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  • Marantz MM7025 2-Channel Power Amplifier

    The smallest of Marantz's Power Amplifier range. It's adaptable and can integrate into larger systems. Importantly it has a sonic warmth and the grit (140W RMS) to deliver control to your speakers. Learn More

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  • Rotel RB-1552 MkII stereo Power Amp

    Superb value for a power amplifier. Offering control and headroom as well as musical nuance and clarity. 

    This unit is built around the RB-1582Mk II but offers slightly less power at 130W per chanel (as opposed to 200W per chanel).

    For those who have some pre out options on a current integrated amplifier, this can be a wonderful, game changing upgrade to bring speakers alive. It can also be used in Home Theatre set ups to take the strain off your surround receiver. Let the RB-1552 MKII power your front left and right speakers and do most of the heavy lifting.

    Otherwise a pairing with a quality pre amplifier like the Rotel RC-1572 delivers exceptional musical quality. Taking the sensitive pre-amplifier circuitry away from the beefy power transformers of power amplifiers and putting them in separate chassis instantly takes the musical experience to the next level.

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  • Marantz MM7055 5 Channel Power Amplifier

    The MM7055 is a versatile 5 channel power amplifier that deliver 140W RMS to your speakers. Like all Marantz gear it has a rich tonality meaning music and movies are enjoyable to listen to. With the added advantage of going to separates with your AV electronics (better sound reducing built-in obsolescence), this is a popular unit for people who want the next step in home audio. Learn More

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  • Elektra HD2 3 Channel Power Amplifier

    An excellent value power amplifier capable of turbo charging your Surround Sound system. The front left, right and center speakers in a surround system are the most important to get right carrying the majority of the sound track. 

    Designed and put together in Melbourne by Arthur Rappos who's been building amps and electronics for decades, these amps are a boutique operation and may not have the brand exposure of others in the market but they are worth every penny.

    For those in the know, Elektra are a true Hi-Fidelity alternative than stock standard big brands.

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  • Marantz MM8077...7 Channel Power Amplifier

    A more powerful big brother to the MM7055/MM7025 (150W RMS) and also runs more channels of amplification. This is the unit that regularly forms the basis of the most kick-ass systems. This will deliver a true cinema audio experience in your home but it'll also deliver exceptional music with a warmth and depth of tone. Learn More

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  • Elektra HD2 4 Channel Power Amplifier

    The 4 Channel version of Elektra's acclaimed multi-channel power amps are ready to take your living room to the next level. Elektra is made and designed in Melbourne by Arthur Rappos who's been making quality electronics for decades. Money isn't spent on glitzy marketing campaigns for these units; the cash is put into quality componentry that equates to better sound. Learn More
  • Elektra HD2 5 Channel Power Amplifier

    The ever popular 5 Channel version of Elektra's power amps is perfect for a dedicated home cinema or someone who wants to up the ante of their system.

    A warmth and control accompany all of Elektra's designs. They're meticulously put together by Arthur Rappos here in Melbourne and he's been in the business of building electronics for decades so he knows what he's doing.

    A testament to how a little care and passion translates into better quality sound.


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  • Elektra HD2 7 Channel

    The 7 Channel larger, multi-channel power amplifier in Elektra's range is a brilliant upgrade for a dedicated home theatre. It provides a warmth in tonality and control that's not found in the larger 'big brand' units.

    Made and designed in Melbourne by Arthur Rappos, the care and thought that goes into each unit is demonstrated by the sound quality of the finished product.

    For those in-the-know, you've got to listen to an Elektra if you're in the market for multi-channel power amplification.

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  • Marantz AMP10 Reference Multi-channel Amplification

    16 channels of bespokely engineered D-class amplification, each rated at 200W each, this is a serious amplifier for someone who wants to do Home Theatre right. 

    Pair this with the Marantz AV10 and you have one of the very best sets of surround sound amplification that is available on the market today.

    Ultimate control and effortless versatility in the sound. Let an action packed movie roar and thump or switch the system into music mode and let it demonstrate precision and elegance.

    Read more about this unit and get all of its specs here. The official Marantz website 

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  • Trinnov Amplitude 16 Theatre power amplifier

    The perfect complement for the perfect cinema preamplifier ... the Amplitude 16 has been the subject of much critical acclaim including the EISA Award.

    Trinnov Amplitude 16 official site

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