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  • Monitor Audio Monitor 200 ... value plus floorstanding speaker

    The slim Monitor 200s are the smallest floorstander in the range and are designed to deliver a stunning sound in small to medium-sized rooms. They have all the precision of a two-way speaker, with the addition of an extra bass driver for scale and power.

    Two 51/2" MMP II drivers combine to provide powerful, punchy bass lines. The mid-driver is crossed over to the black C-CAM tweeter higher up in frequency, resulting in perfect phase.

    The Monitor 200s are equipped with outrigger feet that give a sleeker appearance, take up less floor space and improve the stability of the speaker.

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    Regular Price: $1,349.00

    Special Price $899.00

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  • Monitor Audio Bronze 5, last pair Black EX-DEMO

    The slender profile of the Bronze 5s belie the very large sound that they can produce. The twin C-CAM drivers and very smart port technology push out a lot of air and maintain more finesse than almost any other floor stander at this price point. These really should be on the short list to listen to if you are after a great sounding set of speakers, that don't cost the earth and don't take up much floor space.

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    Regular Price: $1,519.00

    Special Price $1,250.00

  • Acoustic Energy AE109 Floorstanding Speakers

    This has illustrious boots to fill. The original AE109 loudspeaker was a revolutionary slim floorstander that was the go-to product of the time.

    This new AE109 is designed to offer effortless, room filling performance from a slimline floorstanding loudspeaker in much the same way the world acclaimed original did 20 years ago. To do this, two 110mm drivers utilising an ultra high force motor system are used in partnership with a 25mm soft dome tweeter. The 2.5 way crossover features a unique topology allowing integration and power handling previously unachievable from this type of speaker. Particular attention has been paid to the phase and time alignment for the most cohesive performance possible.

    By George this is a solid heavy speaker ... it has been mass loaded in the bass and is probably the highest kilogram per dollar ration in loudspeakers available.

    The result is a deep sweet coherent sound that is slightly old fashioned in a nice way.

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  • Krix Megaphonix Flat


    Mounted on wall as fronts or surrounds, the Megaphonix Flat delivers high quality dialogue and effects to bring you the movie soundtrack just as the director intended.


    Designed specifically for dedicated home cinemas, the Series SX on wall speaker range feature exceptionally engineered drivers made to handle high power with high sensitivity.


    With Krix’s proprietary waveguides ensuring optimum dispersion, Series SX on wall speakers are made for wall mounting, but are also ideal for placing behind an acoustically transparent screen, for sound that will truly move you.

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  • Krix Megaphonix Floorstanding

    When you want your surround system to translate those explosions a little more literally, yet still keep your vocal track lovely and clean, Krix have you covered. The semi-commercial SX range is all about bringing the "theater" into "home theater". These are 95dB efficient, horn loaded beasties that have utterly devastating dynamic range and slam. Amazingly exciting, and potentially dangerous; they are the audio equivalent of a big bag of cocaine (apparently). Learn More

  • Mission M53, M5as, M5c Floorstanding speakers, Centre and Subwoofer TRADE-IN package

    This is a crackin' buy from the good ol' days when Mission was made completely in the UK. They are equally at home playing Deep House as they are playing Mozart String Quartets with a big punchy bass but a delicacy and separation when called for.

    20 years ago when we sold Mission, we couldn't get enough of these speakers. Back then, they were big bold and beautiful and great value. We think at this killer price this set will be snapped up very quickly!


    Please note: Because we don't have boxes for these units, we are unable to ship them interstate. We are able to do free contactless delivery in metro Melbourne area and in limited parts of Regional Victoria. Please call us to discuss further

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  • Monitor Audio Bronze 200

    The much loved Bronze 5 floorstanding speakers are on the way out and are being replaced by what is now the 6th generation of speaker for this ever popular range.

    Welcome Bronze 200. A compact floorstander with 5.5" bass drivers but in true Monitor Audio style, still sounds big and room-filling.

    The sound is even more open than the Bronze 5s and Monitor Audio have managed to squeeze even more detail out of this design - a truly enjoyable listen.

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  • Dynaudio Emit M30 floorstanding speakers

    This has a lot to live up to with some of our old clients. The Dynaudio Audience 72 was just that steady hand on the wheel of good quality well priced floorstanding speakers that specialised if fatigue free uncoloured reproduction of music and video.

    The Emit series is born again Audience series but with a very high degree of refinement in the drive units. Using two of the 17cm Magnesium Silicate drivers with their characteristic 75mm central dome that adds rigidity and cooling along with the soft dome tweeter these are excellent value in a tone neutral loudspeaker with solid dynamics and good spatial presentation.

    "What Hi-Fi?" on the Emit M30

    Official website for the Dynaudio Emit M30

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    Regular Price: $2,299.00

    Special Price $1,839.00

  • Monitor Audio Monitor 300

    The Monitor 300s are the top-of-the-range speaker and have been designed to give maximum power and performance. Their cabinets house three 61/2" MMP II bass drivers: two dedicated to bass and one to mid-range frequencies.

    The dedicated mid-range driver delivers the clarity and precision expected from a serious hi-fi speaker, and adds the necessary warmth to create an immersive musical and cinema experience. The larger driver and cabinet size produce the scale and punch that is recommended for optimum performance in medium to large rooms.

    The Monitor 300s are equipped with outrigger feet that give a sleeker appearance, take up less floor space and improve the stability of the speaker.

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  • Krix Phoenix Mk2

    Once upon a time twenty five years ago we sold a loudspeaker called the Krix Lyrix ... all Krix speakers have to end in ix by the way ... its a peculiarity they are allowed after being a successful business for forty years. The Lyrix was a fantastic D'Appolito florstanding loudspeaker in an era of humdrum "system" speakers that needed a serious enthusiast to understand their value. I recall how very good the wood finish of these speakers would smell when we unpacked them. The Phoenix ids the Lyrix evolved for the second decade of the 21st century with bass presence and detail that is outstanding in its price class. A great all rounder for medium and large room music and cinema reproduction, and they still smell good ... Learn More
  • Legend Acoustics Kama Loudspeakers. Refined Australiana, gorgeous construction, formidable value.

    Don't be fooled by the unassuming looks of the Kama's. They are packed with features that enable them to easily compete with the best in their class. And, like all Legend loudspeakers, they are still designed and built in Australia. 

    Simply put Dr Rod Crawford is one of the very best loudspeaker designers in the world and the Kama 12 is right on the crux point of quality and value. Just come and touch these speakers ... then hit them hard with your knuckles ... and you will see that their constructional quality is way ahead of anything else at this price point by a huge margin.

    These are ridiculously cheap for their quality ... lets not beat around the bush, we have speakers from overseas that retail for $10,000 that are still not as sonically accurate or as well engineered as these.

    Legend Kama homepage. 

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  • Monitor Audio Bronze 500, Floorstanding Speakers

    The largest of the new Bronze range by Monitor Audio, the Bronze 500s offer 8" drivers, not available in the previous Bronze models. This translates into deeper bass extension and a glorious open, large sound - something you really don't get at this price point with other brands. 

    Monitor Audio have been a decade-long favourite at Carlton Audio Visual and after hearing their new Bronze range and the improvements they've made, we are sure our customers will keep loving them for decades to come. 

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  • Monitor Audio Radius 270

    The Radius 270 houses a precision-crafted Radius driver system of twin 100 mm (4") C-CAM mid/bass drivers and a 25 mm (1") C-CAM tweeter. Pair with the 225 or 200 for scintillating home theatre audio, or with the 380/390 sub in a discreet two-channel system. Only Walnut and White left in stock Learn More
  • Acoustic Energy AE120 3 Way Floorstanding Speakers

    As a flagship, the new AE120 is the largest model in the 100 series range and a true 3-way design. The speaker offers a big sound from a slimline enclosure, tastefully styled to blend into a wide range of domestic environments. Twin bass drive units underpin the room filling performance with a dedicated mid-range driver housed in its own enclosure, carefully designed to mitigate the harmful effects of rear wave reflections. Integrated within the perfectly matched Wide Dispersion Technology (WDT) waveguide, AE’s 25mm soft dome tweeter manages the high frequencies with controlled dispersion, high sensitivity and low distortion.

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  • Acoustic Energy AE309

    This speaker has been recieving some amazing reviews. Have a read of What HiFi's review:


    And it's not only international reviewers who have been impressed with them. Carlton Audio Visual staff and customers have found them to be a box ticking option in their c. $2K price point. 

    They have a mellow, pleasant sound with a full rich bass that's not 'fluffy' or 'goofy'. They're the kind of speaker that you still want to listen to well into the 5th hour and easily fill a room with sound.

    They are also slim and attractive and not a bulky eye sore in a room.

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  • Monitor Audio Silver 200 ... obsessive wood finish, smooth and refined sound

    Whenever Monitor Audio release a new range we always pray that they will be as good in the marketplace as the last series .... welcome to the 6th Generation Silver loudspeakers. The Silver 300 replaces the Silver 8 in the range. The new range features better drivers as well as new outrigged feet providing a much higher end look and feel. Available to audition at our 164 Lygon st showroom. Learn More

    Regular Price: $2,739.00

    Special Price $2,519.00

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  • Theophany Epiphany Small Floorstanding Speakers (Cherry)

    Epiphany means a sudden or great revelation and Katharos means clean, pure, unstained. 

    Our Epiphany range is definitely a revelation. The very first time we plugged them in we felt that way and it continues today. They are one of the most exciting speakers to demonstrate as they are so surprising in such a small package. 

    Either mounted beside a TV on a cabinet or as a stand alone hifi music speaker they are an ideal and fantastic addition to any home. They are clean, detailed, open and inviting and more importantly very real. You will hear things in your favourite tracks that you have never heard before. Where they really do surprise though is the amount of tight punchy bass that they produce. 

    ⊳ 4 ohm
    ⊳ 130 watts RMS
    ⊳ 45hz - 25khz

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    Regular Price: $3,299.00

    Special Price $2,975.00

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  • Krix Harmonix Mk2 Loudspeaker ... it must be love

    There is always a need for a full blooded high performance loudspeaker that will play at a level appropriate to hold a decent party in a good sized home at the same time as being capable of mellifluous reproduction of classical music at low levels late at night ....

    The Krix Harmonix is that full performance envelope design. A very serious full range and blooded floorstanding transducer that treads softly while carrying a big stick.

    Manufacturers site for the Harmonix

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  • Rega RX5 Floorstanding Speakers


    The Rega RX-FIVE loudspeaker system delivers balance, detail and dynamics thanks to a unique handmade set of three Rega designed drivers and crossover. The newly developed DX-125 bass mid-range driver (using a doped paper cone) is at the heart of the RX range and combines perfectly with the Rega ZRR high frequency and RR7.8 bass unit. These custom units are mounted in a newly designed cabinet enclosure constructed from 18mm MDF and covered in a choice of three beautiful real wood veneers.The RX-FIVE will integrate perfectly into any home and deliver exceptional performance and musicality with a smooth and accurate bass response.

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    Regular Price: $3,799.00

    Special Price $2,999.00

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  • Monitor Audio Silver 300 ... obsessive wood finish, smooth and deep sound

    Whenever Monitor Audio release a new range we always pray that they will be as good in the marketplace as the last series .... welcome to the 6th Generation Silver loudspeakers. The Silver 300 replaces the Silver 8 in the range. The new range features better drivers as well as new outrigged feet providing a much higher end look and feel. Available to audition at our 164 Lygon st showroom.

    They are getting some fearfully good reviews...

    "Stereophile" on the Monitor Audio Silver 300

    Art Dudley from "The Absolute Sound" on the 300s

    "Hi-Fi Plus" on the 300s

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    Regular Price: $3,619.00

    Special Price $3,359.00

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