Alignment and Calibration

turtable alignment and calibration

You can extract much more musical enjoyment out of a turntable by setting it up correctly. Making sure it’s level and the forces are properly set goes a long way to getting the most out of your record player. Recommended if your turntable will get moved often, or if you want to make sure your investment is performing to it’s optimum.

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  • HiFi Guru 2mm Spacer

    For many Rega Tonearms and Turntables, when we put a non Rega cartridge on them we need to lift up the Tonearm vertically ever so slightly to create just the perfect Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA) for your new cartridge.

    On some other tonearm and turntables designs you can do this VTA adjustment with a little knob on the side of the tonearm, with Regas we need to physically prop the tonearm up just a bit so the angle is just right for your new cartridge. 

    Rega make their own spacer to do this prop up but it's a fiddly affair requiring us to take off the tonearm, insert the spacer and reinsert the whole tonearm. The HiFi Guru is much simpler. We can slide the two halves under the tonearm and Voila!

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  • Pro-Ject Strobe It Disc and Alignment Tool

    This stroboscope disc allows you to accurately adjust the speed of your turntable to 33½, 45 and 78rpm. Designed for use in artificial light, the disc's pattern will appear to be static when the turntable's speed is correct (due to the 50Hz mains frequency).

    All you need to do it place the disc on your platter, turn on your light, and then adjust your turntable's speed control until the pattern on the disc doesn't move. As an extra bonus, the rear of the disc features a handy diagram for cartridge alignment.

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  • Blue Horizon Prolevel

    Turn table bubble-level

    If a turntable is to perform at its best, it is vital that the platter is absolutely level. A number of bubble-level devices are available to assist with turntable leveling, but none deliver the unerring accuracy of the Blue Horizon Prolevel.

    Most bubble-level devices simply rest on the platter, acting like a regular spirit level. To ensure maximum precision, Prolevel slips over the spindle and, uniquely, grips it via a clamping mechanism using spring-loaded plungers situated within the main aluminium housing.

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  • Pro-Ject Align It Cartridge Alignment Tool

    This handy tool will make set up a breeze, allowing you to proper

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