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The cartridge IS the source in your vinyl system. Everything else on the turntable exists to support it in doing its job. That job is to turn that groove carved in wax into an electrical signal that your system can play back. From moving magnets to moving coils, we’ve got some of the most amazing musical devices on the planet in stock. 

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  • Sumiko Black Pearl High Output MM Cartridge

    The Black Pearl is a moving magnet phono cartridge with alloy cantilever and bonded spherical stylus, 4.0 mV output. Learn More

  • Sumiko Oyster High Output MM Cartridge

    Moving magnet phono cartridge with alloy cantilever. Bonded spherical stylus, 4.0 mV output. Learn More
  • Rega Planar Performance Pack for Planar 2


    Want to take the performance of your multi award winning Planar 2 turntable to the next level? The Performance Pack can be purchased as an aftermarket kit designed specifically for the Planar.

    Included in the pack:

    • Bias 2 moving magnet cartridge
    • Upgrade drive belt
    • 100% natural wool turntable mat
    Learn More

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price $179.00

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  • Rega Elys 2 MM Cartridge......Handmade in the U.K

    A multi award winning, hand built moving magnet cartridge with three point mounting system.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $250.00

    Special Price $220.00

    Available in Store

  • Sumiko Pearl High Output MM Cartridge

    Moving magnet phono cartridge with alloy cantilever, bonded elliptical stylus and 4.0mV output. Learn More
  • Ortofon 2M Blue

    The 2M Blue is a general improvement to everything offered by the 2M Red below it. It's the ultimate upgrade to almost any mid level turn table. Attach it to the end of your tone arm to see what your 'table is really capable of. The Blue steps up to a nude eliptical diamond (not as rude as it sounds) and split pole pin motor. Learn More
  • Ortofon Quintet Red MC

    The Quintet Red is a perfect introduction to the world of Ortofon moving coils.

    It features an Elliptical diamond which is cut and polished to Ortofon’s standards.

    This entry-level MC cartridge has very high price-to-performance ratio and is a perfect all-rounder for the newcomers to the world of Moving Coil cartridges.

    MC Quintet Red is an all-purpose cartridge that delivers open, dynamic sound with a slight touch of warmth.

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    Regular Price: $449.00

    Special Price $377.00

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  • Denon DL110 High Output MC Cartridge


    Output voltage1.6 mV

    Frequency range20 Hz - 45 kHz

    Output impedance160 ohms

    Weight4.8 g

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    Regular Price: $449.00

    Special Price $379.00

  • Denon DL103 High Output MC cartridge......An Original Classic

    Denon's classic cartridge, the DL-103, has been an industry standard for decades.

    The DL-103, the low-output moving coil has been made by Denon uninterrupted, and unchanged, for the broadcast markets since, 1962.

    Providing smooth response in many Hi-Fi systems, the DL-103 gives a pleasing sound and brings out the full detailof audio performances.

    The DL-103 gives you body and soul at a bargain price.

    The Denon has an unusual combination of output and impedance specs, which are 0.3mV and 40 ohms, respectively.

    The DL103 compliance is quite low, and its stylus profileis conical

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    Regular Price: $429.00

    Special Price $389.00

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  • Denon DL103R High Output MC cartridge

    The DL-103R is an updated version of the classic DL-103. It provides improved sound by using 6N copper coils wound with precision to the cantilever shaft. Audio lovers will delight with detail that is brought out by this outstanding phono cartridge.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $549.00

    Special Price $465.00

  • Rega Exact MM Cartridge

    Hand built moving magnet cartridge with three point mounting system and Vital profile diamond stylus with zero tolerance channel balance. Learn More

    Regular Price: $550.00

    Special Price $475.00

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  • Ortofon Quintet Blue MC

    The Quintet Blue is a very homogeneous cartridge The Quintet Blue's sound image will tend to more smooth reproduction compared to Quintet Red and moderate dynamic strength compared to Quintet Bronze. It features a Nude Elliptical diamond mounted on an aluminium cantilever. The Quintet Blue will bring more space, depth and detail into the sound and is a very good choice for any kind of music, especially rhythmic. Learn More

    Regular Price: $699.00

    Special Price $579.00

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  • Ortofon 2M Bronze

    The 2M Bronze really steps up and shows you what you were missing form your favorite music. It has a way of pulling oodles of detail off a record and tracking that groove like a bloodhound. It sports a Fine Line diamond to read the grooves better, while minimizing wear over time. Learn More
  • Soundsmith Otello Moving Iron Cartridge

    Our entry level design captures more than its share of recorded beauty —by design. Big soundstage, detail and resolution at an affordable price.

    The Otello is Soundsmith’s entry level Fixed Coil design, realizing an affordable pathway into the world of high-performance cartridges. Built by hand like all Soundsmith cartridges, the Otello provides a perfect balance of tone and resolution at a great price. The result is a cartridge that is at ease with any type of music. Just slightly warmer than other Soundsmith designs, Otello yields a richness of timbre that is utterly beguiling with a level of speed and dynamic range that no other cartridge in this price. The result? A wonderful design that gives the warmth of MM and the light-footedness of Moving Iron design.

    Also available in dual-coil mono

    Learn More
  • Sumiko Blue Point No.2 High Output MC

    Offering exceptional performance and musicality at an affordable price the latest generation Blue Point No. 2 sets a new standard in its price class. Moving coil design, high output, 2.5-mV, alloy cantilever, Blue Point-cut elliptical diamond stylus, and standard 1/2" mounting. Learn More
  • Ortofon Quintet Bronze MC

    The Quintet Bronze moves into the higher league of the Quintets.

    The slim profile of its Nude Fine Line diamond stylus will track even the highest frequency information, making it a must for discerning listeners.

    Additionally its larger footprint ensures reduced distortion and record wear.

    The sound will be very evenhanded with respect to all aspects. Classical music will be reproduced with power and open space around each of the instruments.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $999.00

    Special Price $839.00

  • Ortofon Hi-Fi SPU Classic N Moving Coil Cartridge

    The SPU Classic N is sold without the integrated headshell unit.
    The SPU Classic N is a Moving Coil (MC) cartridge with an 18µm spherical stylus profile.
    Listeners who wish to mount the SPU Classic on a traditional headshell may do so by using SPU N adaptor. Those with vintage SPU-type headshells can use the Classic N to recreate an authentic and functional SPU cartridge. 

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $999.00

    Special Price $940.00

    Available to Special Order

  • Sumiko Blue Point Special EVO III Low Output

    The evolution of the ever-popular Blue Point Special, the EVO III raises the performance bar even higher at this highly competitive price point. Its tonal balance is remarkably smooth, exhibiting a fundamental richness and overall warmth without sacrificing musical detail and resolution. Sound stage focus and channel separation are exemplary, as is the cartridges’ ability to maintain a coherent consistency that reproduces music as a perceptual whole. Low-output moving coil design with .5mV output. Chemically coated aluminum cantilever with 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical stylus. Ultra low-resonance open generator design. Resonance controlled mounting system provides the lowest mechanical impedance. Highly compatible with most modern tonearms. Learn More
  • Rega Ania MC Cartridge

    The newest member of the Rega MC cartridge range the Ania was inspired by the success of the Apheta 2 and Aphelion MC cartridges. Using the same exceptionally complex hand wound micro coil found in the rest of the range, the Ania is housed in a unique PPS highly rigid body, ensuring accurate construction and Rega's three point fixing method ensuring optimum connection to the headshell and automatic setting for overhang. The new body is protected by a CAD designed, clear rigid cover to protect the internal fine wires, making handling whilst fitting, safe and risk free.The Ania features a super high-powered, neodymium magnet and a coil meticulously hand wound on to an iron cross. This miniature assembly allows us greater freedom to track the vinyl groove ensuring even more detail is extracted from the vinyl. All of these features combine to deliver a balanced and dynamic performance that will engage you with your vinyl like never before.The Ania is the perfect partner for the Planar 3, Planar 6 or RP8 turntables. Factory fitted options for some models are available Please ask your retailer for details. Learn More
  • Ortofon 2M Black

    The 2M Black is Ortofon just plain showing off. The Shibata diamond stylus is something special. Its vaguely knife-shaped profile gets deep into the grooves of your records and digs up detail and warmth that you didn't know was ever there before. There's no finer moving magnet cartridge on the market. Learn More

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