Digital signals are the norm these days, but if you actually want to hear them, then you need to convert them to something your ears understand. A DAC takes those pulse codes and converts them to silky smooth audio. Nearly every device has one built in though, so why do you need another one? Simply put, the process of converting the signal isn't as straight forward as you think. A better DAC produces a better signal to feed the rest of your chain.

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  • Chord Electronics Mojo 2

    The brand new Chord Mojo 2 has some sweet new features and connections and still retains it's FPGA  DAC processor, the best in the world at this price point!

    A new USB-C connection will make I0S users very happy. As well as a separate micro USB port dedicated to charging. 

    You can pair this unit with the Chord Poly for a completely wireless streaming experience in a portable package.

    Read more about the new Mojo 2 here at the Chord Electronics official website.

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  • Chord Poly

    Poly is a portable music streamer/player that combines with Mojo to wirelessly stream from connected devices and playback from its Micro SD, all with smartphone control. It enables hi-fi sound quality at home or on-the-go, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay and network connectivity and upgrades headphone, car and home audio performance Learn More
  • Musical Fidelity MX-DAC

    The MX DAC has been around for a while now (since 2016) and it still surprises. For such a little box, 220mm x 220mm, and a relatively affordable price, this unit ticks boxes that much bigger and pricier units don't manage.

    It has XLR outputs so future system upgrades will be well catered for. It also has all the digital inputs you could possibly what in this modern age: 2 x coax (up to 24bit 192 kHz PCM), 2 x optical (up to 24bit 192kHz PCM) and asynchronous USB up to 24bit 192 kHz PCM as well as DSD 64 and DSD 128.

    Also, all inputs whether from coax, optical or USB, are processed in the DSD domain. This desirable feature gives a warmth and humanity to the sound that simple digital conversion doesn’t achieve.

    And its the sound of this unit that really surprises. Rich and detailed, musical and nuanced. Stuff that units double its price can struggle with, sound sublime. 

    Come give this beauty a try, you won't be dissapointed.


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  • Advance Paris X-Stream 9, CD player and Streamer

    This is a really nice combination in one unit. Touted as the only source you'll ever need. This unit combine a CD player, Tuner, Streamer and DAC.

    Like all of the Advance Paris gear, it ticks the boxes for convenience and in-one-box simplification.

    On display now at Carlton Audio Visual.

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  • Rotel DT-6000 DAC CD Transport

    CD Players are considered an endangered species in the market so it might appear that Rotel are slightly brave to be releasing a new high end model at the moment. However in our part of the market CD layers are alive and thriving as they are purchased by people who have advanced and numerous CD collections that cannot be qualitatively matched by streaming sources. The Rotel 1572 CD Player is a good example of this ... although a plain jane disc spinner product it has intrinsic good sound and build quality that just keeps selling steadily. The DT6000 improves on that engineering for sound and longevity even further and in fact sets a new standard for a Rotel product in this category. The DT6000 is also a state of art Digital to Analogue converter that allows you to use a full range of digital sources as inputs without the redundancy of another external DAC component.

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  • Bluesound Vault 2i

    Rip it. Download it. Store it. The VAULT 2i lets you rip all your CDs in bit-perfect, high-resolution formats or copy your existing music library to the VAULT 2i’s hard drive. Hook it up the to your existing sound system, or pair it with a set of powered speakers and stream your digital music collection in studio-quality.

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  • Chord Qutest. Advanced compact DAC, a tiny bit of gorgeous ...

    Qutest is the latest evolution of Chord Electronics’ most affordable standalone DAC, the multi-award-winning 2Qute, which it directly replaces. Qutest is uniquely equipped to bring the benefits of Chord Electronics’ acclaimed proprietary hardware and software technology to a wide range of connected devices. Learn More
  • Rega Saturn Mk 3

    This is the new version of a very dear favourite. A richness to the sound that does away with the brittleness and edge normally associated with the sound of cds. This CD player is the most 'vinyl' sounding CD player I've ever heard.

    The new unit has some updated aesthetics but keeps the same internals as the older Saturn R.

    We are expecting stock of the Saturn Mk3 in July.

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  • Musical Fidelity M6x DAC Digital to Analogue Converter

    A standalone DAC to enhance the performance of your whole system.

    Built to last and with dedication and passion to creating the best sound, this Musical Fidelity is a winner for the music enthusiast.

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  • Marantz SA12SE CD Player and DAC, EX-DEMO, Black

    We are preparing for the arrival of new models of marantz SA CD players and as such it is time to sell our demo units of the current stock. This particular unit is Black and in great condition. It comes with box and accessories and a three year factory warranty.

    Marantz CD players have often been the port of last call for that particular customer that is searching for music in a digital realm where everything measures well but is post apocalyptically sterile to the listening. There is also that small but significant in our fanatics base of people for whom SACD is the only answer. And for them these high end Marantz players are the go to product for real quality and realisation of the potential of the format.

    This new piece of kit has been voiced and refined by the Marantz dream team sound engineers and is an excellent external Digital to Analogue Converter for your other digital sources.


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  • Chord Hugo 2 .."The absolute icon of portable DAC in the history of mankind" ...

    It took a while to get here but its very good ....The Hugo 2 is uprated from the first version ... It's smaller and more expensive!

    The Hugo was a problem for us. It was so good that people stopped buying our other inventory of DACs. Although ostensibly a portable product it sounded so very lifelike that it was being used as the main engine in peoples home audio setups.

    This new one is just an exquisite bit of crafted alloy. When you hold it you dont want to let it go ... the glowing buttons while slightly Flash Gordon are delightful in operation and make perfect sense ... after a while.

    The Hugo 2 has four digital inputs. seven hours of battery life, and does the numbers up to 768KHz digital ...

    Official website for the Hugo 2

    "What Hi Fi?" on the Hugo 2

    "Hugo 2 user manual PDF


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  • Musical Fidelity M6sCD

    A superior high quality CD player where no detail has been overlooked in the circuitry design. Extensive measures have been taken to make sure the inherent jitter from the loading mechanism doesn't reach other sensitive circuitry.

    A 32bit DAC is paired with 192KHz Upsampling capability giving tremendous results. 

    This high quality DAC can be used separately as well. This means you have a multitude of different options for your digital sources - 2 Coax, 2 optical inputs and Type B USB. You also have the option of RCA or balanced XLR out.

    Feature packed unit that doesn't disapoint musically.

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  • Auralic Altair G1.1 Streaming DAC/Pre-amplifier

    The very popular Altair G1 has transformed into the Altair G1.1. A lower noise floor than its predecessor meaning more music and more detail. It does this by adding a High-Mass base plate which is a feature that has filtered down from Auralic's higher end units.

    It also has an improved Femto clock which gives the DAC extra precision.

    The onboard headphone amplifier has undergone a revamp as well. Now even more powerful.

    The Auralics have a very musical sound and suit a range of systems. 

    For the HDD installation Kit it is an extra $195

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  • Synthesis Roma 14DC+ Valve CD Player with Built In DAC (Made in Italy)

    Synthesis has just released a new Compact Disc Player ROMA14DC+. It uses a pair of  ECC88/6DJ8 on the output stage for warm sound characteristics. The particularly configuration is used to obtain a very low output impedance and extremely large bandwidth.

    The Roma 14DC+ has USB "B" type, DSD 5,6MHz and optical input. The 32Bits of resolution give you a fantastic sound stage and a perfect sound reproduction. The TEAC mechanism is specially developed for audio reproduction guarantee at this CD Player high quality performances.

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  • Marantz SACD30N ... the Model 30 CD player and streamer

    This is something of a reincarnation product but with rather cutting edge digital disc and streaming tech . . Made in Japan with love. Physically the SA30 is actually gorgeous, the photos don't do it justice, it really exudes a quality aesthetic presence. In combination with the matching amp it is a piece of Hi Fi art that will make people who know nothing about stereo want to go and fondle it inappropriately ...

    StereoNet on the Model 30 release 

    Marantz UK site for the SACD30 

    "Hi-Fi News" loves the Model 30 

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  • Chord Hugo M Scaler

    For the uninitiated in the digital realm of HiFi, the exact purpose and functionality of the M Scaler can seem perplexing. A unit that sits between your digital source and your DAC to drastically improve the digital signal....isn't it all ones and zeroes at that stage? How can you make ones and zeroes better?

    Well, it's all about the Taps...the digital Taps that is. Taps refers to how many times and therefore how accurately the unit revisists the algorythm that's going to create the analogue Wave Form from the sample rate that's given by the source. Normally DACs would perform this function themselves but no DAC, not even Chord Electronics very own Dave comes even close to the amount of Taps that the M Scaler has. Normally an ordinary DAC would have a 100-tap filter, the Dave has 164,000-tap filter but the M Scaler has 1,015,808-tap filter!

    In Rob Watts own words "If you have a conventional filter with 100 taps, you will recover some of the transient information. A 100-tap filter gives you sufficiently good frequency-domain performance, but not in the time domain. . . . Every time you increase the number of taps, you improve the perception of pitch, timbre gets better—bright instruments sound brighter, dark instruments sound darker—the starting and stopping of notes becomes easier to hear, the localization of sounds get better. There is less listening fatigue—the brain has to do less processing of the information presented to it to understand what's going on." 

    And that perfectly sums up what you hear when you add an M scaler to a Chord Hugo TT2 or the Dave. It's an opening up of the musicality getting this normally step wise wave form of a CD player or 44kHz back to the most accurate analogue Wave Form you can possibly get. 

    And this is where the M Scaler is particularly special because it's the most accurate digital device out there by a long margin. And that's because of the Taps. Turn on the Taps!

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  • PS Audio StellarGold DAC

    This is a clever design of a DAC utilising 4 different DAC chips for one ultra linear feed which is fed into a class A output stage.

    More musicality and more refinement than Dacs that use a single, or even a double, chip.

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  • Auralic Aries G2.1 Wireless Streaming Transport

    ARIES G2.1 manages every connection so you can explore your entire digital universe right
    from our Lightning DS control app and take advantage of features like On-Device Playlists,
    Memory Caching, Gapless Playback and Bit-Perfect Multi-Room functionality. With a
    supercharged hardware platform

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  • Chord Hugo TT2 Digital to Analogue Converter

    There is something mesmerising in the sound of a Chord DAC/headphone amps. The unleashing of the music in its raw tangible beauty into your living room. The space the music inhabits seems to expand the boundaries of a room like a Tardis. And the instruments and vocalists seem to come together forming this 3D image of the broader soundstage. 

    For those of us who spend far too much time listening to music, it's that feeling of being transported through time and space into where the music was performed. Like a trip in a Tardis, this is what a Chord Dac can deliver.

    And they've got all the cool flashing lights and even a port hole to look through to see naked circuitry inside! 

     Chord Hugo TT2 official page 

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  • Auralic Altair G2.2 Streaming DAC preamplifier

    The Altair G2.1 is the unit in Auralic's range that does it all. A Preamplifier, DAC and Streamer with options to put in a 2TB hard drive. 

    The Preamplifier is also a full blown analogue preamplifier. Not only does it have the analogue line and Moving Magnet phono inputs, it also doesn't simply convert these into digital signals within the chassis. Rather they are kept completely separate from the digital circuitry. Also the volume control is an analogue design based on resistive ladder construction. A less noisy, cleaner choice than other designs out there. Such all-in-one units have tended to use cheaper less fullfilling preamplifier modules that I normally recommend customers to bypass. That's not the case here. As oppossed to the G1.1 the preamplifier section on this unit has an increased output level and a HDMI input and a Home Theatre Bypass. You can also disengage the preamplifier stage if your using it with an offboard preamplifier. 

    This unit also employs galvanic isolators in between its sensitive tesla processors and audio circuits to keep its noise floor absolutely inert.

    The Tesla G3 processing forms the basis of this unit's streaming platform. It has Quad core, 64 bit processor...the best of the best.

    Also a superior power supply and thick copper shielded chassis with isolating feet mean that noise and vibrations are kept to an absolute minimum. Couple that with a pair of super accurate clocks reducing jitter and this is a unit that stands above others in its category.

    Clean, effortless sound and a unit that ticks all the boxes without compromise.

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