Digital signals are the norm these days, but if you actually want to hear them, then you need to convert them to something your ears understand. A DAC takes those pulse codes and converts them to silky smooth audio. Nearly every device has one built in though, so why do you need another one? Simply put, the process of converting the signal isn't as straight forward as you think. A better DAC produces a better signal to feed the rest of your chain.

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  • Cyrus Soundkey

    Put simply, Cyrus’ soundKey improves your music…vastly.
    You think the sound is ok when you plug your expensive headphones into your phone? Wait until you hear this!
    To explain a bit more scientifically, music is stored on your phone in various types of digital files. The DAC (Digital-to-analogue Converter) in most phones, laptops and tablets is designed to hit a cost – that means it’s never going to deliver the kind of audio quality that your music files or streaming services are actually capable of delivering.
    SoundKey unlocks your audio, by accessing the raw digital files on your device and processes them using our special hi-fi DAC and amplifier. The analogue music output from soundKey delivers much more detail, more impact, greater precision and a good dollup of WOW.

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  • Chord Mojo Case

    Designed for the music loving Smartphone owner, Mojo is the ultimate portable DAC/Amp that can be carried anywhere. And now, Mojo has a world-class case to match its multi-award winning credentials. With a strong soft to the touch polyurethane construction, microfibre interior, genuine leather external wrap, and convenient carry strap you can be sure that your investment is protected wisely. An added benefit of the case is that Mojos buttons have even more protection around them which helps to stop unwanted pressing. Learn More

    Regular Price: $150.00

    Special Price $139.00

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  • Chord Mojo XL Case

    Our official Chord case is the original and best companion for your Mojo Poly combination, protecting it from scrapes, bumps, and drops. Learn More

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price $175.00

  • Chord Mojo Cable Pack

    We have some great news for all you Mojo owners, and prospective owners, because our new To Get You Started Mojo Cable Pack is now ready to be ordered from your local Chord retailer. We've put together a comprehensive package to accommodate most devices, which even includes our first module; the USB adapter block, which makes connecting Mojo with an OTG cable or 'Lightning to USB Camera Adapter' easier than ever before. Simply plug the adapter into Mojo, plug your Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter into the USB port, and you're ready to go. Learn More

  • Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100

    Digital to Analogue Converter

    Thanks to a Wolfson 24-bit DAC, a 24-bit/96kHz driverless USB Audio 1.0 input and S/PDIF and TosLink digital inputs, the DacMagic 100 takes the sound from your computer, iPod, TV and other digital devices and adds detail, depth and added clarity to give you a true audio experience.

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  • M2Tech Hi-Face Two

    Compact size (2x2.2x10.2cm) with hi-end performances hiFace Two USB interface has been conceived to further improve the performance and ease of use of the acclaimed and award-winning hiFace Learn More

  • M2Tech Hi Face Dac

    Compact size (2x1.4x8.8cm) with hi-end performance hiFace DAC has been conceived to make hi-end equipment performance at hand to budget-conscious audiophiles, without any compromise. One hiFace DAC and a laptop, Mac Mini or even an iPad make for a hi-end music file source at the cost of a middle range digital interconnect. Learn More
  • Chord Mojo

    Chord's Hugo re-defined what one could expect from a portable DAC/Headphone amp. Now it's little sibling is here to blow minds in a smaller chassis. Learn More

    Regular Price: $799.00

    Special Price $599.00

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  • Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus

    Digital to Analogue Converter & Preamplifier

    The DacMagic Plus has fantastic new features including wireless device connectivity and stunning audio performance from music of all formats. Thanks to twin DACs it instantly improves audio fidelity from all your favourite digital products allowing you to make your computer, TV, Blu-ray player and other devices a true part of your hi-fi system.

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    Regular Price: $699.00

    Special Price $628.00

  • Cambridge Audio One Music System

    Available in Black or White

    All in One Music System

    A compact hi-fi quality system that allows you to stream music from a variety of sources thanks to multiple digital inputs, Bluetooth connectivity and a DAB+ radio tuner. Featuring a class AB amplifier and a Wolfson WM8728 digital to analogue converter, the One outputs 30W per channel, making all your music sound the way it should.

    You no longer have to choose between convenience and sound quality, because the One uses high end components and engineering to provide hi-fi quality sound for all inputs. Using an advanced digital to analogue converter and transformer (see below), you’ll enjoy all of the drama your music has to offer played at an impressive 30 watts per channel. This premium quality digital to analogue converter draws incredible detail out of every type of music.

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    Regular Price: $899.00

    Special Price $849.00

  • Astell & Kern AK70 MKII Digital Audio Player

    The AK70MKII's DAC, based on market-proven CS4398 chips of Cirrus Logic, has been used for years in Hi-Fi audios and the second-generation Astell&Kern devices. Learn More

  • Chord Poly (Free $200 case if bought with Mojo)

    Poly is a portable music streamer/player that combines with Mojo to wirelessly stream from connected devices and playback from its Micro SD, all with smartphone control. It enables hi-fi sound quality at home or on-the-go, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay and network connectivity and upgrades headphone, car and home audio performance Learn More
  • Denon DA-300USB

    Denon launched thier flagship SACD player in Japan only. It seems sad for the rest of us, but honestly, no one is buying SACD here much any more. Keeping that in mind, they took all the bits unrelated to spinning discs, and crammed them into a small desktop sized case. The DA-300USB DSD DAC and headphone amp is born! Learn More
  • Rotel RDD-1580

    Built with yesterday’s concern for stunning sound quality but designed for today’s increasingly complex digital world, the RDD-1580 offers a first rate combination of superior sonics and convenience. Learn More
  • Rotel T14 Streamer & Tuner

    This is not just any old tuner. While the T14 can receive classic analogue FM stations, it has also been designed to take advantage of Digital Audio Broadcasts (DAB+), as well as all popular internet streaming services. That’s a lot of options, but Rotel’s T14 makes selecting them as simple as the touch of a button. The 30 FM and DAB+ presets provide easy access to all of your favourite music stations. A near endless supply of music sources are supported by the T14 using the DTS Play-Fi iOS and Android Apps including Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Rhapsody, Amazon Music, Deezer and more. Your listening options for radio broadcasts have never been more varied or available at such high quality.

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  • Rega Dac-R

    We're pretty sure Rega is onto another winner here... Learn More
  • Denon Heos AVR

    The first 5.1-channel AV receiver to drive your favorite speakers and any HEOS wireless speaker as surround channels. Powerful class D amplification encased in cutting-edge design.

    The HEOS AVR is not only a top-notch home entertainment component, it is a design statement. Its aluminum chassis is unparalleled in the world of AV-receivers.

    No doubt, that the HEOS AVR is also completely future-proof with the latest HDMI standards. Four HDMI 2.0a/HDCP 2.2 inputs make sure that you can enjoy your movies in 4K Ultra HD. Regarding sound, you can count on Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio.


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  • Marantz HD DAC1

    If you are going to be a reclusive introvert escaping reality inside a pair of Hd800 or similar headphones then make the most of the experience by playing them through a dedicated amp like this ... simply gorgeous with wood panelling and retro Chatsworth California styling and ridiculously solid build. If only it had VU Meters like the fantastic Oppo ... Learn More
  • Rotel RC-1572 Pre Amplifier

    The heart of an uncompromising audiophile stereo “separates” system is the preamplifier. Separate components hold the promise of the best possible fidelity, since each device is optimised for its role in the sound reproduction chain. The new RC-1572 stereo preamplifier leverages the design of our flagship RC-1590 preamplifier including its 32bit/768kHz AKM stereo digital-to-analog converter to handle critical signal conversion. Among many refinements, the RC-1572 utilises relay switching for analog sources instead of an IC based switch to maintain the integrity of the signal path for RCA, phono and XLR inputs. Learn More

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  • Musical Fidelity MX-DAC

    After years of patient research and development, we are proud to launch our MX-DAC with DSD. With its technical innovation, superb technical performance and excellent build quality, the new MX DAC offers truly outstanding value for money.

    The MX-DAC is a tremendous performer. It has ultra low distortion, very wide bandwidth and low noise. The technical performance of the MX-DAC is on a par with any other DAC at any price. Jitter is about 12pps, s/n ratio is -116dB (‘A’ weighted), linearity is +0.2dB at -116dB, stereo separation is -104dB at 1kHz, frequency response is ruler flat and distortion is 0.00025% at 1kHz and 0.0003% at 20kHz. These technical figures are state-of-the-art and show that our implementation is almost perfect, to ensure completely neutral and accurate digital-to-analogue conversion of any digital input.

    The MX DAC has inputs for: 2 x coax (up to 24bit 192 kHz PCM), 2 x optical (up to 24bit 192kHz PCM) and asynchronous USB up to 24bit 192 kHz PCM as well as DSD 64 and DSD 128.

    Also, all inputs whether from coax, optical or USB, are processed in the DSD domain. This desirable feature gives a warmth and humanity to the sound that simple digital conversion doesn’t achieve.

    The MX DAC has both single ended and balanced outputs.

    The new MX range has beautiful aesthetics and wonderful build quality. The front panel and housing are both from exclusive custom-made extrusions using mil-spec aluminium.

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  • Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    Cambridge have really lifted their game in the streaming sector. The CXN represents incredible value for money & with 21 software engineers now currently employed the user interface 7 app support is much improved from the previous Streammagic 6 Learn More
  • Marantz ND8006

    Marantz design engineers have taken everything we learned in developing the Premium Range and applied it to this first-of-its-kind, exquisite player. Introducing "The Complete Digital Music Source Player". The ND8006 delivers renowned Marantz sound from literally unlimited music sources, including online music services, HEOS multi-room technology, locally stored high-resolution audio files, CD audio playback, AirPlay, Bluetooth and more. Easily upgrade any existing audio system to the best of Digital music - along with a mega-portion of versatility. Wherever and however your favourite music is stored, you can now enjoy it in pure Marantz quality. Because Music Matters. Learn More

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    Special Price $1,990.00

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  • Musical Fidelity M3s CD Player

    The M3scd has been designed to give outstanding CD reproduction and to be a digital hub. In addition to CD it has 3 digital inputs: coax, optical and asynchronous USB. This makes it particularly useful for set top boxes and/or TV sound improvement. The technical performance is excellent; it has very low distortion, extremely low jitter, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, extremely flat frequency response, exemplary linearity and excellent channel separation. All in all the M3scd gives excellent CD replay and can act as a versatile digital hub at the same time. Learn More

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  • Chord Qutest. Advanced compact DAC, a tiny bit of gorgeous ...

    Qutest is the latest evolution of Chord Electronics’ most affordable standalone DAC, the multi-award-winning 2Qute, which it directly replaces. Qutest is uniquely equipped to bring the benefits of Chord Electronics’ acclaimed proprietary hardware and software technology to a wide range of connected devices. Learn More
  • Roksan K3 DAC

    A remarkably comprehensive DAC that features PCM and DSD capability, plus the addition of Roksan’s own unique wireless K-Link technology.

    The K3 DAC is one of the most unique products in the Roksan range. To ensure its superior sonic performance and flexibility, extensive research and development has forged it into a superb sounding audiophile DAC that meets the highest specification possible whilst maintaining a user-friendly interface. It has a wide range of inputs and will decode both high resolution PCM and DSD information, so is technically advanced yet boasts ease-of-use and a stylish modern, aesthetic – in this respect it epitomizes the K3 Series’ idiom: Style. Performance. Function.

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  • Cambridge Audio 851C

    I think it's safe to say that manufacturers don't see a massive future in the compact disc. It must be getting harder to sell a standalone CD player these days, so we are seeing more and more products like this: CD players with a built in DAC. But Troy, I hear you say, "CD players have always had a built in DAC." Well, yes, yes they have, but but we're now seeing CD players shipping with digital inputs so you can pipe other digital sources through your DAC. Learn More
  • Roksan K3 CD Player

    The Roksan K3 CD player sits between the K2 and M2 CD players by Roksan. Building on the superb K2 CD player, the new Roksan K3 features a heavily overhauled circuit design that gives a fuller & wider soundstage than the K2. The perfect match for the new Roksan K3 amplifier, this CD player exemplifies everything that is good about affordable British hi-fi. Specifications in full; Premium hi-fi CD player Perfect match for the K3 Integrated Amplifier Learn More

    Regular Price: $2,800.00

    Special Price $2,550.00

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  • Cambridge Audio 851N....Flagship network Player

    The pinnacle of digital and streaming performance – the 851N is the ultimate network player. It’s features include; 24-bit/384kHz upsampling from all sources, native 24-bit/192kHz playback, USB, digital audio inputs and streaming over wi-fi including UPnP and NAS drives, Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay, and DSD.


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  • Denon DCD1600NE

    Denon is one of the rare audio brands that continued to actively develop Hi-Fi components and accumulate, refine, and pass down Hi-Fi audio technologies. The DCD-1600NE focuses on achieving the essence of a disc player: ultra-high precision in reading discs and supplying high-quality audio signals to the amp. To achieve this, the signal paths are as short as possible and the whole circuitry is minimized. The engineers also redesigned the disc drive mechanism brackets and the chassis to eliminate vibration, the great enemy of disc players, and achieve ultra-vibration-resistant performance. The information on the disc is now read with impeccable accuracy and a clean, high-grade signal is supplied to the DCD-1600NE’s Advanced AL32 Processing Plus circuitry. Besides CD and Super Audio CD playback, the DCD features playback of audio recordings up to PCM192/24 or DSD5.6 recorded on a DVD R/RW for full flexibility and extended access to high resolution audio.

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  • Musical Fidelity M6CD

    Black unit. Ex display. Comes complete with box and accesories. Full warranty applies

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    Regular Price: $4,495.00

    Special Price $2,950.00

  • Rotel RA-1592 Integrated Amplifier......The AMG of Rotels

    The RA-1592 Integrated Amplifier is exactly that component. It leverages the strengths of our award winning RC-1590 preamplifier and RB-1582 MKII power amplifier in a sleek single chassis design. With a powerful 200 watt per channel Class AB amplifier using high performance audio grade components, the RA-1592 can effortlessly drive large speaker systems. The impressive Rotel manufactured toroidal transformer is a key element in the power supply design which also includes custom slit-foil storage capacitors and a dual-monoblock topology. All of this helps to ensure the amplifier performance stands up to even the most complex music and real world playback conditions. Learn More

    Regular Price: $3,499.00

    Special Price $3,079.00

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  • Rega Saturn R CD player ... warmth and musical maturity

    Is it a CD player, or a DAC in disguise? The latest iteration of the Saturn looks to the future, looking towards that day when CD is no longer top of the digital food chain. Thanks to a suite of digital inputs including twin coax, optical and asynchronous USB, the Saturn will still be producing music long after you stop spinning CD's. How does it sound? Rega's high standards are in full effect here, with a sweet lyrical mid-range and smooth tonal balance. We're quite smitten and we're sure you will be too.

    Rab uses a legacy version of this player on his personal Ambience loudspeake stereo system and found it to be an overwhelmingly positive upgrade when it was introduced to replace an older Cambridge model. The music was restored to warmth with body and engagement ... rather like a mythical Vinyl/valve expectation.

    "Hi-Fi Choice" on the Rega Saturn R.

    Rega Saturn R Official website.

    Learn More
  • Chord Hugo 2 (Free $200 Case while stocks last)..."The absolute icon of portable DAC in the history of mankind" ...

    It took a while to get here but its very good ....The Hugo 2 is uprated from the first version ... It's smaller and more expensive!

    The Hugo was a problem for us. It was so good that people stopped buying our other inventory of DACs. Although ostensibly a portable product it sounded so very lifelike that it was being used as the main engine in peoples home audio setups.

    This new one is just an exquisite bit of crafted alloy. When you hold it you dont want to let it go ... the glowing buttons while slightly Flash Gordon are delightful in operation and make perfect sense ... after a while.

    The Hugo 2 has four digital inputs. seven hours of battery life, and does the numbers up to 768KHz digital ...

    Official website for the Hugo 2

    "What Hi Fi?" on the Hugo 2

    "Hugo 2 user manual PDF


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  • PS Audio DirectStream Upgrade Kit

    Provided in store free of charge when you purchase the DirectStream upgrade kit Upgrade your PWD to a DirectStream.

    Built in Boulder Upgrade your PWD I or II to both Stereophile and Absolute Sound magazines’ product of the year, the new DirectStream DAC. Simple to install, includes complete instructions. Once the PWD’s insides have been removed and replaced with the DirectStream kit, your PerfectWave DAC will be identical to a new DirectStream.

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  • Roksan Caspian M2 CD Player

    The award winning Caspian CD Player has become one of the best-known products in British audio. Still the choice among many aficionados, it’s one of the finest players on the market for its price.

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  • Naim Uniti Atom – All-in-One Hi Fi Component Player with HDMI

    Uniti Atom is a beautiful, compact multi-source music player that will seduce you with its amazing sound quality and outstanding feature-set.

    "What Hi Fi?" loves it ....

    What Hi-Fi? October 8th 2018.

    Learn More

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  • Bryston BDA-2

    The Bryston BDA-2 is a state of the art external Stereo DAC (digital to analog converter) which delivers superb sonic performance through re-sampling and re-clocking of the digital input signal. The BDA-2 incorporates a new asynchronous USB input capable of 192/24bit resolution. It is compatible with CD Drives, Sound Cards, Computers, Music Servers, etc. Learn More
  • Chord Electronics Hugo TT (Last unit ex display in silver)

    So what if you take last years most successful mobile DAC and add a turntable to it? What wait - the TT doesn't stand for turntable? oh wait - Table Top... Now I get it.. So is born the Hugo TT, Chords latest immobile DAC. The Hugo has been a popular model not only amongst headphone afficianados - we sold a bunch to people planning on using them in their home hifi systems. Word must of gotten back to Chord HQ, as the Hugo TT is primed for your Hi-Fi rack. Learn More

    Regular Price: $6,800.00

    Special Price $4,650.00

  • Marantz SA14 Special Edition CD Player ... a piece of compact disc player gold for your living room

    One of the best CD Player DAC combination players we have the privilege of getting to play with ...

    At Carlton Audio Visual we often get those much loved clients who have a relationship with their music in the home that demands that every component that may be a candidate for inclusion is listened to at length in situ.

    We find that for these people who often have very advanced CD collections this Marantz piece of hewn metal is one the "most likely to succeed".

    Just like its brother in arms the PM-14 Amplifier this comes in Black or Gold with a 5mm aluminium top player and copper covering the power supply transistors. Available for audition in-store as a DAC or CD player.

    Official website for the Marantz SA14S1SE

    Nice review from "The Audiophilia" on the SA14

    Learn More
  • Cyrus Lyric all in one music system ...one with the lot please ...

    The Cyrus Lyric is an all in one system of epic proportions and features. Incorporating a 200w Cyrus amplifier, Cd player, Bluetooth, Digital and analogue inputs and outputs the Cyrus has the ability to power a pair of speakers at practically any performance level and with ease.

    Now with a lower price of $4499 bringing it in parity with the UK we think its a winner.

    "Hi Fi Choice" on the Cyrus Lyric

    "What Hi Fi?" on the Cyrus Lyric

    Try this with a pair of PMC twenty5 series loudspeakers for a touch of absolute bliss ...

    Learn More

    Available in Store

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