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  • Furutech AU3112-N1 (Gold or Rhodium Plated) 24k Gold Plated Conductor for Australia/New Zealand

    FURUTECH FI-AU3112-N1 Gold and Rhodium plated Australian AC power plugs

    The only high-performance audio grade Australian/New Zealand power connector currently available. Full local approval, this is the connector you want on the end of your high quality power cables for your audio & AV systems!

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  • Cyrus PSX-R2

    This is cyrus's updated version of its good old faithful, the PSX-R. It runs quieter and divulges more detail than its predecessor. It's a dramatic improvement to any piece of cyrus kit. Learn More
  • Naim FlatCap XS Power Supply

    Naim is one of those iconic british brands that has helped defined a generation of english HiFi. Their sound has always been clear and devastatingly musical. A crucial aspect of their philosophy and how they achieve this is with their external power supplies. 

    A separate power supply works to decrease the noise floor thereby increasing what you hear from the musical performance. But it's not simply more detail that you hear. Getting rid of that extra noise or interferance means that the tonal balance of an amplifier or source is heard more in the way it was intended. It can produce a more rounded effect on the treble getting rid of the annoying brittleness we hear. To many listeners this gives components more 'warmth'. 


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  • PS Audio DirectStream PowerPlant 12

    The P12 Powerplant. The best way to do power regeneration. Clean up your HiFi!

    We have many customers who have good existing HiFi systems and especially recently with Lockdowns and spending more time at home listening to their systems, they ask 'what's my next step? I want something better. But do I really have to spend big on a new amp? Or is it more worthwhile getting new speakers?' Yes, these are questions facing the priveleged with cash to spend in these uncertain times.

    The obvious answer to these dilemnas in our minds is a regenorator....not just your average power conditioner but a unit that will take the power off the wall and turn it into a perfect 230V sine wave minus the background hum of our modern urban environments.

    For those who LOVE a bit of hands on tech and physics, this unit will even show you what it's improving with its full colour touch display on the front panel. You can measure the distortion that's coming off the wall using a built in THD analyser and oscilloscope and see the improvements that it's making.

    And for those who are simply concerned about the music sounding better, sit back and relax. You here more articulation. The beginning and ending of bowed notes in a string orchestra are discernible and there in all their glory. The die out of piano notes seem to disolve into an inky blackness and dynamics are bigger. 

    Check out PS Audio's offical website here

    Please note the Australian specifications for this unit are different to the American ones as the unit is designed to take Australian Voltage off the wall. For the Australian market, the P12 has 4 outputs.

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  • PS Audio PowerPlant 15

    This is where power get serious. 9 power outlets delivering perfect AC sine wave to your precious HiFI. 

    Sonically this can be a bigger difference than getting a new amplifier. We've had many HiFi enthusiasts blown away by the detail and the largeness of the sound that this delivers. 

    And so many cool features to play with as well. You can measure the distortion and the improvements that the unit makes, you can set timed switch on and switch off sequences for your gear, measure output voltages, switch on/off certain zones. The geek in us all does a little happy dance with all the options.

    But the real selling point is the sound. You don't realise how much of the power supply you hear through your speakers until it's not there anymore. 

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  • PS Audio PowerPlant P20, 3600 watt 10 Amp mains regenerator

    They call it the inky blackness hidden in the music ...

    The P20 is the ultimate cleanser for your mains power.

    Demanding systems require remarkable power. The DirectStream P20 Power Plant is the finest expression of the art of delivering protected, pure, regulated, distortion-free AC power.

    With peak power levels of 3600 watts, no equipment can tax the mighty P20. Finally, your most coveted components have the opportunity to unleash their full potential, no longer hindered by dynamic drops in AC caused by the unavoidable resistance of the miles of wiring between you and the power station.

    DirectStream P20 regulates both long-term fluctuations and peak dynamic without deviation, ensuring a solid foundation from which to build a state-of-the-art system. Its low output impedance and unhindered AC delivery are equivalent to less than 50 feet of 12 gauge wire connected directly to your city power source without the connecting miles of wire, the many transformers, and the multiple neighbors weakening and contaminating your power.

    The most demanding music systems require nothing less than the P20.

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  • Isotek Mosaic Genesis

    Available in store for audition. IsoTek’s EVO3 Mosaic Genesis is a state of the art hybrid power cleaning system, combining the full mains sine wave generation system seen in our Ultimate Series Genesis, combined with the high current, low impedance Direct Coupled Design circuit from the ward winning Titan. 

    The EVO3 Mosaic Genesis offers audio or audio visual systems a massive leap forwards in terms of performance. Expect to have a significant expansion of the sound stage, with incredible openness and transparency. The Direct Coupled Design technology, allows for low impedance high current delivery to two dedicated outlets. These are specifically designed for power amplifiers, active loudspeakers or sub woofers.

    EVO3 Mosaic Genesis is an easy to install full system upgrade.

    Housed in a machined aluminium chassis with fully functional display showing in coming voltage, THD and mains frequency and outgoing voltage, THD and power consumption.

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  • Isotek Evo3 Super Titan 20 Amp

    IsoTek’s EVO3 Super Titan represents (probably) the most powerful power cleaning system in the world, specifically designed for high end power amplifiers. The device is capable of running at 32A with the correct input feed. The Super Titan will dramatically lower noise floor, give greater soundstage with enhanced separation between instruments, a greater sense of air, space and overall timing. Bass will become deeper, yet more articulate allowing you to hear and almost touch a more holographic soundstage.

    Housed in a machined aluminium case with full resonance control isolation system (ISIS) EVO3 Super Titan is a statement product that totally redefines what is possible with the cleaning of the mains supply.

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  • Isotek Evo3 Genesis

    IsoTek’s EVO3 Genesis is the state of the art power sine wave generation system. Two 300W class A/B power amplifiers in combination with an extremely low distortion synchronous sine wave generator totally build a brand new full mains sine wave, giving a total output of 600W.

    Housed in a machined aluminium case with full resonance control isolation system (ISIS) Genesis is a statement product that totally redefines what is possible with the cleaning of the mains supply.

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