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  • New line up of Sony 4K TVs... starting at $1295 for X80J 55"

    The Television marketplace is notoriously cut throat. We, as a small family run retailer, struggle to find a foot hold amongst big national retailers like Harvey Norman and JB HiFi who can manage to sell units below our cost. As a business we have seriously considered not selling TVs. Once we add on costs of delivery and installation we can easily find ourselves losing money whilst trying to be competitive. 

    Needless to say we don't waste our time with cheap and nasty units, we happily leave those to the mass market retailers. Lately, we've been selling almost exclusively the premium German made Loewe TVs and haven't really filled the mid level, ordinary Aussie house hold market.

    But no longer! We've got ourselves some great deals on some Sony sets. The X80J LED TV at a decent 55" is $1295 and the OLED A90J 65" is $4995.

    And unlike the big chain stores, we won't leave you to fend for yourself hooking it up to your AV receiver. Hell we'll probably even organise installation for you and be on the end of the phone to sort out any teething issues.

    You'd be surprised the amount of times we'll get called on a Saturday morning with 'the remote's not working' or 'there's a picture and no sound'. Such things are usually easily solved but require just a bit of talking through to iron them out. 

    As one of the little retailers we're committed to going the extra mile for our customers because, well, we like them! They're a cool bunch of people who do more interesting and, yes, more useful things than we do. So if we can save them time by solving their TV issues so their kids can sit and watch Saturday morning TV, that makes us happy. 

    Have a look at the Sony A90J 65" TV here at Sony Australia official website

    And the Sony X80J 55" LED TV here at Sony Australia official website

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  • Loewe Bild 1 49 inch LCD E-LED Backlight TV

    As the new Bild i Television comes in we're running clearance specials on selected older models. A brilliant TV especially at 49". Limited stock.

    The Loewe Bild 1.49 is still a rather compact TV by todays standards but is that mix of quality and modern convenience that consumers really desire.

    Loewe has never been a company to delve into gimmicks. They demand premium componentry to last the test of time.


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    Regular Price: $2,599.00

    Special Price $1,899.00

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  • Loewe Bild 3 43 inch LED TV

    Another 4K Ultra HD set by infamous German TV manufacturer, Loewe. This time in 43 inches and with a built-in soundbar for even better sonic performance.

    A sleek and popular model.

    Now the new models are rolling in with the Loewe range, we're running some deals on the Bild 3s. Only while stocks last.

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    Regular Price: $2,999.00

    Special Price $2,699.00

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  • Loewe Bild 3 49 inch LCD TV

    As the Bild i are rolled out in Carlton Audio Visual we can offer some great deals on the Bild 3 units. Only while stocks last.

    Another winner from Loewe Televisions who are the original TV manufacturer. 

    The Bild 3.49 is an LCD panel with all the Loewe virtues. Fantastic picture and built to last without the gimmickry.

    It has a dedicated soundbar to give punch and emphasis to the sound when a dedicated sound system isn't practical.

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    Regular Price: $3,799.00

    Special Price $2,999.00

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  • Loewe Bild 3.65 OLED

    We believe that we are selling this particular gorgeous piece of German Television Real estate at the best price in the world. The local distributor has gone all out to get the lowest sell price for this new model into the Ultra competitive and saturated Australian Television marketplace 

    With Loewe famous for making perhaps the world’s most desirable televisions, that $6999 price for a 65-inch OLED should be attracting attention among the local TV industry, as well as consumers.

    It is a full $3000 below LG’s pricing for its OLED W8 ‘wallpaper’ model (65-inch RRP $9999), $700 below LG's E8 Series 65-inch OLED ($7699), with only the entry-level OLED from the South Korean giant coming in lower, at $6399.

    Loewe’s bild 3 OLED models look good when turned on, thanks to the zero-black front-emissive nature of OLED. The blid 3.65 is a full UHD-resolution TV with High Dynamic Range, including not only HDR10 but also Dolby Vision and HLG (broadcast HDR).

    And Loewe TVs generally look good as objects even when not in use. The bild 3 range has various options to mount on the wall, with its table stand on a suitable surface, or free-standing with the optional floor stand. Loewe is also renowned for improving sound quality over the usual suspects, here with dedicated front speakers, along with a digital audio link interface to connect additional Loewe sound systems.

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  • Sony FW100BZ40J 100" Television

    A first ever for residential application. 100" Televisions for your Living Room! 

    For us at Carlton Audio Visual, we're super excited to see a 100" Television finally available in the residential market. We know many of our clients will be too! For those open plan living spaces filled with lots of natural light, this is a perfect solution. No need to wait until the sun goes down to watch something on a projector screen. This screen is designed to be especially bright to be capable of working in exactly those scenarios.

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