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You’ve got to put your turntable somewhere. We’ve got options to give your turntable the best support possible.

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  • Pro-Ject Strobe It Disc and Alignment Tool

    This stroboscope disc allows you to accurately adjust the speed of your turntable to 33½, 45 and 78rpm. Designed for use in artificial light, the disc's pattern will appear to be static when the turntable's speed is correct (due to the 50Hz mains frequency).

    All you need to do it place the disc on your platter, turn on your light, and then adjust your turntable's speed control until the pattern on the disc doesn't move. As an extra bonus, the rear of the disc features a handy diagram for cartridge alignment.

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  • Project Record Puck

    Heavy weight record clamp. Learn More

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  • Project Clamp It Aluminium Record Clamp

    Functional and easy to use sound improvement!  

    Vinyl sound can be significantly improved, when unwanted resonances between record and platter can be reduced, while playback. Therefore surfaces of record and platter should connect tigthly.  


    Standard record pucks, that use weight to achieve this, have 2 disadvantages:  

    1) The weight can induce higher levels of rumble, when used with lower cost turntables which have less massive main bearings  

    2) Instead of tightening the records surface to the platter, heavy weight record pucks can cause the opposite: Vinyl will get shaped like a bowl with no contact of the outer edges of the record to the platter.  

    Both will affect the sound negatively.  


    Clamp it is the real solution, an accessory with a clamp mechanism around the center spindle, that will not add weight, which would induce rumble. You can fine-adjust pressure according condition of your warped records. Fitting of Clamp it is easily done within seconds. This accessory will not only please your ears, its beautifully machined diamond-cut edges will also look extremely cool on any turntable!  

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