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  • Whatmough Opus 30 Floorstanding Speakers, TRADE-IN

    A happy go lucky pair of speakers priced for quick sale. Do not be put off by the broken dust cover. Although it looks dramatic, the damage is merely cosmetic. It does not affect the sound.

    These are a big beefy set of floorstanders. Australian made to boot.

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    Regular Price: $1,299.00

    Special Price $400.00

  • Monitor Audio Bronze 200

    The much loved Bronze mini floorstander is now in its 6th generation of speaker for this ever popular range.

    Welcome Bronze 200. A compact floorstander with 5.5" bass drivers but in true Monitor Audio style, still sounds big and room-filling.

    The sound is even more open than the Bronze 5s and Monitor Audio have managed to squeeze even more detail out of this design - a truly enjoyable listen.

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    Regular Price: $1,499.00

    Special Price $1,349.00

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  • Acoustic Energy AE109.2 loudspeaker

    Now in a revised walnut finish with an improved space and soundstaging. The AE109.2 is a successful upgrade to the previous model. In addition to drive unit revisions there is a very high density MDF used in the cabinetry that has allowed a thirty percent increase in internal volume while the whole speaker is only fifteen per cent larger.

    "The Ear.Net"on the Acoustic Energy AE109.2

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  • Krix Megaphonix Flat, Each


    Mounted on wall as fronts or surrounds, the Megaphonix Flat delivers high quality dialogue and effects to bring you the movie soundtrack just as the director intended.


    Designed specifically for dedicated home cinemas, the Series SX on wall speaker range feature exceptionally engineered drivers made to handle high power with high sensitivity.


    With Krix’s proprietary waveguides ensuring optimum dispersion, Series SX on wall speakers are made for wall mounting, but are also ideal for placing behind an acoustically transparent screen, for sound that will truly move you.

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  • Monitor Audio Bronze 500, Floorstanding Speakers

    On Special for Black Friday until stocks run-out. Only WHITE and WALNUT available.

    The largest of the new Bronze range by Monitor Audio, the Bronze 500s offer 8" drivers, not available in the previous Bronze models. This translates into deeper bass extension and a glorious open, large sound - something you really don't get at this price point with other brands. 

    Monitor Audio have been a decade-long favourite at Carlton Audio Visual and after hearing their new Bronze range and the improvements they've made, we are sure our customers will keep loving them for decades to come. 

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    Regular Price: $2,099.00

    Special Price $1,889.00

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  • Rega RX-3 floorstanding Speakers Black, TRADE-IN

    These are a Petite floorstanding speaker. These do beautifully with a full Rega system but don't need to be on Rega. We have packaged these units into a Rega Super Saver deal with a Rega amp and turntable. 

    The speakers are in excellent condition but they do not come with boxes. Pick is preferable but we can arrange a drop off to Metro Melbourne and some rural locations. Please talk to us if you'd prefer a drop off. 

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    Regular Price: $2,799.00

    Special Price $1,900.00

  • Legend Acoustics Kama Loudspeakers. Refined Australiana, gorgeous construction, formidable value.

    Don't be fooled by the unassuming looks of the Kama's. They are packed with features that enable them to easily compete with the best in their class. And, like all Legend loudspeakers, they are still designed and built in Australia. 

    Simply put Dr Rod Crawford is one of the very best loudspeaker designers in the world and the Kama 12 is right on the crux point of quality and value. Just come and touch these speakers ... then hit them hard with your knuckles ... and you will see that their constructional quality is way ahead of anything else at this price point by a huge margin.

    These are ridiculously cheap for their quality ... lets not beat around the bush, we have speakers from overseas that retail for $10,000 that are still not as sonically accurate or as well engineered as these.

    Legend Kama homepage. 

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  • Krix Phoenix loudspeaker

    Once upon a time twenty five years ago we sold a loudspeaker called the Krix Lyrix ... all Krix speakers have to end in "ix" by the way ... it's a peculiarity they are allowed after being a successful business for forty years.

    The Lyrix was a fantastic D'Appolito floorstanding loudspeaker in an era of humdrum "system" speakers. When they were released most speakers purchased in Australia were essentially hollow chipboard boxes with arbitrary drive units intended as furniture for colourful system packages.

    The Lyrix were a speaker that a serious enthusiast could appreciate. I recall how very good the wood finish of these speakers would smell when we unpacked them.

    The Phoenix is the Lyrix evolved for the second decade of the 21st century with bass presence and detail that is outstanding in its price class. A great all rounder for medium and large room music and cinema reproduction, and they still smell good ...

     Krix Phoenix official page 

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  • Rega RX5 Floorstanding Speakers, EX-DEMO, Black

    These are now an old model of Rega loudspeakers so we're clearing our floorstock. This particular pair has some superficial marks on them and have been priced accordingly. 

    They have boxes, all accessories and come with Rega's Lifetime Limited Warranty.

    Bigger and beefier than the RX-3, the RX-5 thrives in larger living rooms or with people who want a bit more bass.

    Side firing bass drivers deliver the ultimate in bass adjustability. If you'd like more bass simply move them closer to the rear and side walls. If you're after a leaner sound, simply move them out into the room a little more.


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    Regular Price: $3,799.00

    Special Price $2,499.00

    Available in Store

  • Monitor Audio Silver 200 (7G)

    Monitor Audio Silver 200 7G from the 7th Generation of the Silver series is the elegant, slim form factor floorstanding speaker. The 200s may not fill a large space like the Silver 300s and 500s, but they are a perfect option for a small living room where floor space is valuable and listeners are discerning.

    Many of our clients in smaller spaces have opted for Silver 200s over Bookshelf speakers. Once Bookshelf speaker stands are accounted for, the silver 200s are that slim that they actually have a smaller footprint than their equivalent bookshelf speakers. And with the extra mid driver the sound is more consistent throughout the frequency sweep. 

    This 7th Generation of Silver 200s sees an update to the mid-bass drivers and tweeter waveguide that results in more precision and clarity in the sound. The finishes have also been updated using a more natural wood veneer and adding gloss black to the inventory. We're also excited that all the colourways will be readily available in Australia.

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    Regular Price: $2,849.00

    Special Price $2,564.00

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  • Acoustic Energy AE309

    This speaker has been recieving some amazing reviews. Have a read of What HiFi's review:


    And it's not only international reviewers who have been impressed with them. Carlton Audio Visual staff and customers have found them to be a box ticking option in their c. $3K price point. 

    They have a mellow, pleasant sound with a full rich bass that's not 'fluffy' or 'goofy'. They're the kind of speaker that you still want to listen to well into the 5th hour and easily fill a room with sound.

    They are also slim and attractive and not a bulky eye sore in a room.

    Piano Black and Piano White $2596

    Walnut $2825

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  • Krix Megaphonix Floorstanding, Pair

    When you want your surround system to translate those explosions a little more literally, yet still keep your vocal track lovely and clean, Krix have you covered. The semi-commercial SX range is all about bringing the "theater" into "home theater". These are 95dB efficient, horn loaded beasties that have utterly devastating dynamic range and slam. Amazingly exciting, and potentially dangerous; they are the audio equivalent of a big bag of cocaine (apparently). Learn More

  • Krix Harmonix Mk2 Loudspeaker ... it must be love

    There is always a need for a full blooded high performance loudspeaker that will play at a level appropriate to hold a decent party in a good sized home at the same time as being capable of mellifluous reproduction of classical music at low levels late at night ....

    The Krix Harmonix is that full performance envelope design. A very serious full range and blooded floorstanding transducer that treads softly while carrying a big stick.

    Manufacturers site for the Harmonix


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  • Rega Aya Speakers

    These are an alien shape in a shared showroom of MDF based loudspeakers. They are actually swooping and elegant with their design heart of sound quality worn proudly on their aesthetic sleeve.

    Every speaker we open in Carlton Audio Visual has to pass an extreme tactility test. If the speakers were people we would be up for all sorts of workplace harrassment cases.

    These Rega Aya devices feel like nothing else. Their encasement is prenaturally cold and solid to the touch, making all other speakers at their price range feel light and warm and vulnerable.  

    The Rega engineers have put to the side MDF real wood veneers as a material that is cost prohibitive for the sound quality that it produces and gone on a search for the best bang for buck alternative material. They have come up with Glass Reinforced Concrete or GRC as they call it.

    This uses real pieces of glass in the construction to make a superbly rigid structure. 

    The material emulates an organic material with slight imperfections in surface texture and shading. Important not only for aethestic appeal but also acoustic performance.

    The aim of this process wasn't to reinvent how Rega speakers sound, rather to find a material that sounds like their old MDF/veneer designs at a fraction of the cost.

    In this way, the Aya's sound remarkably...Rega!  A tight refined treble that isn't ever bright and a sound that is more 'forward' than the typical English speaker sound. 

    Read more about these wonderful speakers on the Rega website here

    Or this excellent review here

    We are very excited to have these unique speakers in our midst!

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  • Monitor Audio Silver 300 (7G)

    Christmas Special until the 1st of January. Please contact us for up-to-date availability on colours. 

    Not too big and not too small, the Silver 300s have traditionally been the perfect medium. Still a slim, elegant speaker that's capable of filling all but the biggest most voluminous of rooms.

    The introduction of the dedicated mid-driver dramatically improves the consistency of the speaker accross the frequencies. Over the Silver 200s, you'll hear more definition and more bass.

    The 7th generation has seen a couple of improvements over the 6G units without diverging dramatically from what's always been a favourite of Carlton Audio Visual's clients. Extra stiffnes in the mid/bass drivers and upgrades to the tweeter's Waveguide mean more precision and clarity in the sound. Updates to the aesthetic finish of the speakers and the availability of each colour in the Australian market are the other changes.

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  • Spendor A2 Floorstanding Speaker

    These are an underestimated set of speakers. Quaint and petite, they offer exacting detail and clarity unrivaled by other speakers in this price bracket.

    Completely made in the UK, Spendor are an established speaker manufacturer but often not as well known. Spendor actually supply many parts to other speaker brands like PMC and Rega Speakers. For industry insiders, Spendors are the speakers of choice.

    A new small floorstanding loudspeaker from Spendor representing entry level cost but typical very high performance and build quality that only UK built loudspeakers tend to have.

    The new Spendor A-Line loudspeakers deliver class leading performance. They are the most adaptable and affordable loudspeakers we have ever created.

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    Regular Price: $4,499.00

    Special Price $3,599.00

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  • Acoustic Energy AE320, Floorstanding speaker ... neat suit rock and roller

    A slim and elegant form factor speaker but with a beefy sound. This is the archetype of the modern line array floorstanding loudspeaker.

    The Acoustic Energy AE320 speakers have a very polite and neat appearance that leads one to believe that they are yet another effete English design for violin lovers ... however let them rip with a decently powerful amplifier and they are fast and furious with hard rock and roll, they don't hold back and at the same time, the brittle treble quality that characterises the West Atlantic continent designs is completely absent from these loudspeakers.

     "Audiograde" on the Acoustic Energy AE320 

     "The Ear.Net" on the Acoustic Energy AE320 

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  • Monitor Audio Silver 500 (7G)

    The reference speaker of the Silver 7G range by Monitor Audio. Big and boisterous capable of filling the largest rooms with a full involving sound. For smaller rooms as well, this speaker has bass for days and is a fun, expressive speaker.

    Clarity on the 500s are not lost. The metal dome tweeter has been improved with changes to the waveguide surrounding it. The main drivers have also undergone some changes resulting in a tighter, more precise sound.

    From the 6th generation to the 6th generation, the finishes on the 500s has been updated seeing more of a natural quality and the addition of a satin white and gloss black as well. We also have easy access to the full colour sweep here in Australia which wasn't the case for the 6th generation.

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    Regular Price: $4,199.00

    Special Price $3,779.00

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  • Krix Pix

    These 2 way extreme speakers deliver an incredibly dynamic and effortless performance. Utilising commercial cinema technology, the Pix are capable of producing high sound pressure levels with pristine fidelity and extremely low distortion.

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  • Sonus Faber Lumina III

    The Italian speaker manufacturer, Sonus Faber, are renowned for making highend speakers like the imposing Aida II. Bespoke, beautiful and made with incredible attention to detail.

    Lumina III however forms part of their new Entry Level offerings. Sonus Faber have had the Venere and the Principia Entry Level ranges in the past but notably, all of those speakers were made in a Chinese factory. The Lumina are made in their Italian factory next to their Highend siblings and straight out of the box they look more like the Olympica Nova or the Reference range than the Principia or Venere. The lovely front baffle looks like a thin version of their multilayered wood design used on the higher models and the leather wrap on the rest of the cabinet, is a nice touch for those of us who love their leather! 

    They also have a the same Damped Apex Tweeter used on the Sonetto range which really gives these speakers "The Voice of Sonus Faber' more than any of the previous Entry Level iterations. 

    And that Voice is rich and full. Of course, not as detailed as precise or refined as the more expensive models but they sound and look quintessentially Sonus Faber. 

    All of this comes in a neat Living Room friendly package as well. That's super slim and compact. 

    For this reason and their competitive price point, they're a winner!

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