The tonearm just needs to hold the cartridge over the groove so it can do it’s thing. Oh wait – it has to do that while the groove is moving - it’s got to track that groove. And without inducing any extra movement into the signal itself. Ok – it’s actually a pretty tough job. Many entry point turntables come with a tonearm, but as you move to esoterica you have to bring your own. Or upgrade an entry point deck with something a bit more capable.

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  • Design Build & Listen "The Wand" Classic Tonearm

    The Wand is a delightfully simple design well executed with quality materials that should give a long service life. The Wand gives a wonderful musical experience from top to bottom and a sound stage that is so real and believable. Learn More
  • Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus with PUG tonearm

    The original Xerxes launched in 1985 was one of the most important turntables of the eighties. With advanced engineering techniques and radical solutions to address the inherent problems suffered by other turntables, the Xerxes offered a more enjoyable and accurate presentation of music. Xerxes 20 Plus is the result of over 20 years of research and development and refinement of the Xerxes.20 based on Roksan’s most advanced record player, the TMS 3. Learn More

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  • Michell Orbe Se With RB303 tonearm

    By eliminating much of the expensive acrylic, the Michell Orbe SE offers most of the Orbe’s qualities in a cheaper, smaller, and to some people aesthetically more pleasing package. An Orbe SE can always be upgraded to a full Orbe by purchasing the double plinth and dustcover. When teamed with an RB202 or RB303 tonearm, the Orbe SE is a surprisingly affordable entry to the Orbe-class of performance. Learn More

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