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  • Cyrus One HD amplifier, an English Genie out of its box

    This is the upgraded version with digital inputs of the terrific Cyrus One released last year. Currently we in Australia are selling this lovely brick of an amplifier at the best price in the world ... Official website for the Cyrus One HD

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  • Cyrus Stereo 200 hybrid design power amplifier

    One of the reasons for the success of Cyrus and also why we have dealt with it for such a long time now is the care and attention to the tonal signature and musicality of the product. this very powerful new amplifier is utilising the newly developed hybrid Class D topology that first appeared in the new Cyrus One in 2017.

    So if you have serious loudspeakers and crave that singer in the room sensation that Cyrus can do so very well this is one particular contendor for your custom. The small footprint of the product allows you to get a purist Hi Fi amp into a nook or cranny in your furniture where a traditional behemoth would be excluded.

    "Hi-Fi+" on the Stereo 200

    "Soundstage Hi-Fi on the Stereo 200

    Cyrus Stereo 200 Official website.

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  • Cyrus One Integrated Amplifier ... a new beginning from one of our favourite brands ...

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    We saw this first at the Munich Hi Fi show where it was being used to drive something unlikely and very difficult in loudspeakers, it was a quiet little session in the demo room at Munich with a definite tension in the air as the wolves were circling each other in the Distribution Arena. The smell of blood was in the water and the knives were out.

    The Cyrus One had raised the interest level in the product and what had been a quiescent and polite gentleman's agreement to purvey in Australia was attracting a new level of interest.

    This is going to be a really strong product for us ... finally a rival for the Rega Brio?

    Cyrus One Official website.

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  • Cyrus Cd i......Made in the UK

    The CD i is an integrated CD player using Cyrus's award winning Servo Evolution CD engine. It is their best sounding CD player ever. Everything from the power stage through to the analogue output of the machine has been designed with sound quality in mind, and the results will exceed all your expectations. While the CD i is a high end CD player, it has been designed to introduce new people to the joys of hi-fi. Experience your music in the greatest detail, with easy set up and control. Learn More

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  • Cyrus Mono X 300 Signature

    Cyrus best power amplifier, the Mono X 300 Signature can provide an enormous 319 Watts of power to your speakers (through 6 Ohms). Our Zero Feedback technology means that the sound coming out of the amp is exactly the same as the one going in – just bigger Learn More
  • Cyrus X Power

    X Power
    This high quality amplifier is a great example of our upgrade philosophy, providing you with excellent stereo amplification as well as the opportunity to improve the sound in the future by adding a second X Power.

    The X Power uses an oversized power supply, which allows it to be incredibly dynamic and responsive to even the most challenging inputs. These huge power reserves will be channelled into your music whether being used in stereo or mono mode.

    To make sure all of that power is put to good use, every single component - from the die cast Cyrus chassis down to each power filter, has been selected through a careful testing process to find the combination which provides our trademark sound quality.

    The PSX-R2 takes the X Power to another level of power amplification. By powering the audio output stages and separating control and audio signal power supplies the PSX-R2 boosts the finesse of the X Power, translating into even smoother treble and mid-range performance and a faster weightier bass.

    With a PSX-R2, an X Power can provide up to 120 watts (stereo) or 240 watts (mono) per channel (into 4Ω).

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  • Cyrus Lyric all in one music system with the lot please ... Naim slayer ....

    The Cyrus Lyric is an all in one system of epic proportions and features. Incorporating a 200w Cyrus amplifier, Cd player, Bluetooth, Digital and analogue inputs and outputs the Cyrus has the ability to power a pair of speakers at practically any performance level and with ease.

    Now with a lower price of $4499 bringing it in parity with the UK we think its a winner.

    "Hi Fi Choice" on the Cyrus Lyric

    "What Hi Fi?" on the Cyrus Lyric

    Try this with a pair of PMC twenty5 series loudspeakers for a touch of absolute bliss ...

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  • Cyrus Phono Signature ... one of the very best value Phono stages

    Once upon a time Cyrus made a phono stage in called the Phono X, a very adjustable and sensitive line stage for adding a high quality record player to a Cyrus system encasd in their characteristic magnesium alloy chassis. It wasn't cheap, but it was simply fantastic to listen to with a sub zero noise floor and acute but sweet detail presentation.

    They stopped making it in fairly short order, acceding to the then prevailing market wisdom that turntables were primitive tech doomed for extinction. Oh how we cried ... and Phono Xs became sought after and highly collectible.

    Welcome to 2016 and Cyrus have risen to the call of born again vinyl and released the Phono Signature, and it is fantastic.

    "What H Fi?" on the Phono Signature".

    "Hi-Fi Choice" on the Phono Signature".

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  • Cyrus 8.2 DAC

    An exceptionally high quality, half sized HiFi amp with a multi purpose DAC built in? Doesn't that just sound amazingly attractive. Any one who's been into our store and had a chat with us about stereo will know that we love our Cyrus gear. Almost every one on staff has something from Cyrus at home. Learn More

  • Cyrus PSX-R2

    I can't believe that the PSX-R has been missing from our website for this long... Maybe we've been trying to keep it a secret? Well, it's not a very good secret, as most of our cyrus customers know the joy of this fully regulated power supply. Cyrus kit is extremely effective for the money, but if you want to wring that last bit of extra performance out of it, then get a PSX-R! It will increase dynamics, lower the noise floor and boost the detail of your Cyrus kit. Both source components and amps can benefit from this nifty kit, with its smart circuitry automatically configuring for which ever device you plug it in to. Is it better on a source or an amp? We recommend one for each!

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  • Cyrus Stream Xa

    I was going to write something about the ubiquity of digital music and the need for high quality decoding and blah blah blah, you've heard it all before. So I thought instead I'd talk about how we love Cyrus, how wonderful it sounds and how our customer go bonkers for it. Wait, you've heard all that too? It's like I'm running out of things to say, because Cyrus have launched yet another awesome digital product; it streams, it's a DAC and we love it. This one stands out because of how versatile it is: Maybe your looking for a high quality DAC to upgrade your aging CD player, or maybe you want to stream internet radio through your system. You can control it with the Cyrus Cadence app, or the sort of nifty n-Remote (now optional if you don't need it..). And we know you will love it when you hear it - Cyrus has been killing it in the digital audio space for the past decade, and the Stream Xa shows why the Hi-Fi mags rave on so much. Learn More
  • Cyrus CD Xt Signature

    When you play a CD you want wring every last musical drop from it. The key to doing that is by carefully extracting every last digital bit from the disc.Read more data from the disc and there is less need to rely on error correction and other techniques that lower the amount of data your DAC can process. Learn More
  • Cyrus Stream XP2

    My favourite streamer, the cyrus Stream X which sealed the coffin of my much loved Naim CDX2 CD Player has been updated to include the amasing Cyrus Qx DAC. For all my favourite customers who are still using those spinning disc's come in and have a listen. Disc's are dying a slow and painful death. Streaming options now include 24/192 resolutions making the CD quality of 16/44 a poor second best. Learn More
  • Cyrus CDt

    Hot on the heels of competitive offerings from Musical Fidelity we now have on dem the new pure Cd transport from Cyrus ...this uses the latest version of their highly acclaimed Servo Evolution to make for a very worthy successor to the CDXT at half the price. Learn More
  • Cyrus Dac XP Signature

    Cyrus DAC X+ Open and musical. An amazing DAC & Pre Amp in it's price range, offering maximum detail without fatigue. I borrowed this gem for a few days connected it to my Leema, Sonus Faber system and fell in love all over again. Like all of the best Cyrus gear, adding the optional PSX-R will result in significant improvment, more than justifying its cost. Learn More

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  • Cyrus Pre2 Dac

    The Pre₂ DAC separates the pre amp into its own chassis and provides a dedicated power supply which means the pre amp can resolve more detail. Complete with a built-in DAC, the pre amp is compatible with a very wide range of sources such as CD players, streamers or your TV digital audio out. Learn More

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  • Legend Kama 9 Loudspeaker .. refined Australiana, gorgeous construction, terrific value.

    Brand new model just released at the Australian Hifi Show.Don't be fooled by the unassuming looks of the Kama 9s. They are packed with features that enable them to easily compete with the best in their class. And, like all Legend loudspeakers, they are designed & built in Australia. Simply put Dr Rod Crawford is one of the very best loudspeaker designers in the world and the Kama 9 is right on the crux point of quality and value. Just come and touch these speakers ... then hit them hard with your knuckles ... and you will see that their constructional quality is way ahead of anything else at this price point by a huge margin. Learn More

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