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Keeping your vinyl in tip top shape not only makes it last longer but gets more detail out of it when you play it. From simple brushes to cleaning systems, we’ve got everything you’ll need to get the most out of your vinyl.

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  • Project Clean-It Stylus Brush


    Clean it - Carbon fibre stylus cleaning brush  


    The Clean it carbon fibre stylus cleaning brush is suitable for daily cleaning of the stylus. The stylus brush is the best tool for quick maintenance and daily cleaning of your needle tip. Clean it gently removes dust and crustification with thousands of the finest carbon fibres. The result is a clean and good sounding diamond stylus that ensures a perfect reproduction of your records.  


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  • Project Brush It

    Carbon-fibre brush for record cleaning. 

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  • Blue Horizon Clean-IT

    In high-end audio, it is vital to maintain the integrity of the signal by making the best possible connection between components. By simply removing oxidation and contaminants from cable connectors, sonic performance is significantly improved.

    Clean-IT is an electrical contact enhancer that has been specially developed for use with audio and AV equipment. It features a fast-acting deoxidizing solution that cleans, conditions, lubricates and preserves, improving the conductivity of all metal connectors and contacts.

    Clean-IT is recommended for use on all surfaces that are susceptible to oxidation or corrosion. Even brand-new hi-fi and home cinema components benefit from their contacts being cleaned, as the connectors are often machined using silicon oil, which is left to dry on after the manufacturing process – this has a degrading effect on conductivity.

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  • Record Doctor V

    y far the best way to clean a record is a wet cleaning process using a vacuum record cleaning machine to remove the dirty fluid.

    And the most economical machine on the market today is the Record Doctor V.

    Other brands and models offer more features, are heavier duty for continuous use, or are quieter - but the RDV provides the essential facility of sucking off the dirty fluid at a price point less than half of most alternatives.

    Even if you only have a modest collection of vinyl records this machine will be easy to justify because of its low price.

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