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  • Earmen TR-AMP, Headphone Amp & DAC, EX-DEMO, Metallic Red

    This is a quality unit. A metallic chassis houses a beefy headphone amp and DAC but still in a neat portable, battery operated form. 

    Nice touches are the ability to run the 3.5 and the 1/4 inch outputs simultaneously.

    There's nothing clunky or cheap feeling on this unit. The volume knob feels solid and smooth and sturdy. No cheap bits of plastic attached to the unit at all.

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  • Chord Electronics Mojo 2

    The brand new Chord Mojo 2 has some sweet new features and connections and still retains it's FPGA  DAC processor, the best in the world at this price point!

    A new USB-C connection will make I0S users very happy. As well as a separate micro USB port dedicated to charging. 

    You can pair this unit with the Chord Poly for a completely wireless streaming experience in a portable package.

    Read more about the new Mojo 2 here at the Chord Electronics official website.

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  • Musical Fidelity MX-HPA

    Years of experience in making high quality headphone amps have been distilled into the design of the MX-HPA. As a result, this fully-balanced headphone amp offers an awe-inspiring listening experience.

    The MX-HPA’s technical performance is stunning. Typically, distortion from 20 Hz to 40 kHz is less than 0.005%. Signal-to-noise ratio is better than 120dB (‘A’ weighted). Frequency response is ruler flat from 10 Hz to 20 kHz (-0.1dB).

    The MX-HPA is capable of a short-term peak of 10 watts (for one cycle) and has two gain positions: 18dB (8X) and 24dB (15X). Inputs are either balanced or single-ended. The MX-HPA will automatically convert single-ended inputs to balanced. The MX-HPA is genuinely fully balanced from beginning to end.

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  • Stax SRM400s

    A Solid State Headphone amplifier designed to perfectly match the Stax Earphones.

    Now on demonstration at Carlton Audio Visual

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  • Bryston BHA-1 Headphone amplifier, EX-DEMO Black

    I gather that there are $320m of headphones sold in Australia last year ... some of thoose people need to try their aural pride and joys with this headphone amplifier to hear what they can really sound like like when properly powered and signalled.

    This is the real deal Headphone amplifier. And our loss is your gain as we're selling our unit off Ex-display, in Black.

    Perfect condition, as new and comes with Box and all accessories.

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  • Stax SRM500t

    A Tube Driver designed to perfectly complement Stax Earphones. 

    An upgrade from the SRM 006tS, it now offers increarsed efficiency equating to better sound quality.


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  • Chord Hugo 2 .."The absolute icon of portable DAC in the history of mankind" ...

    It took a while to get here but its very good ....The Hugo 2 is uprated from the first version ... It's smaller and more expensive!

    The Hugo was a problem for us. It was so good that people stopped buying our other inventory of DACs. Although ostensibly a portable product it sounded so very lifelike that it was being used as the main engine in peoples home audio setups.

    This new one is just an exquisite bit of crafted alloy. When you hold it you dont want to let it go ... the glowing buttons while slightly Flash Gordon are delightful in operation and make perfect sense ... after a while.

    The Hugo 2 has four digital inputs. seven hours of battery life, and does the numbers up to 768KHz digital ...

    Official website for the Hugo 2

    "What Hi Fi?" on the Hugo 2

    "Hugo 2 user manual PDF


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  • Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition

    We already love the Naim Uniti Atom as a 2 chanel stereo amplifier come streamer so it's no surprise that a headphone version of that is going to be very popular and attract some rave reviews. An attactive all-in-one box capable of impressing serious Head-Fi enthusiasts. 

    This unit will happily do the heavy lifting on some of the harder to drive highend Headphones to make them come alive like never before. And there's no need to start a whole new HiFi rack to accomodate a headphone amp, source and cables. One box to sit on a desk, perhaps, and you're good to go.

    Naim products bought from us, a genuine approved Naim dealer, include the full 2 year warranty.

    Read What HiFi's impressive review on this unit here

    And Headfonia's review here

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  • Yamaha HA-L7A headphone amplifier now in stock

    Every now and then one of our manufacturers comes out with a product that gives me hope that innovation has not died and been forsaken in the cause of conformity and conservatism.

    On the 5000 series Yamaha designers were let off the lead with no constraints, so it is no surprise that the headphone amplifier built to match the remarkable YH5000 head fi is a fantastic no compromise design.

    I absolutely love the way it has two toroidal power supplies protruding gasometer style from the casing. One power supply for digital and one for analogue circuitry. I love the double rectangle footprint and the anti-vibration construction ... it feels like it has miniature Ohlins suspension for its five feet.

    It is my great hope that Yamaha will bring out a range of high fidelity components built along similar principles.

     Link to Carlton Audio Visual YH5000 page 

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  • Chord Hugo TT2 Digital to Analogue Converter

    There is something mesmerising in the sound of a Chord DAC/headphone amps. The unleashing of the music in its raw tangible beauty into your living room. The space the music inhabits seems to expand the boundaries of a room like a Tardis. And the instruments and vocalists seem to come together forming this 3D image of the broader soundstage. 

    For those of us who spend far too much time listening to music, it's that feeling of being transported through time and space into where the music was performed. Like a trip in a Tardis, this is what a Chord Dac can deliver.

    And they've got all the cool flashing lights and even a port hole to look through to see naked circuitry inside! 

     Chord Hugo TT2 official page 

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  • Chord Electronics DAVE

    We saw this first at the Munich Hi Fi Show last May and have been greatly anticapating it's arrival. Chord have consistently broken new ground with their DAC technology and this is the top of the class in the world today. Amongst it's peers ithis is the smart and healthy sixth former who is going to get into Oxbridge without even revising, and who hopefully goes on and finds a cure for cancer. We expect great things of you DAVE. 

    Instead of traditional off-the-shelf solutions, Chord use an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) in its high-end DACS and their own software to do all the number crunching. And DAVE is no different. This newest arrival also features a high-grade filter with enhanced processing powers and full high-res audio support, including DSD and DXD files up to 768kHz. Outputs include XLR and standard RCA connectors, plus an advanced headphone output. Inputs include USB Type-B, two optical and four coaxial digital sockets.

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