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Keeping your vinyl in tip top shape not only makes it last longer but gets more detail out of it when you play it. From simple brushes to cleaning systems, we’ve got everything you’ll need to get the most out of your vinyl.

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  • Project Clean-It Stylus Brush

    Clean it - Carbon fibre stylus cleaning brush  


    The Clean it carbon fibre stylus cleaning brush is suitable for daily cleaning of the stylus. The stylus brush is the best tool for quick maintenance and daily cleaning of your needle tip. Clean it gently removes dust and crustification with thousands of the finest carbon fibres. The result is a clean and good sounding diamond stylus that ensures a perfect reproduction of your records.  


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  • Project Brush It

    Carbon-fibre brush for record cleaning. 

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  • Tonar Dust Jockey - Carbon Fibre and Velvet Combo

    With Carbon Fibre anti static bristles on the outside of a Velvet inner, this brush combines the best of both worlds for a superior clean.

    The Carbon Fibre acts to push dust and particles into the Velvet interior that is much better at picking it all up.

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  • Spin Clean Record Washer System MkII

    For those of us who occaisionally raid our parents stash of records that have seen better days, or enjoy scrounging through garage sales for those beauties like these...

    53 of the worst album covers of all time The Weirdest Album Covers in Music History | Steve Hoffman Music ...53 of the worst album covers of all time

    ...It's good to have a record cleaner...

    The spin cleaner is a simple bath type cleaner that will get the majority of the gunk of the records. It comes with all the necessary accesories to get you spinning cleaner and happier!


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  • VINYLCARE Pack by Pro-Ject and Ortofon

    This is the one-stop-shop for your vinyl care needs. Included in the package is

    Groove Grit Remover (Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean)

    Carbon Fibre Record Brush (Pro-Ject Brush-It)

    Dry-Clean Stylus Brush (Pro-Ject Clean-It)

    Cartridge Alignment Tool (Pro-Ject Align-It)

    Headshell Screwdriver (Ortofon)

    Tracking force Gauge (Ortofon)

    360 degree Spirit Level (Ortofon)

    4 Shock Absorbing Pads (Pro-Ject Damp-It)


    This is a perfect package to Turbo boost your Vinyl.


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  • Knosti Disco Antistat Record Cleaning System

    Developed in Germany in 1978, the Knosti Disco-Antistat has simplified the procedure and made the task less of a grind. It has become one of the world’s most popular record cleaning tools, due to its efficiency, ease of operation and affordable price. Its success is also due to the fact that it bridges the gap between the very cheap but mainly ineffective ‘cloth and fluid’ group of record cleaners and the full-blown esoteric and expensive vacuum machines like those made by American company VPI. 

    The Knosti Disco Antistat has been on the market unchanged since 1978! That alone is testimony to its effectiveness. It removes the dirt and dries the record without leaving any residues. It also minimises static electricity which is a big problem affecting record performance. If you are into or back into vinyl, then you need, yes need one

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  • Pro-Ject VC-E Record Cleaner

    The last one of these left as the new model has arrived. New model VC-E2 is a bit more expensive ($829). This unit is brand new in a box.

    This is an affordable way to step it up in your home record cleaning set up. Like the very best of record cleaners, it uses a vacuum to suck up all the residue of the cleaning liquid along with the dirt and grime on your records. Vacuums work so much better than the bath solutions picking up more of the mess on the record that's going to affect the sound and wear out your precious cartridge along the way.

    For Audiophiles who love their vinyl, a good record cleaner is a must to prolong the life of your equipment and get the best quality out of the records.

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  • Pro-Ject VC-S3, Record Cleaner

    Cleaning records is not just for people with serious cases of OCD, it's done to improve the way your records sound, give longevity to your precious cartridge and stylus and try to eliminate those pops and crackles.

    Proper record cleaning is an important part of a Vinyl lovers routine and if your only option is a bath type of cleaner, it quickly becomes a tedious job of waiting for the Vinyl to dry before putting them on. Let alone having to find floor space and enough teatowels to sit them on,

    The vacuum method, like this one, is much more time efficient and effective at getting the grime out of the grooves.

    Its advantage over the smaller and cheaper VC-E is that it has a much larger cleaning fluid tank, 2.5L as opposed to 0.5L and a much better motor. It's also notably quieter to run and has less plastic bits than the VC-E.

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  • Knosti Tonar Antistat Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

    The full name of this unit is a bit of a mouthful. It's made by the Dutch company Tonar under their sub brand Knosti. They've been making recod cleaning utensils for 40 years and are loved by hardcore Vinyl enthusiasts everywhere.

    Their Ultrasonic cleaner uses an Ultrasonic transducer to produce bubbles that gently and very effectively remove dirt and grime on the record.

    The whole process is Antistatic and works to keep grime off the record well after the wash by making sure there's no static created in the cleaning and drying process.

    This is a good quality Ultrasonic machine that is also affordable. A great addition to a Vinyl home that wants to go to the next level.

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  • Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner PRO

    The disc is inserted into the machine's opening vertically from above and the red button is pressed. The gentle cleaning process runs fully automatically during which time the yellow LED lights up. When, after a short period of time, the green LED lights up the cleaned disc can be removed from the apparatus.

    Counter-rotating micro-fibre cleaning barrels and ultrasonic waves softly remove even deep-sitting dirt particles from the grooves of the LP. When in operation the machine permanently filters the cleaning fluid. Two extremely high-performance motors guarantee effective yet quiet drying of the LP.

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