Turntable Power Supplies

Turntable power supply

Upgrade your deck with a high quality power supply.

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  • Rega TT Neo PSU MkII

    The classic Rega power supply slightly redesigned mainly for aesthetics.

    This unit is particularly noteworthy as an upgrade to a Planar 3. It regulates the power sent to the turntable to keep it spinning just right. Thus greatly reducing those tiny pitch fluctuations inherent in a normal spinning turntable.

    It is also back compatible with many of the older Rega models. Contact ask if you'd like to make sure you can use your Rega with this Power Supply.

    The Planar 6 and above come with their own dedicated power supplies.

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  • Michell HR Powersupply for Gyrodec/Orbe

    The best upgrade one can do to a Gyro/Orbe. The HR Power Supply is a low-noise electronic power source for the DC motors as found on the TecnoDec, GyroDec and Gyro SE turntables. Adding extra stability to the power supply for the motor, the HR features the novel Never-Connected circuit, and has a user-adjustable speed control on its back plate. Fitting is simple – just unplug the motor lead from the existing supply and connect it to the HR. An IEC mains lead comes supplied. Learn More

2 Item(s)

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