Thanks to interweb magics, it's now possible to listen to just about any piece of audio ever recorded whenever you feel like it. How good it sounds though, is going to depend on your streamer. Streamers connect to the internet, pull your music across the world (or your network) and play it back on demand. Streamers not only need to sound good, but they've got to help make it easy for you to find that Whitney Houston track late on a Saturday night after your fourth gin and tonic. Don't worry, your secret is safe with us.

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  • Cambridge Audio BT100

    This is a useful device that gives any amp or device with a USB input Bluetooth capability. For many of our clients this is a simple little upgrade to an amp to get some wireless functionality.

    Bluetooth is never as good as getting a streamer and using a Wi-Fi or internet connection for your Wireless music needs. If you're a bit more particular with sound quality or getting high resolution files, check out our range of streamers.

    Having said that, this is a useful device for filling a purpose.

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  • Heos Link HS2

    The HEOS Link HS2 is part of the HEOS wireless multi-room sound system that enables you to enjoy your favorite music anywhere and everywhere around your home. By utilizing your existing wireless home network and the HEOS app on your iOS or Android device, you can explore, browse, and play music from your own music library, from online streaming music services, and from thousands of internet radio stations.

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  • Bluesound Powernode display unit for $600

    1 unit, ex display. Comes with full warranty


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  • Heos Amp HS2

    The HEOS Amp is designed to add HEOS multi-room audio functionality to a pair of stereo speakers, and features the same wireless ease of use as our self-powered HEOS speaker models.

    Featuring advanced Class D digital amplification, the HEOS Amp delivers 100 watts maximum power per channel, with lowest distortion and high current capability that provides reliable and stable operation with lower impedance speakers, including 4 ohms models.

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  • Chord Poly (Free $200 case if bought with Mojo)

    Poly is a portable music streamer/player that combines with Mojo to wirelessly stream from connected devices and playback from its Micro SD, all with smartphone control. It enables hi-fi sound quality at home or on-the-go, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay and network connectivity and upgrades headphone, car and home audio performance Learn More
  • Rotel T14 Streamer & Tuner

    This is not just any old tuner. While the T14 can receive classic analogue FM stations, it has also been designed to take advantage of Digital Audio Broadcasts (DAB+), as well as all popular internet streaming services. That’s a lot of options, but Rotel’s T14 makes selecting them as simple as the touch of a button. The 30 FM and DAB+ presets provide easy access to all of your favourite music stations. A near endless supply of music sources are supported by the T14 using the DTS Play-Fi iOS and Android Apps including Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Rhapsody, Amazon Music, Deezer and more. Your listening options for radio broadcasts have never been more varied or available at such high quality.

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  • Roon Nucleus Music Server

    The Nucleus is the simplest way to get the Roon experience into your audio system. There's no need to slow down your own computers by loading the software. The Nucleus becomes your 'Core' and meets the requirements of Roon specifically now and into the future. This Unit has no fans, no parts or other nasties that are detrimental to an audiophile signal. Learn More
  • Cyrus Stream Xa

    I was going to write something about the ubiquity of digital music and the need for high quality decoding and blah blah blah, you've heard it all before. So I thought instead I'd talk about how we love Cyrus, how wonderful it sounds and how our customer go bonkers for it. Wait, you've heard all that too? It's like I'm running out of things to say, because Cyrus have launched yet another awesome digital product; it streams, it's a DAC and we love it. This one stands out because of how versatile it is: Maybe your looking for a high quality DAC to upgrade your aging CD player, or maybe you want to stream internet radio through your system. You can control it with the Cyrus Cadence app, or the sort of nifty n-Remote (now optional if you don't need it..). And we know you will love it when you hear it - Cyrus has been killing it in the digital audio space for the past decade, and the Stream Xa shows why the Hi-Fi mags rave on so much. Learn More

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  • Cyrus Stream X Signature, Streaming transport (without a DAC)

    Nowadays alot of avid music listeners have separate DACs or individually accesible in their CD players that they're crazy about, so it makes sense to use those DACs and upgrade the insides of the actual streaming source componentry to make it better.

    Cleaning up the streaming source, when done right, also has an incredible effect on your system; and Cyrus does it right.

    It oozes musicality and will give you more detail and a deeper sense of silence.

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  • Marantz ND8006

    Marantz design engineers have taken everything we learned in developing the Premium Range and applied it to this first-of-its-kind, exquisite player. Introducing "The Complete Digital Music Source Player". The ND8006 delivers renowned Marantz sound from literally unlimited music sources, including online music services, HEOS multi-room technology, locally stored high-resolution audio files, CD audio playback, AirPlay, Bluetooth and more. Easily upgrade any existing audio system to the best of Digital music - along with a mega-portion of versatility. Wherever and however your favourite music is stored, you can now enjoy it in pure Marantz quality. Because Music Matters. Learn More
  • Devialet Phantom Premier - Classic

    Every time we think we've got this Hi-Fi thing figured out, something comes along that forces us to reassess the conventions.

    The Phantom is a genuine rethink of the transducer using all that's available in 21st century technology.

    You only have to hear one once to know how different this is and how simply much more capable as a loudspeaker than anything else that is available that pretends to be a wireless loudspeaker speaker with built instreaming.

    This is what other wireless loudspeakers want to be when they grow up. However they can only ever aspire to the beauty and performance endemic to the Devialet Phantom

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  • Cambridge Audio 851N, Flagship network Player

    The pinnacle of digital and streaming performance – the 851N is the ultimate network player. It’s features include; 24-bit/384kHz upsampling from all sources, native 24-bit/192kHz playback, USB, digital audio inputs and streaming over wi-fi including UPnP and NAS drives, Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay, DSD and Tidal. Learn More

  • Cyrus Lyric all in one music system ...EX-DEMO

    The Cyrus Lyric is an all in one system of epic proportions and features. Incorporating a 200w Cyrus amplifier, Cd player, Bluetooth, Digital and analogue inputs and outputs the Cyrus has the ability to power a pair of speakers at practically any performance level and with ease.

    Now with a lower price of $4499 bringing it in parity with the UK we think its a winner.

    "Hi Fi Choice" on the Cyrus Lyric

    "What Hi Fi?" on the Cyrus Lyric

    Try this with a pair of PMC twenty5 series loudspeakers for a touch of absolute bliss ...

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  • Auralic Aries G1 Wireless Streaming Transporter

    The Auralic Aries G1 is a new addition to the stable here at Carlton Audio Visual and it's been an impressive one!

    It is 'only' a transport so you'll need to pair it with a high quality DAC. But as with everything in the Hi-Fi world when you can separate out the components, you can maximise the sound quality. Separate power supplies and separate chassis, so individual circuits don't inadvertently interfere with one another, are crucial.

    This unit is the successor to the original Auralic Aries and it has big boots to fill. Many consider that unit to be what brought Hi-res network streaming to the discerning world of the everyday Audiophile. But the Aries G1 is certainly up to the job.

    So how to describe how this streaming transport sounds. The best way to describe it is resolving. A cleaness and a delicacy in the music is revealed.

    A truly stunning piece of kit and will be the unit of choice for those passionate about their music and needing an excellent quality streaming device that's not up at the $10K mark.


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  • Devialet Phantom Premier - Silver

    If you thought you needed large floor standing speakers and a rack of power amps to get true power and dynamics, then the Silver Phantom will shock you.

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  • Linn Majik DSM

    A true one box solution: the powerful combination of network music player, pre-amp and power amp, all in a single box is hard to beat.

    Majik DSM can handle anything you throw at it, whether you're playing music from the cloud or using one of its 15 inputs to plug in your 4K TV. A powerful Linn Chakra 90 Watt amplifier completes the package and with Exakt Links on board you can even upgrade to Exakt in the future.

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  • Auralic Vega G1 - Streaming DAC

    Vega in the Auralic range was once purely a DAC, it is now a streamer and DAC built into one chassis. And it's an all-encompassing front end, if there ever was one. This unit is perfect for people who maybe have a stand alone CD player and/or a Turntable but want to delve into the world of streaming.

    If you already have an excellent DAC or your CD player has digital ins, then the Aries series may be the way to go. Otherwise Vega has you covered with a superior DAC and overall exceptional build quality.

    This attention to detail in the build equates to a sound that is highly resolving and uniquely musical!

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  • Cambridge Audio Edge NQ Preamplifier with Network Player

    Cambridge Audio have excelled themselves with this preamplifier. It is a unique product with a balance of digital and analogue facilities and performance that shows genuine innovation in a product sector that is normally deliberately hidebound by convention.

    What Hi-Fi? on the Edge Preamp

    Cambridge Audio Official site


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  • PS Audio DirectStream DAC ($9860 with Bridge II streamer)

    We're huge fans of the digital magic that the folks over at PS Audio weave. From the first moment we heard the Perfect Wave, we knew there was some black magic under the bonnet. Now with the DirectStream, PS Audio have taken it to another level, producing one of the most fluent music communicators we've heard in quite some time.

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  • Musical Fidelity Encore 225 Integrated Amplifier Streaming Music System

    UPDATE - Now with Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal streaming and major NAS drive support! The Encore 225 is a complete audio solution allowing you to keep all your music in one place. It accepts almost any conceivable analog or digital audio source. It is also compatible with many network speakers, such as Sonos. There is a very clear, large, high resolution full colour display so you can see what’s going on. Learn More

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