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  • Krix Hemispherix AS

    Krix in-ceiling speakers are a fantastic option if you're in need of good sound and discreet aesthetics.

    Made in Australia, they're great value. Each unit comes complete with a Back Box which most other manufacturers leave out or have an added extra.

    The Back box is important for sound and keeping those creepy crawlies out! Also if you've got an upstairs, Back Boxes reduce the amount of sound leaking from the speakers to upstairs.


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  • Krix Atmospherix AS (price per unit)

    Sometimes a speaker needs to be discreet. That shouldn't mean that it can't sound good however. Take the Krix Atmospherix AS. All that's visible in your room is a speaker grille and a vanishing thin bezel...

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  • Cambridge Audio Aero 3 dipole surround speaker, EX-DEMO, Walnut

    If you're looking at getting yourself a home theatre system to create an in-home imersive experience, one of the easiest ways to do that is to grab some Dipole speakers as rears. 

    Because they have diametrically opposing tweeters/driver arrays they do double the amout of work in pushing those rear effects around behind you.

    Snap up these little beauts to do that job for you and listen to some Lightsabers swishing around behind your head.

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    Special Price $549.00

  • Monitor Audio Bronze FX

    To create a true in home theatre experience you'll need to get that feeling that the sound is coming from behind you. These work perfectly in system where there are 2 rear speakers but you need to get the most out of them. They disperse the sound using their dual driver, or dipole, array. Perfect for homes that are aiming at a 5 chanel surround system. Learn More

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    Special Price $764.00

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  • Krix Phonix Surround Loudspeaker

    With easy wall mounting, the Phonix deliver surround effects with clarity and power, putting you in the middle of the action.

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  • Monitor Audio Silver FX, Walnut, Trade-in

    Perfect condition!

    These Monitor Audio Silver FXs came from a customer who's changing and upgrading his setup. They've been kept in immaculate condition and with all the packaging and accesories.

    These are a brilliant rear speaker to turn your system into a kickass home theatre. Ideal for 5.1 or 5.2 setup, these speakers will disperse the rear sound via the two tweeters for maximum effect. They will perfectly match any set of Monitor Audio Silver front speakers but you don't need to have the Silver fronts to get the most out of them. They will do equally well with a whole range of front speakers.


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    Regular Price: $1,419.00

    Special Price $1,135.00

  • Monitor Audio Silver FX

    The perfect speaker to create the real home theatre surround experience matching perfectly with the Silver range of Monitor Audio. These are the best choice if you're looking at a traditional 5.1 setup with two rear speakers as they will optimally disperse the rear effects in the room. Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,419.00

    Special Price $1,277.00

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  • Krix Megaphonix on Wall

    For the biggest in home cinema surround sound, look no further. Effortless power and controlled dispersion mean surround effects will be delivered with stunning accuracy, weight and detail.

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  • Krix Megaphonix Floorstanding

    When you want your surround system to translate those explosions a little more literally, yet still keep your vocal track lovely and clean, Krix have you covered. The semi-commercial SX range is all about bringing the "theater" into "home theater". These are 95dB efficient, horn loaded beasties that have utterly devastating dynamic range and slam. Amazingly exciting, and potentially dangerous; they are the audio equivalent of a big bag of cocaine (apparently). Learn More

  • Monitor Audio Monitor Series Home Theatre Package...

    This is a great way to get theatre surround sound in your home. If you're sick of the crappy sound coming from your Television or sound bar and want that true immersive sound experience this is the way to go.

    A set of Floorstanding fronts, subwoofer, centre speaker and some rears all for under $2K...that's a hard to pass up package.

    All from our most popular, well loved speaker brand, Monitor Audio. This manufacturer brings out the best in speakers at all price points. They're an open fun sound and the Monitor Series is a perfect choice for home movie lovers but will also perform really well if you'd like to kick back and listen to music.

    Consisting of:

    Monitor Series 200   Monitor Series Speakers With Orange Driver Cones! - The Audiophile Man

    Monitor Series Centre C150 Monitor C150 | Centre Channel Speakers | Monitor Audio

    Monitor Series 50 Monitor 50 | Bookshelf Speakers | Monitor Audio

    Monitor MRW10 Subwoofer  Monitor Audio MRW10 Subwoofer review and test

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    Regular Price: $3,586.00

    Special Price $1,999.00

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  • Krix Ultraphonix, priced per pair

    Feel the impact of surround effects or be encompassed by the movie soundtrack. The Ultraphonix can do it all.

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