The tonearm just needs to hold the cartridge over the groove so it can do it’s thing. Oh wait – it has to do that while the groove is moving - it’s got to track that groove. And without inducing any extra movement into the signal itself. Ok – it’s actually a pretty tough job. Many entry point turntables come with a tonearm, but as you move to esoterica you have to bring your own. Or upgrade an entry point deck with something a bit more capable.

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  • Van Den Hul MCS 150 Pure Silver Internal Tonearm Wire....... 1.0m set of 4 (Green, Blue, White & Red)

    This is a set of 4 x 48cm. 7 lacquer-insulated very flexible silver wires per cable. Insulation melts in the process of soldering. Unique three-dimensional resolution and sound-stage depth!

    The transparent and directly solderable coating is available in 4 colours: white, blue, red and green.

    The external diameter is 250 micron.
    The insulation acts as a flux during the soldering.
    The maximum mechanical tension the MCS - 150 M can handle is 36 gram. The maximum temperature handling is 180 °C (= 356 °F).
    Typical application of the MCS - 150 M is tone-arm wire of the finest quality.
    Twisting 4 lengths of The MCS - 150 M together (with clockwise conductor wiring +-+- = starquad) will produce one of the finest interconnects you can think of.
    Also as internal wiring in pre and power amplifiers, the MCS - 150 M is the best choice.
    The sound character is extremely smooth with a lot of very fine detail. Typically a non metallic sound.
    Available in any specified length starting from 1 metre.
    Packing: Depending on ordered length or weight.



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  • Rega RB220 9" Tonearm

    The RB220 is the latest incarnation of one of our most popular tonearms.

    The latest design takes full advantage of our brand new arm tube and the current three point arm mounting system. Each RB220 is meticulously hand assembled, creating a precision crafted tonearm achieving extremely low friction levels and performance way beyond the expectations of a product at this price point.

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  • Rega RB330 9' Tonearm

    Featuring a new bias assembly, re-designed stiffer vertical bearing housing, integrated
    arm clip and an improved spring housing with easier to read numbers. Other improvements include a Rega made, low capacitance phono cable terminated with high quality 'Neutrik' plugs, improved lower friction, precision horizontal and vertical bearings and a re-designed 100g mild steel balance weight.

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  • Rega RB880 9" Tonearm

    The RB880 Tonearm has taken the classic elements of Rega tonearms - great bearings, low resonance one piece Aluminium - and tweaked it some it runs smoother and better than ever before. The Tonearm tube has been redesigned so its weight is evenly distributed so there are even less chance for there to be resonance.

    The tonearm also feature a new vertical housing assembly and a new sleeve and vertical bearing shaft made from stainless steel. These features mean the tonearm is more stable than its predecessors.

    As with all Rega tonearms each one is meticulously hand built by a team of highly skilled technicians in the U.K. factory and are considered global industry standards.

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  • Acoustic Signature TA-500 NEO

    Yes, this is Acoustic Signature's baby tonearm but don't let that fool you into thinking this is anything but a precision made, top perfoming tonearm. 

    Its tracking capabilities are already far superior than the other brands of tonearms we stock. 

    It has very low resonance with its dual layer internal carbon damping. 

    This Tonearm is a joy to work with. All the adjustability allowing for precision mounting of cartridges. None of the hang ups and compromises built-in that are persent in other Tonearm brands...

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  • Rega RB3000 flagship Tonearm...

    We're rather excited about the all new Rega RB3000 Tonearm...and its performance on the new Planar 10 is nothing less than remarkable.

    Kitted out with a new bearing assembly with ultra low mass and EVEN more mechanical integrity than the RB2000...that's pretty hard since the RB2000 was so so good.

    It's also shiny and silver and looks the part a high-end Tonearm should! ooh la la

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  • Acoustic Signature TA-1000 NEO

    The TA-1000 Neo is one step up from Acoustic Signature's basic tonearm. A stellar performer that tracks brilliantly thanks to precisely made and engineered bearings.

    It is very low resonance with its dual layer carbon structure.

    In addition to that it is available in a 12" version as well as Black and Gold colour ways.

    12" Silver $3900

    Black add $1400 (extra)

    Gold add $3400 (extra)

    Black and Gold colour options are special order.

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  • Acoustic Signature TA-2000 NEO

    This is where the Acoustic Signature Tonearms start to get really really good. We jump up to an anti-skating knob which is capable of much more precise adjustments in anti-skate. And don't underestimate the importance of anti-skate with any reasonable quality cartridge. It can clean up woolyness in the sound. This little feature gets the tonearm to a point where those differences are very noticeable.

    The TA-2000 NEO also has better bearings than the TA-500 NEO and the TA-1000 NEO. Acoustic Signature say they are 'almost frictionless ball bearings' and they're not ones to over exaggerate.

    The TA-2000 NEO is on display at Carlton Audio Visual.

    Also Available in a 12" version $6300

    Black add $1900 (extra)

    Gold add $4700 (extra)

    Black and Gold are special orders. Other prices quoted are for Silver.  

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  • Alphason HR-200S

    The HR-200S Reference Tonearm is the next installment of the highly successful Alphason HR range. Built on the foundation of the prestigious HR-100S tonearm, the HR-200S takes the original concept and the knowledge gained, furthering those ideas and improving upon them to create a truly outstanding tonearm. Each HR-200S is meticulously hand assembled, with a titanium one-piece headshell and arm tube along with bespoke bearings, providing the perfect, neutral platform for any high-performance cartridge.

    These are available in 9 inch, 10.5 inch and 12 inch versions.

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  • Acoustic Signature TA-5000 NEO

    Stepping up to a triple layer of carbon for extra damping with even lower resonances. 

    But extra to the TA-5000 NEO that isn't seen on the TA-2000, Acoustic SIgnature have built a complete inner tube separated from the outer tube by another layer of dampening.

    The bearing design has been stepped up another notch as well. Pre-tensioned and a hybrid design using ceramic and stainless steel balls.

    Lastly the internal cabling sees an upgrade over the lower models from copper to pure silver.

    More detail better imaging - a quality in manufacturing and design that bears fruit in the musical experience of the listener.

    Available in 12" version $13,400 (silver)

    Black add $1700 (extra)

    Gold add $4300 (extra)

    Black and Gold Colours are special order.

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  • Acoustic Signature TA-9000 Neo 9" Tonearm (12" available as well)

    The TA-9000 Neo is quite simply the best Tonearm availble at the moment that money can buy. It is closely based on the award winning and similarly astounding TA-9000 Mk2 but has upgraded the bearing even more. 

    The inner tube of the TA-9000 is completely decoupled from any transferance of resonances between its outer and inner tubing. Acoustic Signature use lasers to 3D print Aluminium into a precise network of branches to millimetre by millimetre build this exceptional Tonearm.

    It represents the pinnacle in both lightness and stiffness - the Holy Grail of tonearm design. 

    This Tonearm comes in Black, Silver and Gold. For a 12" TA-9000 Tonearm - $36,999

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