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  • Denon AVR-X550BT

    A simple yet effective surround sound receiver that's great value. Built in Bluetooth and all necessary digital connections. Learn More

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    Special Price $498.00

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  • Q Acoustics 3000i series loudspeakers now on demonstration

    Now on demonstration ... the latest update to this now very established range of speakers promises to make some serious inroads into the mainstream brands.

    I feel that the walnut finish in particular is of exceptional quality and style and will have particular success for its aesthetic alone.

    The 3000i Series is an evolution of the 3000 Series, which has undergone a number of innovative improvements intended to bring about significant enhancements in both sonic performance and aesthetics from the already established and highly awarded range. The 3000i Series forms the core Hi-Fi loudspeaker offering from Q Acoustics.

    The Official Q Acoustics 3000i series website

    Some Q Acoustics reviews:

    CNet on the 3050i floorstanding speakers

    "The Ear" on the 3050i floorstanding speakers

    "What Hi-Fi?" on the 3010i Cinema Pack

    "Long Live Vinyl" on the 3010i bookshelf Speaker

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  • Panasonic DP-UB820 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player

    Panasonic's 4K PRO HDR model Ultra HD Blu-ray Player features an HCX Processor for Ultra HD Blu-ray packed with original imaging technologies for stunning picture quality. The precise colours and HDR reproduction that form the essential elements of Ultra HD are the basis of high-definition images. They bring you a whole new viewing experience that you've never had before.

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    Special Price $595.00

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  • Krix Equinox Mk3 bookshelf speaker

    We're proud to once again be representing this fine Australian product. Krix have been shaking up the cinema world for years, developing high quality horn systems for commercial installations. The Equinox is a no-nonsense bookshelf speaker, delivering supreme thrills for little coin. Plus, the finish is gorgeous, with high quality realwood veneers. And your money stays local, with this product being full assembled in South Australia! Learn More
  • Marantz NR1509 Surround Sound Receiver

    With a slim profile that never sacrifices performance for looks, the Marantz NR1509 AVR delivers 5.2 channels and high-resolution surround sound from Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. With 6 HDMI inputs — including one on the front panel — the NR1509 is fully compatible with the latest 4K Ultra HD video specifications, including 60 Hz full rate content, 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling, BT.2020, HDR and Dolby Vision. The NR1509 features a power amplifier section with high-current discrete transistors to support high-resolution audio. Enjoy your favorite music services via Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay or the HEOS app. Control NR1509 with your voice and Amazon Alexa — download the HEOS Home Entertainment skill and ask Alexa to play, pause or stop music, switch inputs for your different media players, turn up the volume and more. Learn More

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  • Denon AVR-X1500H

    Watch your favorite movies and shows with stunning clarity and sound with the Denon AVR-X1500H. The 7.2 channel AVR-X1500H supports Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X™ and DTS Virtual:X®, plus the latest video technologies such as 4K video passthrough, Dolby Vision™, HDR, HLG and HCDP 2.2 support on all six HDMI ports. Stream Spotify®, Pandora®, Tidal and more with built-in HEOS technology and control the AVR with your voice and Amazon Alexa compatibility. The AVR-X1500H has an award-winning set up experience — and with a more than 100-year history steeped in audio excellence, the AVR-X1500H is guaranteed to offer the sound audio-enthusiasts seek.

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  • Denon DRA-800H

    This is the Unit for everyone who needs the functionality and connectivity of a Surround Sound Receiver but not all those Speaker outputs. It's a 2 channel amp (with A + B speaker switch for a second set of speakers) with the latest HDMI connections as well as an Audio Return Channel (ARC for TV Audio), Dual Subwoofer pre-outs, Phono stage and Heos Streaming/Bluetooth/AirPlay. For alot of people, this is the answer to their Hi-Fi problems! Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,449.00

    Special Price $1,199.00

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  • Klipsch RP-600C

    Klipsch RP-600C Centre Channel Speaker delivers rich, clear and detail home theatre movie dialogue and musical voice. It features Klipsch proprietary Tractrix® horn-loaned Technology and dual 165 mm Copper-spun Cerametallic Woofer drivers with rear-firing Tractrix® port.

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  • Marantx SR5013 7.2 Channel Atmos Receiver (last one new boxed)

    So this is in the sweet spot of value vs performance. Other products are cheaper and sound just awful when you actually play something through them. Then there are many that are much more expensive that have facilities that you will never use and amplifier designs that although claiming more power simply don't subjectively perform as well as this does.

    With a current go price of $1500 the SR5013 ticks a lot of boxes with classic Marantz slightly retro looks but full on 4K Atmos Multi Zone Audio Streaming facilities.

    You can set this up like your Great Uncle's Sixties stereo amp and just use the volume and input selector knobs to play records ... or you can run it from its App control and use its Audysys Eq to room correct your 7.2 UHDR Cinema system.

    This is a particular favourite at Carlton Audio Visual

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,690.00

    Special Price $1,299.00

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  • Denon Heos AVR

    The first 5.1-channel AV receiver to drive your favorite speakers and any HEOS wireless speaker as surround channels. Powerful class D amplification encased in cutting-edge design.

    The HEOS AVR is not only a top-notch home entertainment component, it is a design statement. Its aluminum chassis is unparalleled in the world of AV-receivers.

    No doubt, that the HEOS AVR is also completely future-proof with the latest HDMI standards. Four HDMI 2.0a/HDCP 2.2 inputs make sure that you can enjoy your movies in 4K Ultra HD. Regarding sound, you can count on Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio.


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  • Marantz NR1609

    With a slim profile that doesn’t sacrifice performance for looks, the Marantz NR1609 7.2 channel AV receiver supports immersive, object-based audio and the latest HDMI specifications. Enjoy movies with three-dimensional audio through Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and DTS Virtual:X, and watch your favorite movies and shows in 4K 60Hz video, 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling, BT.2020, HDR and Dolby Vision. Enjoy your favorite music services via Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay or the HEOS app. Control NR1609 with your voice and Amazon Alexa — download the HEOS Home Entertainment skill and ask Alexa to play, pause or stop music, switch inputs for your different media players, turn up the volume and more. Learn More

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  • Denon AVRX2600H Seven Channel Home Cinema AV Receiver

    "Another year, another superb Denon AV Receiver" say What Hi-Fi? in their 5 star review on the AVRX2600. 


    This 2000 series of Denon surround amplifiers has been purveyed by Carlton Audio Visual since the original AVR2000 in 1993. That product marked Denons throwing down the guantlet into the very competitive burgeoning home cinema scene against Yamaha and this model has been at the cusp of Denons offering of sound quality and feature set since.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,899.00

    Special Price $1,299.00

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  • Krix Acoustix MK2 bookshelf loudspeakers

    A real sleeper in the marketplace. One Saturday morning recently we happened to leave a pair of these running in stereo with Adele playing through them and three groups of people bought them one after the other in a kind of Hi Fi feeding frenzy. They hadn't intended to buy loudspeakers but they were caught up by the energy and presence that the Acoustix are able to portray.

    Their secret is the D'Appolito configuration with large motor to cabinet ratio and an excellent tweeter with a cabinet that is immensely solid.

    Once when I was visiting the Krix factory in South Australia they demonstrated the cabinet integrity of the Acoustix by taking one off the production line and asking the nastiest largest Bikiest individual there to destroy it. Well Roy jumped on it, sledgehammerd it, threw it to the ground, dropped it out of a third story window onto concrete and really went for it with quite disconcerting violence.

    Unlike Mr Musk and the Tesla Cybertruck windows the Acoustix came out of this encounter unscathed except for surface and corner damage ....

    Versatility. That's the by word here. Krix's award winning bookshelf speaker has all the weight and presence of some competitor's floor standers, but still come in this lovely compact(ish) oblong case.

    The forward porting makes installation into cabinets easy without falling into the trap of port chuffing or booming that can be common in rear ported speakers. Oh, and they sound damn good too. While there's lots of detail to be had, they may not have the delicacy and ultra resolution of some low efficinecy European competitors. What they do have is rhythm, pace and slam that a speaker on a stand has no right to be able to produce. The Acoustix Mk2 is simply toe tapping fun. $1675 in a real wood veneer, or save a few dollars with black vinyl wrap at $1395.

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  • Denon AVRX1600H 7 channel Home Cinema Receiver

    The Denon 1600 Receiver has a huge feature set with very high performance for the money. 

    For a long time when Surround Receivers were the province of specialist stores Carlton Audio Visual was the prime purveyor of Denon Receivers in Australia. Those days have gone now with the brand entry models available through the chain stores but we still acknowledge Denon as the feature king of Home Cinema amplifiers.

    The official AVRX1600 website:


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  • Panasonic DP-UB9000 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player

    Introducing the UB-9000, Panasonic’s flagship 4K Blu-ray player. Building on their years of experience, the UB-9000 is ready to set new standards for video and audio quality in home cinema.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,799.00

    Special Price $1,649.00

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  • Marantz SR5014 Home Cinema Receiver

    We think this is where you step on the bandwagon of proper Hi Fi kit and decent theatre decoding. It's capable of carrying a respectable stereo performance as well as supporting a wide range of loudspeaker combinations in suround configuration.

    The SR5014 has that slightly retro Marantz aesthetic allied to the ubiquitous Denon Marantz GUI for set up that is utterly straightforward to use once commissioned. 

    This offers a warmer and smoother presentatuion in surround soiund than the competition with a finely nuanced stereo playback with good spatial presentation.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,990.00

    Special Price $1,780.00

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  • Marantz MM7025 2-Channel Power Amplifier

    The smallest of Marantz's Power Amplifier range. It's adaptable and can integrate into larger systems. Importantly it has a sonic warmth and the grit (140W RMS) to deliver control to your speakers. Learn More
  • Krix Phoenix Mk2

    Once upon a time twenty five years ago we sold a loudspeaker called the Krix Lyrix ... all Krix speakers have to end in ix by the way ... its a peculiarity they are allowed after being a successful business for forty years. The Lyrix was a fantastic D'Appolito florstanding loudspeaker in an era of humdrum "system" speakers that needed a serious enthusiast to understand their value. I recall how very good the wood finish of these speakers would smell when we unpacked them. The Phoenix ids the Lyrix evolved for the second decade of the 21st century with bass presence and detail that is outstanding in its price class. A great all rounder for medium and large room music and cinema reproduction, and they still smell good ... Learn More
  • Anthem MRX 520 Surround Sound Receiver

    Separates-Quality Performance in a Gutsy, Feature-Rich AV Receiver.

    Experience the breathtaking power and multi-channel flexibility of Anthem’s NEW Third Generation MRX Series of AV Receivers.

    Anthem’s award-winning Third Generation MRX Series of high-end multi-channel A/V receivers are known the world over for their excellent sound quality, efficient power handling, and the ease with which they integrate into an entertainment system. The MRX Series is packed with exclusive audio innovations like Anthem Room Correction (ARC) Technology and Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) Technology, 4K Pass-Through with fast HDMI switching and more.

    Learn More
  • Denon AVR-X3500H Home Cinema Amplifier ... the family Theatre Receiver

    We always hold our breath when the new Denon range comes out. For a very long time we were the largest Denon Dealer in Australia and though times have changed with the bulk stores moving in on the brand we still hold our own with this product.

    The 3000 series Receivers have always been the heart of the range. When we are doing a whole house specification with integrated multi zone audio and video controllable via an automation system or phone app this is our main man to call on. We know that when you come across all the unexpected issues like HDMI compliance, video latency, multi room audio control, digital to analogue conversion for Zone 2, reliability in an enclosed cabinet, bass management in multichannel systems, etc etc  ... a Denon 3000 series will give a happy solution to a demanding installation and solve problems you didn't know you were going to have that would have left a competitor's product gasping on the beach of a failed theatre dream

    This latest iteration has added voice control and a few other details to this Swiss army knife of Theatre Amplifers

    What Hi Fi? on the Denon AVR-X3500H Receiver

    Learn More
  • Marantz SR6013 Home Theatre Receiver ... musicality included

    This is the first Imax certified product that we have been able to sell. Like the THX specification this is a standard of very high performance audio and video that a product must pass to qualify for.

    The Marantz SR6013 is also one of our favourite devices for combining musicality with a comprehensive set of Cinema features. The DNM designers have done a really good job on the output stage. It has a phono input and is intended to be properly assayed by critical consumers through good quality loudspeakers rather than sold as an unopened box.

    Official Australian SR6013 website

    Learn More
  • Marantz SR6014 Home Cinema Receiver

    This is an update to the class leading SR6013 that includes some niceties relating to front height virtualisation and Bluetooth. We would invite you to try this playing through a good pair of stereo speakers from a record player ... a simple test that most surround receivers fail at in terms of subjective audio quality. Learn More

    Regular Price: $2,990.00

    Special Price $2,570.00

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  • Benq W2700 True DLP 4K Projector


    Reproduce details for cinematic senses with true 4K HDR

    Get ready for true 4K HDR with cinematic wonder like you’re in an authentic digital cinema. For audio-video enthusiasts who want to take in every little detail for truly cinematic experiences, enjoy the super-wide DCI-P3 color space with film-like texture and playback as directors envisioned, BenQ W2700 4K HDR CinePrime Projector with CinematicColor™ technology ushers awe-inspiring movie magic into your personal AV room.


    Learn More

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  • Denon AVRX3600H Surround Receiver with nine channels and multizone

    This is the springtime release of this new Denon range and the 3600 has significant upgrades. So its now a full nine channel unit with 7.2.4 onboard processing that can fully decode an Atmos system.The Denon range has been our long time companion since we began in 1990 and is utterly dependable.

     This newest range has an upgraded output stage with higher current on demand and improved damping factor that is intended to offer more snap and attack to the already class leading tone neutral presentation that characterises the sound of the Denon surround amplification.

    And here is the link to the "What Hi Fi?" review on the AVRX3600H:

    "What Hi-Fi?" August 29th 2019.


    Learn More
  • Marantz MM7055 5 Channel Power Amplifier

    The MM7055 is a versatile 5 channel power amplifier that deliver 140W RMS to your speakers. Like all Marantz gear it has a rich tonality meaning music and movies are enjoyable to listen to. With the added advantage of going to separates with your AV electronics (better sound reducing built-in obsolescence), this is a popular unit for people who want the next step in home audio. Learn More
  • Vivitek H1188 1080P Single Chip DLP Projector

    An outstanding home cinema projector with embedded VividMotion The H1188 with a Full HD 1080p resolution delivers 2,000 ANSI lumens of brightness with a high contrast ratio of 50,000:1. The projector includes the VividMotion technology that allows the smoothening of the picture during a fast pan movement. This feature is specially appreciated during the display of action movies and sport events. To ensure accurate colour and realistic reproduction, this model is also equipped with a six-segment color wheel. Easy to set up and install, the Vivitek H1188 projector features a vertical lens shift for greater installation flexibility. The H1188 comes with a complete set of multimedia connectivity options such as HDMI v1.4, MHL inputs to allow users to connect their cable/satellite receiver, Blu-Ray disc player or video gaming console, as well as various I/O ports such as VGA, S-Video, component and composite video, 3D Sync, RS-232, and 12v trigger. Learn More
  • Leema Corvus

    An answer to a problem you didnt think you had. Our ex display Leema Corvus will work wonders integrating into high end home theatres where the user would like to improve the performance of their centre speaker and subwoofer control. Ex display. Unit has been here for a while, to move it we would be happy to do an excellent deal on a centre channel & or subwoofer.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $6,999.00

    Special Price $2,999.00

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  • Denon AVR-X4500H ...

    This price point in the Denon range of Home cinema receivers is always going to be cutting edge ... since the first 4000 series was released this has been where the beams cross for quality and value without the law of diminishing returns setting in for the high end units.

    Official website for the Denon AVR-X4500H

    Learn More

    Available in Store

  • Anthem MRX 720 Surround Sound Receiver

    Separates-Quality Performance in a Gutsy, Feature-Rich AV Receiver.

    Experience the breathtaking power and multi-channel flexibility of Anthem’s NEW Third Generation MRX Series of AV Receivers.

    Anthem’s award-winning Third Generation MRX Series of high-end multi-channel A/V receivers are known the world over for their excellent sound quality, efficient power handling, and the ease with which they integrate into an entertainment system. The MRX Series is packed with exclusive audio innovations like Anthem Room Correction (ARC) Technology and Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) Technology, 4K Pass-Through with fast HDMI switching and more.

    Learn More
  • Loewe Bild 1 Televisions ... a Loewe for less than the price of a Samsung

    This new range of Loewe televisions is available from 32 through to 65 inches. In these days the great Australian dream seems to require 65 inches for self actualisation ...

    The Bild 1 series is price competitive with the Asian majors whilst retaining the Loewe virtues of style, excellent colour dynamic, and good sound.

    Learn More

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  • Krix Cyclonix Active ... a giant amongst us ... 18 inches and very black

    The Krix Cyclonix Active is a for-goodness-sake real thing 18inch Subwoofer massively amplified for fundamental low frequency reproduction. Large enough to need "incorporating" rather than "putting" in a room. From our favourite South Australian loudspeaker company ..$3995.

    This is not something you can readily move from room to room ... it is big amd black with the menace of the Christine the Devil Car from that rather awful eighties movie ...

    If you get within a whimper of being allowed to own one of these then you will probably have a special room with padding where you can be ... secure ...

    You may well be that sort of chap who also has a 750 HP street legal Ute (hi Dave)... or a Triumph Rocket Three with an add on Turbo Charger ...

    Or simply someone wanting a really good and professional Cinema sound experience in their home.

    Learn More

  • Row One Prestige 3 Seater Cinema Chairs


    • Refrigerated LED Cupholders

    • LED Lighting Strip Under the Seat controlled from Cup Holder

    • USB port included in the cupholder

    • Storage Arms and Tray

    • 1.8 Density Foam with Pocketed Coil Spring Seats

    • Near-the-wall, Super Quiet Power Recline

    • Quality Okin motors

    • Fully Padded Arms, Sides and Backs

    • Ganging devices installed to lock the chairs together

    • Straight or Curved Configurations

    • Warranty: 5 Years on Frame, 3 Years on Recline Mechanism, 1 Year Electrical and Material Coverings

    Leather / Split Leather Finish. Add $300 per seat for Full Leather - Special Order.

    Row One seats use Top Grain Leather for all parts of the seat except the sides and back which are split leather.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $4,497.00

    Special Price $3,999.00

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  • Marantz SR7012 Wolf in retro clothing Home Cinema Receiver

    So there is a very distinct case for why you would purchase a Marantz SR7012. At a bit over $4000 it is one of the more expensive Theatre Receivers a customer is likely to buy in Australia. 

    However unlike so many of its other market place competitors this amplifier has been designed for music as well as movies. They have built into the rather massive chassis a very load tolerant output stage with genuine class when it comes to that audition with a testing piece of music or video through possibly contrary loudspeakers.

    In order to be able to produce good music an amplifier must be able to force the drive units to comply with the complex modulations of the signal. Most surround amplifiers quote an arbitrary power output without any parameters and when presented with a real world reactive impedance load of a serious high quality speaker they simply lack the amperage required to drive a complex load cleanly.

    You hear this as poor bass definition and the soundstage tied inexorably to the speaker cabinets rather than projected into the room.

    The Marantz SR7012 will drive real world speakers with impunity and intrinsic musicality. We have purveyed these Receivers with Ambience Ribbon speakers and Dynaudios that would crush a conventional surround amplifier.

    Marantz SR7012 official Australian site Learn More
  • BenQ W5700 True 4K Projector ... market leader for middle Australian home cinema

    This is the outright king of video performance in DLP 4K projectors for this money. The image is shockingly sharp when first encountered and this is an ideal upgrade if you have an older Sony /Sharp type device that is ready for a contemporary upgrade. Learn More

    Available in Store

  • Sony VPL-HW45ES Projector ... middle Australia's projector king

    For the move afficionado, nothing beats the raw impact of a projector. The mere act of dimming the lights primes your brain to release yourself from reality and focus on the experience that's about to unfold. If you're looking to increase and enhance your viewing experience, please do have a look in the direction of the Sony WPL-HW45ES - This competitively priced projector punches well above its weight.

    This Full HD, 3D capable Projector offers you a beautifully balanced picture, allowing you to easily attain a crisp, vibrant image well above the magic 100 inches. It's warm and captivating presence in your theatre will have guests talking and keep you enthralled for movie marathons, grand finals or even binge watching reality cooking shows. We won't judge.

    It boasts a raft of features painstakingly invented by the lads in marketing - Reality Creation, MotionFlow, and a 1.6:1 zoom lens with H/V lens shift. B.S. aside, I just really like how movies look on it.

    This is our pick if you want a projector to start building a great home cinema experience. Price for performance, it's a hard one to top.

    Sony's own page for specifications.

    "Projector Review" getting very technical and very positive.

    "The Wirecutter" reviewing the VPL45 ... note those are US prices.

    Learn More
  • SR7013

    Enjoy a superior and powerful listening experience for your favorite movies and music with precision audio engineering and tuning. The Marantz SR7013 features Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro-3D and DTS Virtual:X decoding for immersive home theater, and proprietary HDAM circuit boards for more detailed, dynamic sound. Eight HDMI inputs are fully compatible with the latest specifications, including 4K Ultra High Definition video, 60Hz video, HDR, Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma. Listen to all your favorite music from your smart devices via Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 or the HEOS app. Control the SR7013 with your voice and Amazon Alexa — download the HEOS Home Entertainment skill and ask Alexa to play, pause or stop music, switch inputs for your different media players, turn up the volume and more. Learn More

    Regular Price: $5,090.00

    Special Price $4,490.00

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  • Epson TW9300 LCD Video Projector

    This hot hatch of mid range video projectors is very bright and powerful. It has been getting outstanding reviews from the critics for its forceful bright image and versatility.

    The 9300 has a couple of outstanding characteristics in the Australian market ... it has a full three year warranty that uniquely includes the globe, and replacement globes are only $110 trade ...

    Larger than its Sony competitors and not quite as smooth an image, but excellent for a theatre situation with some residual light, good adjustability and set up options.

    Learn More
  • Marantz MM8077...7 Channel Power Amplifier

    A more powerful big brother to the MM7055/MM7025 (150W RMS) and also runs more channels of amplification. This is the unit that regularly forms the basis of the most kick-ass systems. This will deliver a true cinema audio experience in your home but it'll also deliver exceptional music with a warmth and depth of tone. Learn More
  • Marantz AV7705 11.2 channel AV pre-amplifier

    AV separates hold a considerable advantage over 'all-in-one' Surround Sound Receivers. Sound quality is improved; With separate power supplies to your pre-amp and power-amp, you drastically clean up the sound. Avoid some of the dreaded built-in obsolescence of Audio Visual consumer electronics; It's great that there are constantly developments in the AV world but that means updates to HDMI handshake protocols, new formats of surround sound processing ect that quickly mean you need to upgrade your Surround Sound Receiver. With Separates you can keep your big beefy power amps and upgrade your pre-amp. Learn More
  • Vivitek HK2288 Ultra HD 4K DLP Projector

    Vivitek HK2288 Ultra HD 4K HDR Home Theater Projector The Vivitek HK2288 gives you the performance you demand under demanding presentations. Demanding presentation require keen connections: HDMI 3, Mini USB, Audio Out, USB Power (5V/1.5A), RS232 Learn More

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