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  • Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus

    Digital to Analogue Converter & Preamplifier

    The DacMagic Plus has fantastic new features including wireless device connectivity and stunning audio performance from music of all formats. Thanks to twin DACs it instantly improves audio fidelity from all your favourite digital products allowing you to make your computer, TV, Blu-ray player and other devices a true part of your hi-fi system.

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  • Chord Mojo (Free $200 case if bought with Poly)

    Chord's Hugo re-defined what one could expect from a portable DAC/Headphone amp. Now it's little sibling is here to blow minds in a smaller chassis. Learn More

  • Bryston BHA1 Headphone amplifier

    I gather that there are $320m of headphones sold in Australia last year ... some of thoose people need to try their aural pride and joys with this headphone amplifier to hear what they can really sound like like when properly powered and signalled.

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  • Chord Hugo

    Chord has a pretty awesome reputation in the world of digital to analogue conversion. The DAC64 was a truly remarkable product, the kind of thing you could drop into a system and watch as peoples jaws would hit the floor. It was so good, you could tell the difference in our cramped office when it was being used in an adjoining dem room. So we're pleased to report that the Hugo is a fine addition to that pantheon. Learn More

  • Chord Electronics Hugo TT (Last unit ex display in silver)

    So what if you take last years most successful mobile DAC and add a turntable to it? What wait - the TT doesn't stand for turntable? oh wait - Table Top... Now I get it.. So is born the Hugo TT, Chords latest immobile DAC. The Hugo has been a popular model not only amongst headphone afficianados - we sold a bunch to people planning on using them in their home hifi systems. Word must of gotten back to Chord HQ, as the Hugo TT is primed for your Hi-Fi rack. Learn More

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  • Chord Electronics DAVE

    We saw this first at the Munich Hi Fi Show last May and have been greatly anticapating it's arrival. Chord have consistently broken new ground with their DAC technology and this is the top of the class in the world today. Amongst it's peers ithis is the smart and healthy sixth former who is going to get into Oxbridge without even revising, and who hopefully goes on and finds a cure for cancer. We expect great things of you DAVE. 

    Instead of traditional off-the-shelf solutions, Chord use an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) in its high-end DACS and their own software to do all the number crunching. And DAVE is no different. This newest arrival also features a high-grade filter with enhanced processing powers and full high-res audio support, including DSD and DXD files up to 768kHz. Outputs include XLR and standard RCA connectors, plus an advanced headphone output. Inputs include USB Type-B, two optical and four coaxial digital sockets.

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