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  • Monitor Audio, Monitor C150 Centre Channel

    The Monitor C150 centre speaker is ideal for cabinet or shelves. The sealed enclosure ensures it can be positioned up against a wall without any detrimental effects to the performance.

    The twin 51/2" MMP II drivers work perfectly in tandem to give precise clarity and intelligibility to movie dialogue presentation. This speaker takes any system’s performance to the next level.


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  • Monitor Audio Bronze C150

    The perfect centre speaker designed specifically to match Monitor Audio Bronze Front Left & Right speakers. Also in a small form factor so as not to detract from the actual screen. Learn More

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  • Acoustic Energy AE107 Centre Channel

    The AE 107 delivers exceptional articulation throughout the vocal and dialogue range whilst the front slot-port reflex loading offers exceptional bass performance and the most flexible positioning. The unit can be placed on a shelf, wall mounted or sited within a cabinet (with the doors open in use) without adversely a ffecting the sound.


    • Tweeter: 28mm AE custom fabric dome
    • Mid/Bass Drivers: 110mm anodised aluminium cones
    • Power Handling: 175 watts RMS
    • Frequency Response: 45Hz – 32kHz (+/- 3dB)
    • Sensitivity: 88dB
    • Impedance: 8 Ohm (6 Ohm minimum)
    • Cabinet: Multiple brace, pressure loaded 18mm MDF with low turbulence slot ports
    • Weight: 9Kg EA
    • Size: 185 x 450 x 260mm (HxWxD) EA
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  • Monitor Audio Silver C150 Festive Season SPECIAL, Walnut & Black Oak

    About 80% of the dialogue in a sound track comes from the centre speaker so it's important to get it right. That way you're not the annoying person who always asks 'what did they just say?'. Getting a timbre match between the Front Left and Right speakers and the Centre Chanel is also crucial. This centre chanel is designed specifically to match the Monitor Audio Silver range. This way you'll have a seamless front sound stage. Learn More

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  • Monitor Audio Silver C350 Centre Speaker, Festive Season SPECIAL, Walnut

    a very serious centre channel speaker ... The three-way, four-driver configuration utilises the same driver complement as the Silver 300 although, in this case, the bass drivers have been designed and tuned to work in a sealed box for easier placement in a cabinet or close to a boundary/wall. For the perfect A/V enjoyment, you can’t better the Silver C350 for crisp, articulate dialogue. Don’t miss a word. What makes the Silver C350 so special is the vertical orientation of the mid and tweeter axis which delivers the same directivity as the other speakers in the system. A high percentage of the total sound balance in a theatre system is delivered to the centre channel (typically 60%), so this crucial speaker should not to be overlooked when specifying a high-performance, no-compromise theatre system for the home. The Silver C350 makes an ideal partner for the Silver 100, Silver 200, Silver 300 and Silver 500 models, being carefully matched to their sonic characteristics. Learn More

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  • Monitor Audio Soundframe 2 On Wall

    The SoundFrame series consists of three sizes of speakers that complement any room. SoundFrame 2 On-Wall is a longer centre channel speaker designed for visual harmony with thin televisions or projection screens and can also be placed in a vertical position to match larger displays.

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  • Krix Megaphonix Centre

    Mounted below your screen, the Megaphonix Flat Centre delivers high quality dialogue and effects for your ultimate movie experience.

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  • Monitor Audio Gold C250 5G

    The centre speaker does the majority of the heavy lifting in any home cinema system – but that doesn’t mean a centre speaker must look like a heavyweight. Thanks to the compact dimensions of the 21⁄2" (64 mm) C-CAM mid-range driver with a MPD high-frequency transducer module, and the 61⁄2" (165 mm) RDT II bass drivers either side, Gold C250 is a three-way design without the big footprint you might expect. Its wide dispersion characteristics make it a wide-screen listen, and it’s adaptable enough to sit happily between any of the speakers in the Gold Series.

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  • Monitor Audio PLC150ii Platinum series Centre chanel, 1 New in a box Ebony

    A brilliant centre chanel that matches perfectly with a pair of Monitor Audio Platinum series Left and Right but is also such a great centre chanel you could match it with a range of high quality front speakers. If you're looking for a centre to propel you head first in to the realm of Home Cinema, this may be for you.

    It features Monitor Audio's MPD transducer (teweter). This is a variation on a ribbon tweeter - a thin piece of metal that vibrates to create the upper frequencies. However, unlike a normal ribbon, this is pleated kind of like an accordion giving the transducer a whole new level of range of motion creating a dynamic, engaging sound that is also incredibly accurate.

    If you've found yourself watching more movies at home recently, a good centre chanel is the first thing to upgrade in your home theatre. 80% of the movie soundtrack and pretty much all of the dialogue will come from that centre chanel so it's money well spent to get that right. 

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  • PMC Twenty5.Ci

    I've put a lot of these centre chanels into homes that would be considered challenging for your average centre chanel. Think a new home build with custom cabinetry made to exacting standards and limited cavity space for the centre chanel to slot into, so no back firing units. On top of that a requirement from the client for sound quality that matches the aesthetic of the home to sit in between two speakers that will be used for alot of music listening as well as the centre piece of an entertainment system.

    My go-to is always the PMC twenty5 range and now the new twenty5 'i' (for improved) range.

    All PMCs speakers use Advanced Transmission Line technology - a maze of extra dampening and conduit inside the speaker utlising the throw back energy of the driver to pressurise the cabinet. They're all front firing and more than that the front ports are designed using F1 aerodynamic simulations to create the perfect sound dispersion.

    A front array of PMC Twenty5i series speakers delivers tight bass, a particularly rich and engaging mid range and the soundstage seems endless even when there's limited or no toe in on the speakers.

    Their elegant yet angled cabinetry have a quality finish that's not ostentatious. Some don't like the angularity of the design but, hey, you can't please everyone! These certainly tick all of my boxes.


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  • Monitor Audio PLC150 II

    Now the soundstage is complete, the drama can begin. Between PL200 IIs or PL100 IIs in a multichannel AV system, the PLC150 II will imbue dialogue with a natural intimacy while pans and effects remain stable and supremely consistent. Equipped with a driver configuration of 6.5" RDT II bass driver, 6.5" RDT II bass/mid and MPD tweeter, the PLC150 II will complement its left and right channel counterparts to create a seamless unity of sound, which weaves your senses with every scene. Film action and music is charged with a new emotional gravity that will prove irresistible. Learn More

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  • Monitor Audio PLC350 II

    This is theatre on a professional scale but with the authentic presence, detail and texture that only very finest high-end audio design can conjure.

    The PLC350 II’s system of twin 8" RDT II bass drivers, 4" RDT II midrange and MPD high frequency transducer will personalise the nuance of each whisper. When at least sixty per cent of the film’s emotional content is directed through the centre channel, the PLC350 II provides the extraordinary focus that transports you, exhilarated, to the end of every performance.


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  • Sonus Faber Homage Vox Tradition Centre Speaker

    Homage Vox is the center channel designed to be the perfect completion of a home theater system. From the aesthetic and functional point-of-view, the new 3-way  by Sonus faber is totally compatible with the rest of the precious elements of the line. Homage Vox is not only the best choice in terms of performance, but also the most “natural” solution to bring to life a voice that was still missing in the Sonus faber’s Homage home theater system lineup.

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