't have 20/20 vision...! Perfect for a gift for any vinyl loving relative or friend!

    We're all about protecting vulnerable cartridges from their owners!

    It sits neatly on the side of your HiFi rack and is completely run by LEDs. 

    You can even toggle through the different lighting mood a date, switch it to the warm glow setting.

    Great value too and an elegant solution for a Turntable.

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  • Pro-Ject Phono Box E Phono Preamplifier

    Most of today's amplifiers are built without a specific phono cartridge input. The Phono Box E is an ideal phono preamplifier for these hi-fi systems, accepting MM cartridges. The analogue output of the Phono Box E can easily be connected to the line-input of your amplifier.

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  • Rega Smoked Turntable Lid

    As used on the current model Planar 6 turntable but can just as easily be put onto any other Rega Turntable except the current Planar 8 and Planar 10. Learn More
  • Ortofon 2M Red

    Our most popular phono cartridge. The 2M Red is just such a sensible buy. It a great sounding diamond with buckets of detail and it won't break the wallet.

    You may notice we are not always necessarily the cheapest retailer of cartridges but we will ALWAYS include a free professional fitting with all our cartridges. Along with any routine check-ups on your turntable.

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  • VINYLCARE Pack by Pro-Ject and Ortofon

    This is the one-stop-shop for your vinyl care needs. Included in the package is

    Groove Grit Remover (Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean)

    Carbon Fibre Record Brush (Pro-Ject Brush-It)

    Dry-Clean Stylus Brush (Pro-Ject Clean-It)

    Cartridge Alignment Tool (Pro-Ject Align-It)

    Headshell Screwdriver (Ortofon)

    Tracking force Gauge (Ortofon)

    360 degree Spirit Level (Ortofon)

    4 Shock Absorbing Pads (Pro-Ject Damp-It)


    This is a perfect package to Turbo boost your Vinyl.


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  • Michell Engineering Record Clamp Standard & Rega Version

    A quality, great value record clamp.

    Record clamps improve the sound of your records by stabilising the LP and improving tracking. Better Balance, definition & soundstage are the sorts of improvements you're likely to hear.

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