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You’ve got to put your turntable somewhere. We’ve got options to give your turntable the best support possible.

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  • Pro-Ject Wallmount It 5, Wallmounting Turntable rack

    Sometimes the best way to improve your vinyl system is the simplest - Wall mount It!

    Your Deck and your cartridge are built to be sensitive to vibrations. Afterall that's what we want something that will pick up all the nuances in our Vinyl. But that means it'll be sensitive to external vibrations as well. Ie. Walking around your house!

    You'll actually hear that as distortion and noise in your music. If you attach your Turntable to the wall...voila!, not a problem.

    The Wallmount It 5 has an in-built dampening system and doesn't require a solid brick wall to be mounted on. It'll do just fine on a plywood wall.

    Also it means those 'little' fingers that we all dearly love but wish they wouldn't try to put their favourite record on themselves...stay away from the nice expensive cartridge.

    SA's DJ Arch Jnr to compete as an All Star on America's Got Talent ... 


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  • Pro-Ject Ground It 3

    Good for Hi-Fi generally but particularly useful with Turntables. This will dampen Resonances so as not to create distortion in your system.

    Handy if you don't want to fix a Wall-Mount to your wall for a Turntable or to increase the performance of your Hi-Fi system.

    The Gound It 3 has the same granular mass inside it to dampen vibrations as the 1 and 2 does but it has alot more of that granular material and more solid, isolating feet than the other models too. 

    Top Tip: They are more useful under CD players to counter act the effects of the moving parts.

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