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  • Sony X77L Direct LED Television 55"

    This is a smart, techy TV with all the latest stuff. People love Sonys because they always offer the latest in technology at competitive prices. 

     This is an LED TV but if offers a fantastic picture for the money. It does however do better in a darker room as its surface will get quite reflective in brighter spaces.

    This TV is available in 43", 50" 55", 65" & 75". 

    Carlton Audio Visual will match Sony Australia's prices on all Sony models. For more all the latest pricing information, please call us.

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  • Loewe We 32 inch Television ... compact pastel clarirty

    These days it's so hard to find a half decent small monitor TV. The Asian TV brands either simply start at 55 inch or if they have a smaller set, they are horrible things that look bad when they're on and even worse when they're off.

    Also the last thing you want when space saving on a small TV is to find that you need a whole extra sound system to go with it because the in-built speakers are firing onto your wall and they're crappy little things anyway.

    This is where the Loewe We. SEE 32 is different. It has an on board front firing 80W sound bar that integrates with the monitor looking just as stylish as the monitor itself. They come in a funky range of colours as well as a subtle grey to look the part in any room. Their build quality and picture is well above the competitors in this size of Television.

    This unit comes with your streaming apps loaded onto the TV boasting all of the conveniences of a modern Smart Television. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Freeview Play are all ready to go and the remote control has easy buttons to navigate straight to them.

    Come and see these units at our Lygon st. showroom and have a play on one yourself!

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    Regular Price: $1,499.00

    Special Price $1,199.00

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  • Sony X80L Direct LED TV 55"

    One step up from the X77L entry point, the X80L gives better motion control and more sharpness than its little brother.

    We would say this unit offers incredible bang for buck, as most of the entry-mid level Sonys do. 

    It also shows improvements over the X80K TVs that were the 2022 models. In fact we'd align the X80K more with the performance of the X77L in the new range.

    These TVs start at 55" but are also offered in 65", 75" & 85". 

    Carlton Audio Visual will match Sony Australia pricing. Please call us to get the latest pricing on these units.

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  • Loewe Bild c 32"

    A small TV for a small room or those who don't want an imposing Monitor in their space. 

    This size of Television is hard to find in today's marketplace especially of half decent quality. This unit is German made and you can tell it is made of quality when you look at the metal finish.

    It is an LCD screen and if you're after a better OLED panel, you will have to jump up to the Bild i or Bild is. But neither of those models come in a 32". 

    Additionally this unit comes with a soundbar built-in and ready to go.

    All of the modern conveniences of streaming come built-in on this model too. As is the case with the rest of the new range from Loewe.

    This little unit is on display now in our Showroom. Come and see it for yourself!

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    Regular Price: $1,999.00

    Special Price $1,599.00

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  • Loewe We.SEE 50

    An affordable and stylish TV by iconic German TV manufacturers, Loewe.

    The We.SEE range is Loewe's new entry level TV and the 50 inch is their middle-sized offering. It is a full 4K TV unlike the smaller 32 inch version and also boasts the HDR10 rating. This is a brilliant picture for an LCD screen at this price.

    It also comes with an integrated 80W soundbar that looks and sounds pretty sleek, all your integrated apps for a modern Smart TV and some nifty well designed cable management to keep that smart aesthetic. 

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    Regular Price: $1,999.00

    Special Price $1,599.00

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  • Sony X85L 55" Television, Full Array LED

    A step up from the X80L TV. Still using LED technology this unit has the full LED Array capability and ups its motion clarity to 'X-motion'.

    This means more detail and a smoother picture.

    A benefit of going Sony is their ease of use and all of the google andoid software ready to go. 

    We think the X80L will be a happy mid point for people who'd like something better than the standard but where the subtle differences of the high end TVs aren't so important. 

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  • Loewe We.SEE 55

    This is Loewe's newest offering targeting a more entry level buyer than their classic high-end units. 

    It's a lot of TV for $2499 though. A classy build and finish that we come to expect from all Loewe products is not missing from the We.SEE range. This TV looks good when it's on and just as good when it's off.

    It has an integrated soundbar that is a very capable 80W with a big, clear sound as well as all the smarts like Netflix and Youtube built-in and ready to press play. 

    This is a 4K LED Television with HDR10 rating which means it has the tech specs to make a picture look detailed and vibrat.

    Come and see them for yourself at our Lygon st. showroom.

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    Regular Price: $2,499.00

    Special Price $1,999.00

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  • Loewe Bild c.43

    A relatively small size of Television that is still German made and exceptional quality. These units have been very popular for people who don't want the huge gaudy monstrosities so ubiquitous in the TV market these days.

    This is an elegant solution for a high quality yet petite set with all of the modern streaming capabilities built on board as well.

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    Regular Price: $2,999.00

    Special Price $2,399.00

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  • Sony X95L Mini LED 65" Television

    With the craze of OLED sweeping the world, often the high quality LEDs are overlooked. 

    Sony has consistently been making exceptional LED Televisions for years and their picture often surpasses OLED screens. LEDs can go brighter than OLEDs and for many people who have their TV in an open plan living space, this will serve them better.

    This unit is Sony's new state-of-the-art LED and it delivers high brightness supreme constrast as well as detail and depth in the picture. 

    Come and see it in the flesh at Carlton Audio Visual. We have a 65" on display.

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  • Sony X90L 98" Television, A. BIG. TV.

    The all new Sony L series now comes in a 98" version for those who like their TV BIG but more and more for those who would prefer a TV to a Projector in their main Home Theatre Space.

    For many people who are setting up a Home Theatre in a multi use, Open plan Living space, a Television is more convenient. Capable of performing when the curtains are open and the light is streaming in just as it's at home being fired up for a night going through the Blockbusters.

    This Sony LED TV is perfect for this scenario. 

    It features Sony's XR chip giving it superior contrast, imaging, upscaling and motion clarity over its 77L, 80L and 85L siblings.

    All of your smarts are easy to use with a google operating system. 

    Now playing in our main showroom on Lygon st. Come and see it for yourself. 

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